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MegaMan Network X

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1000 yeats have past since the Cybeast's destruction and the world is flooded with Viruses...

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Hello. I see that you require information on our cu... That's not why you're here is it? You wish to have information on myself. Well, first, I'd like to say that you should be leaving. Ever since my brother was deleted, the net hasn't exactly been at it's safest. And you refuse. Well, I suppose that is your decision to make.
I don't know why you came. Viruses have overpowered every Navigator with the exception of Bass, Hub, and Blues. I remain here because Bass resides here, and they are frightened of him. To start, my name is Iris.EXE and because you have come here seeking... Information, I will tell you all that I know.
As you may know the year is 29XX. 1000 years ago, me and my brother sacrificed ourselves to delete a pair of creatures dubbed 'Cybeasts' by the residents of the real world and the net. You've never heard of them? Well of course you haven't. It was long before your time, back in the says of Hub.
1 month before their initial release, I met a boy named Lan. The first person to ever call me a friend and the first person I'd ever called one as well. No matter what, he did his best to protect me and I did the same for him in return. He had done more for me then I could ever hope for. And I wish that I could repay him somehow.
At the Cybeast's release, one of them was invoked by a strange Navigator dubbed CircusMan.EXE. And his Navigator invoked the other in an attempt to keep it's immense power at bay. Soon, his navigator had the Cybeast ripped out of him and both of them were placed into what we called Copybots - robots designed to hold Navigator data and take on the appearance of a Network Navigator.
Me and Brother and Lan and his Navigator fought valiantly against the Cybeasts before they could cause havoc and disorder in our world. We both succeeded but in a final effort to survive both of them flew into Lan's Navigator and slowly took him over. Transforming him into the ultimate warrior... Or the ultimate destroyer.
He lost control and let out a cry of fury, destroying one of the Copybots.. In a desperate attempt to save him from deletion, me and my Brother united into what we once was and ripped the Cybeasts out of his body and sacrificed ourselves to annihilate the two creatures once and for all.
Now that I think about it. This is not my story to tell. Nor is it Lan's. Nor Baryl's. Nor Colonel's. Nor Hub's. However, it is my job to tell it. Now please, make your leave before Bass finds you here. If you don't, no-one knows what my happen, where you will end up or how many digits into the negative your endurance will drop.
And if you ever see Lan... Please tell him that I said... I love him...
~Iris.EXE 3 years Ago
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