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It starts

Category: World of Warcraft - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-10-06 - Updated: 2006-10-06 - 399 words

What!!?? Where am I... why am I wet? Its night... can't see... wait... now... much better. Rainy night in the forest, I like those. I just can't seem to understand how come they don't see it, you loose the eye but gain the ear tenfold when it is raining. Sound travels better... and I can't seem to see like I use to years ago. Let's see, what I got? Goodies!! Bracelet, with my five... armor, food and still my head in my neck.
Ahh... a bit tired, and I just woke up.
Moon...stars? Northern hemisphere... no more than a month on foot and two and a half weeks from home by horse, where is my horse? What horse!!?? Those four steps I heard, heavy as horse... but sulfur on the air!!?? Demons!!

Elven cloak... it's already on, no wonder I can't see me very well. Nope...I am not drunk. Let me take cover with this big tree, also here I don't get wet as much.... it is all good! What is this?? He came right from behind this tree...ha-ha! now he stands in front of me oblivious that I am here, I love this cloak... hey buddy this tree is about to back stab you... what you think about that now!? ha! I must have done something to be so lucky... hmm, this fellow is no normal human. His skin is like snake skin, and smells like sulfur. He is skinny, but emanates some sort of heat, dark as charcoal. Since when demons mate with elf? He is some sort of half breed, no doubt. I bet he haves magic on his side as well... I don't think it's beneath the thick of his skin though... All I need... is one step in, bastard sword summoned... Grab his mouth, stick him... Hard dam it!!! break the rib... there, unleash fireball from within friend "Alkerath". Don't bite my chain glove you foul demon!! Ups!! Sword went right through him, he's hot and melting... ha-ha! I here leave you for the pleasure of my victory you thing!!

He's light footed, I did not sense him!! Duck, crawl and roll! Holy crap where did the tree go!!?? It's flying!! It's flying!!... Big axe...huge axe!! Who the hell are you??!!
Time to teleport... serenity... concentrate...
I am home... I am home... the castle is dry...I am home.

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