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Chapter Three

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Part two of Tales of Destiny. Years after Giygas was defeated, a war was fought and a war was lost. The only survivor of the Chosen Four, Jeff Andonuts wanders the shattered landscape, acting as on...

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"Deactivation code Epsilon-Tau-Tau-Alpha."

The automated cannons that protected his home withdrew into the structure of the building. They couldn't be detected when withdrawn, but when deployed they could probably hold off an army of Starmen, at least until the power ran out. The doors cracked open with the hiss of hydraulics. He stepped inside and palmed the panel on the inside. The doors slid back into place behind him, and the lights came up around him.

His house was actually a converted Mobile Fortress left over from the war. It was no longer quite so mobile, having crashed years ago with its engine smashed beyond repair, but its hull was intact and its generators still gave enough power to fuel the weapons, even after his modifications, and provide power for his living space.

He places his coat onto a hook and dropped his sunglasses on the table. He reached around his back and unclipped his gunbelt. It was no mere belt and holster, but rather a complex mess of wires and metal. There were no guns to be seen at all.

"Computer, dim lights and play music track 225." The lights came down, and the soft jazz tones of the Runaway Five began filtering through the speakers as he stepped into the next room. He threw himself down onto the couch and leaned backwards, soaking in the sound of the music.

"Geoffrey Andonuts?"

Jeff whirled about, slapping a hand on his gun belt. Instantly a revolver was in his hand. As he reoriented, his targeting computer belatedly recognized the presence of a figure standing behind the couch and locked on to him.

"Who the hell are you? How did you get inside my home?"

"My name is Mahna, and how I got in is of no importance. That gun is unnecessary. Please put it away."

Jeff rose to his feet, keeping the gun pointed at the intruder. "What do you want?"

"Only to talk. I have a job for you."

Jeff considered this for a moment. "Computer. Scan individual designate 'Mahna' for weapons." There was a quiet whirring for a moment, then a low electronic voice declared the scan complete with no findings. Jeff casually tossed his gun onto his belt. At the last moment, right before contact, the gun shrank down to miniscule size and vanished into a small compartment.

"You know, there's ways of contacting me besides breaking into my home and scaring the shit out of me." Jeff said casually. "So, what have you got for me? Damsel in distress? Bandits raiding homesteads? Rampaging beasts?"

"I need you to retrieve a package. In exchange for taking this job, you will recieve-" Mahna was cut off by Jeff bursting out in laughter.

"Oh...I'm afraid you've misinterpreted the nature of my little service. I am not a hitman, nor an errand boy or a soldier for hire. If you have somebody I can save, give me a ring. If you just want to waste my time trying to get me to do favors for you, take it somewhere else."

"I do not think you understand." Mahna said, walking slowly around the couch. "The contents of this package are not for my gain, but rather for the gain of all. Things have been knocked askew, and only you can set them right."

"What are you talking about?"

"Let me show you." The tall man said, reaching forward and taking Jeff's temples between his palms. Jeff tried to pull back, but before he could there was a burst of light and suddenly Jeff was running in Burglin Park, a football clutched tightly against his chest. Around his legs more than a dozen children yelled and clambered, trying to bring him down. One small hand hooked his left leg, and he went tumbling down. He could have kept his feet easily, but let them bring him down. Small bodies crawled over his prone form, as he futilely tried to keep the ball out of their hands. After a minute he surrendered, laughing, and let them take it away. They cheered and ran off, beginning a new game. He laughed again and sat up, watching them run and frolic. He stood once more, brushing dirt and grass off of his pants. A beautiful woman was walking towards him, and he turned to embrace her. One hand went to her belly, and he could feel beneath his palm the pulse and flow of a new life /growing. Soon they would-/

"Enough!" roared Jeff as he raised his arms to push Mahna's away. "I'll have no more of your false visions!" Mahna took two steps backwards.

"If you do as I ask you, they will no longer be false. Completing this task will bring them back into reality once more."

"That's impossible!" Jeff yelled. "The war destroyed too much! Even if we did somehow get rid of the Starmen, Burglin park is /gone/, just like the rest of Twoson. There's nothing left! And as for her-"

"It is as you say. Regardless, do the job I give you and what you saw will come true."

Jeff glared at him. Mahna returned his gaze impassively. After a moment, Mahna reached into his coat and produced an envelope.

"The choice is of course yours. If you do decide to help, you will find instructions in this envelope. I take my leave of you." He tossed the envelope onto the couch, and then began to fade. Before Jeff's eyes he grew more and more indistinct, and then vanished completely. Jeff stepped forward and fanned the air where Mahna had been standing with his hand, just in case, but there was nothing there.


Jeff picked up the envelope and ripped it open. It certainly couldn't hurt to see what the man had wanted him to do-

Jeff's train of thought stopped as his eyes settled on the package's location.

"Oh, christ."
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