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A Wonderful Chariciter Of Intimacy

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Cool ol' Dallas Winston has a one night stand before his death and concieves a child....

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You may all think that Dallas Winston, Dally, died as gallant and dangerously mysterious as ever, but after you hear this story, you'll think he died even more gracious and as dynamical as humanly possible.

No one knew, but a little less than three months prior to the cracked and bizarre events that took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Dangerous, gorgeous, and fierce Dally Winston had an unplanned one-night stand(but knowing Dally it probably was what he wanted)which turned out to be the night his baby was conceived.

On the night of July 4th, 1966: the Independence Day of our nation, Dallas Winston, blonde haired, elfish face, bizzarre blue eyes of a boy, walked into a crazy party at Buck Merril's house. The night started off like any normal party, dancing to Elvis, having a beer blast, and casually, couples heading up stairs to rooms for some full on sex. Dally, as cool as he was, decided to rebel and sit on the couch, flirting with girls and making them offended with his language. Yep, that's Dally alright. Smart mouthin' everyone there. Until, this really cute chick, seventeen at most, plopped onto the couch next to Dally, holding a red plastic cup full of some Pap's Blu Ribbon alcohol, stayed quiet and sipped her liquor, relaxin' like anyone else would do.

Dally, somehow, noticed this girl and turned around and started small talkin' to her. Telling her things like "Hey sweetheart! What's a cute chick like you doin' at a shit hole place like Buck's?" She ignored him. She knew of Dallas Winston. Her friend Sylvia was sort of dating him. As he rived on to her, pulling bad pick-up lines and calling her names, she was slightly turned-on by his distincitve, cocky personality. So as she sat there, being slightly un-notcied, she got bored. So, then she decided to just talk. So she did. With Dally Winston.

As the night dragged on more and more, Dally and the unknow girl, Bri, hit it off real well. They talked about Socs and money and jail and Elvis, everything in their path of mind that crossed. What happened next was so unexpected and surprising, not even semi-innocent Bri, expected something so out of character for her would happen. Dally had invited her to go upstairs so they could "talk" about stuff. She, of course, didn't resist the charm of Dallas Winston and went up.

As she slowly fell in love with just his touch, she knew she could never have him. So whatever would happen that night, what have to stay a secret. Hopefully. They walked into a room, it was kinda roomy. She made herself comfortable and lied on the bed. She kinda tried to play like she was a badass, sex-queen, so she stroked the bed sexy like.Some words were exchanged, and the next thing was Dally ontop of her making out. They had sex a short while after.

As Bri buttoned up her blouse, Dally fixed up his hair in the bathroom and that was it. No goodbyes, no kisses, no nothing. Bri knew instantly this was just a one-night stand. She knew it wasn't right. She sat on the bed and cried. She had just gave herself to someone she was practically forbid to talk to. She felt dirty. Slutty, insecure. She wiped her eyes, fixed up her make-up, then went downstairs and whispers and giggles were spreading throughout the house. She couldn't take this. She knew she wouldn't be able to handle the pressure and rumors that would stir up when school started. So, she left.

A few weeks went by and she started to get awful sick. She didn't know why, but she was vomitting and was very moody lately. What was wrong with her? Then it hit her like a big yellow bus. She hadn't had her period for at least two weeks. She paniced, but recollected herself then decided to buy a diaphram. It was positive. She was pregnant.

She didn't know what to do. First, she decided to get it finalized by the doctor. It was still positive. She didn't know how to tell Dallas. Should she confront him, not tell him, what? She decided to confront him. She looked all over town for him, then about a week later, she walked by the reformatory and saw him passin' his way out of the path of the cooler. This was the time.

"Dallas! Wait up!" she said.

"Oh, hey you were the good lookin' broad I bumped a while back, huh?" smirked Dally.

"The name's Bri, genius." mouthed off Bri.

"Oh yeah. So, what are you sweatin' me about doll?"

"That night...." she gulped.

"That night we...we uh...did it...well- I'm pregnant." she took a deep breath.

Dally leaned againt a wall, smokin' a cigarette. Being more cool than ever. Expression didn't change in his face. He looked more cute and dangerous than ever.

"And.....?" he said threw smoke talk.

She was mortified. That was his answer?

"'re the father!" she said fiercley.

She was a tuff, cute little chick. With her wheat gold hair and blue eyes. She was a natural goddess of beauty.

Dally's expression didn't change. He finished off his smoke then stommped it out.

"Okay.....what'd ya want? Charity money or something?"

Dally was so attractive with his cute New York accent. He was irresistable.

"No....I just thought you should know asshole!" she was pissed. That's all he could say? Not even care!

Dally just ignored her.

"What else do you want me to say baby? What we did was fun and you were good in bed....damn good." Dally smirked.

She was humiliated. He didn't care. For all she knew she was just a good fuck to him. How embarassing.

"Why thanks! I'm glad to know it was fun!" she rolled her eyes.

"Done yet?" he said.

She gasps" No, I'm not done yet! You are a male shovenistic pig Dallas Winston, and I should've listened to Sylvia!"

She stormed off, that was the last time she saw Dallas Winston in the flesh.

More to come if you like it!
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