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I don't know how we're just two men as God had made us.

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Petey POV

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Chapter one: I don't know how we're just two men as God had made us.

"You know how it is the first time you meet someone and you instantly know they are for you; you know that you have to be with that person because your heart suddenly feels a void when he leaves? Well, that is my problem and I don't know what to do about it. But I know I'm not gay...I can't be.

The first time I met him I knew he was something special. Correction, I knew his band was something special. It wasn't until we started to spend time together that I found out just how cool he really was. As it turns out, he was also a huge fan of me, which is of course instantly attractive. I've got a bit of an ego and he really feeds it well, but that was only my initial feelings for him. It's sort of blossomed into something I never thought it could possibly be. But it's strictly a platonic thing, you know? I think."

Pete shook his head. Wrong! It was just wrong. He began to feel like maybe he was just taking advantage of the kid's feelings for him; it wouldn't have been the first time. Determined to distract himself from his thoughts, he walked down the hall to the adjoining "Panic!" rooms and knocked on the first door. No answer, so he knocked again and still nothing, but the door to the neighboring room flew open.

"Pete!" he looked over and saw Jon clad just in his underwear and an undershirt. "Now that you're here the party can really get started! Get over here!" Pete grinned as Jon stepped aside to let him in the room. He walked in from of him, vaguely registering the visual image. He stepped into the room and was greeted by a Red Bull attached to the hand of his good friend Patrick. He thanked him and plopped down on the bed nearest to him, barely disturbing the make out between Spencer and his girlfriend.

Through out the year of being straight edge, Pete began to realize that he didn't need alcohol to act like an asshole and when Jon was drunk enough to begin stripping, Pete felt okay to do the same, no one really expected less from him anyway. Pete was always surprised at how quickly parties like these got started and then died.

"I call the bed!" Spencer suddenly announced, bounding over a passed out Joe, dragging his girlfriend behind him.

"I'm sleeping here, too," Pete said, he was NOT going to be on the floor.

"Dude!" Spencer cried. Pete shook his head and Spencer knew there was no point in arguing. Pete crawled under the blankets at the end of the bed and passed out quickly. A few hours later, Pete was awoken by the sound of the adjoining door creaking open. He opened his eyes half way to see Ryan carefully walking over the bodies and crap strewn all over the floor. He felt his heart begin to race, so he closed his eyes to try and pretend he was still sleeping. After a few minutes, he felt Ryan's eyes on him and decided now would be a good time to stand, his neck was hurting anyway. He quietly got out from under the covers and stood in front of Ryan, whose eyes were closed in a way people do when they are trying to forget something. I smiled at him as his eyes grew wide.

"Umm...morning. Go back to sleep, It's early. I was just turning the TV off," and then proceeded to high tail it back to the other room. When the door shut, Pete sighed and he reluctantly tried not to think about how cute way Ryan's hair was all messy.

"Shit," he muttered to himself and crawled back into bed, the image of Ryan stained into his eyelids...
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