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Pete/Ryan. Yes, thats right. Pete/Ryan slash. The first one on this site--we can't believe no one has done this yet. Have you seen the pictures?!

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Dear Reader:

You are about to embark on a psychological exploration into the inner psyche of two people that none of us actually know anything real about...thus--fiction. That there was your warning. I'll re-write it just to be sure you read it the first time---


We do not own any of the people in this story. Even the fake ones probably have realistic counterparts with names that we do not know, or care to know to be perfectly honest. Like we said Fiction. This is a little sojurn into our own little warped universe. Do we really believe that Pete and Ryan are gay--probably not. Do we believe that they are really head over heels in love with each other--oh most definitly. They are all fangirl squeeling about each other. In a totally platonic and friendly way of course.

However, in THIS story they are exploring their very confused and distressing feelings for each other. Thats right, this isn't all "omg I love you smooch smooch smooch slash". Lemme tell you girls and...well probably just girls denial is not just a river in egypt.

Most chapters will happen concurently to each other. One POV will be Pete's and the next chapters POV with be Ryan's. Simple really.


getup_n_go and luckysgc921
PS- if you don't like it. Don't read it. simple as that.
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