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I wrote this back in 2002 when I was still in highschool. It's actually not related to the VHD world at all. But I ripped off the name (Based on my nick name) and wrote it inspired by the anime. ...

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The night roared with angry and frightened voices. The small desert town of Lindburg was usually calm and uneventful, but not that night. The Dooly family woke up with a scare when they discovered their teenage daughter Paige gone in the middle of the night. Her window stood open letting a cold draft into the sleepy house, which is how they took notice of her disappearance. Normally they would have figured she snuck out to be with her boy friend or something irresponsible such as that. The next morning they'd scold her and give her a fitting punishment, but something odd had caught Mrs. Dooly's eye.

On the head post of Paige's expensive oak bed stood a tall golden cross. The Dooly's were both rich and religious, thus they decorated in such a manner. What Mrs. Dooly had noticed was the golden cross. It had been bent and twisted into an unrecognizable shape. Though gold is soft and easily bendable, Paige was not strong enough to do such an act.

This perplexed Mrs. Dooly and sent Mr. Dooly into a panic. Mr. Dooly was a merchant who had traveled the world. In his travels he learned about quite a few things. One such thing was about 'cross bendings'.
When a vampire got too close to a cross, one of two things would happen: one, the holy power of the cross would repeal the vampire, or two, the vampire's unholy power would bend and break the holy symbol. The later would happen only if the vampire was overwhelmingly strong, thus only the oldest and strongest could perform a 'cross bending'.

Mr. Dooly rushed into town screaming and hollering about his daughter being taken by a vampire. This woke the town instantly. They knew a vampire calling himself Count Hermansneif had taken residence in an abandoned castle near their town and had been causing trouble in other towns, but for the most part he had left Lindburg alone. Soon every parent in town was checking up on their daughters. Too their horror ten other girls had already been taken.

As all of this happened a single father named Maxwell Callingson caught the vampire taking his own daughter from her room. He tried to save the poor girl, but the Count slit his throat ending the brave man's life. Although Mr. Callingson failed to stop the vampire it alerted the town to his whereabouts. Quickly they formed a mob cornering Hermanseif at the north edge of town.

He stood there with all twelve girls, each sitting on a black horse. The girls were all hypnotized by the vampire's evil charm. This resulted in a brief confrontation that ended the lives of several more villagers. A few charged him with torches and pitchforks. Using a scythe that materialized out of nowhere he slew them effortlessly. Another man rushed forth with a silver long sword, obviously forged to kill vampires. Pointing at the armed man Hermansneif said, "Hidama." This simple word of magic sent a huge ball of flame rushing into the man, engulfing him instantly.

"You poor pathetic fools," the vampire said with a snide confident voice, "Just be thankful that I accepted these girls as peace offerings instead of destroying your sad little town." The Count laughed sending a chill down the spines of all who heard. As the mob backed off, the vampire and his black horses vanished into the night taking the girls with them. The panicked villagers stood there helplessly. The only noise was the moaning of the burning man, who lied in the street dying a miserable death.

The hunter's cool black eyes crawled about the town as he sized it up. It wasn't a big town; only about five hundred people lived here at most. It had been built upon a small oasis on the Southwestern side of the Thidde Desert. He rode in on a large brown horse as dust swirled past its hooves. A sign at the town's mouth had read Welcome to Lindburg. The hunter and his horse walked through the quiet streets unnoticed for the most part. The few people who dared work outside in the hot midday sun took a moment to observe the stranger, but quickly went back to their daily lives.

"May I take your horse to the stable, sir?" came the question of a young boy, no older than twelve, as the Hunter approached a three-story building.

"Yes, and make sure to have her fed and cleaned" came the reply from under his dark wide-brimmed leather hat.

"And who should I tell Mister Sham the stable owner she belongs to?"

"Tell him that the owner's name is B"

"Okay," the boy agreed as the hunter dropped a few metallic coins into his open palm.

B was dressed in a black cloth shirt and black loosely fit (but not baggy) pants. Over this was thrown a long brown trench coat, which appeared to be very travel worn as it had probably seen many storms and hard roads. Around his neck he wore a chain that dangled a large silver cross in the center of his chest. He had thick leather boots on that were neither hiking boots, nor cowboy boots. They were hunter's boots, and that's what B was. He was a vampire hunter of the highest order. The order of Duran de Lumar, the original Vampire Hunter.

He walked down the street in the direction of the building that read Raleigh's Inn. It was a double story building that was painted a bright red color that even in its faded and peeling state still made the inn stand out in the middle of a dull colored street. Inside of the building was a furnished well-lighted lobby. A narrow set of stairs on the room's right side led to the next floor. A long green patterned couch sat up against the left wall. Sitting on it was an attractive blond girl in a blue dress. She looked up at him and smiled then went back to reading a leather bound book. On the far side of the room was the front desk.

"I want a room for the night," B told the red haired scruffy looking man who seemed to be nodding off behind the front desk.

"Oh" the startled man muttered without looking up as he snapped out of his nap. "And how many of you are there?"

"Just me"

"Right, and that'll be fifty pochas," the scruffy man said.

B dropped two large coins on the counter then turned and said, "I'll return for my room later. Where can I find your mayor?"

"Walk to the end of this road and take a left, go down to the east end of town until you see a bluish type buildin'. Can't miss it"

"Thank you," replied B then he left the Inn. A warm breeze blew through the town causing dust to swirl around his powerful frame. He had hunted vampires all of his life, so long that he had nearly forgotten his original name. Now he was only Vampire Hunter B, no more, no less.

Before long he came to a turquoise single story building with large glass windows on either side of the front door. Over the windows was large yellow print that said City Hall. It was cooler inside than it had been in the inn. Behind the front desk was a middle-aged woman in a short green skirt. Her auburn hair was up in a tight bun and her face was covered in twice as much makeup than was reasonable for a lady to wear.

"May I help you," she asked in a polite voice as the oddly dressed hunter walked up to her.

"I'd like to speak with the mayor. I've come to see if there are any jobs available. You see I'm a vampire hunter. If this area is clean I'll just pass through, but if need be I'm willing to stay as long as it takes."

The secretary looked at the hunter as if he were a gift from God himself and declared, "I'll tell you right now that we are in dire need of your help Mister Hunter, sir. A dreadful vampire who calls himself Count Hermansneif has abducted the young girls of this village to make his brides! The mayor isn't busy right now; you may see him in his office. There he'll tell you the whole story and work out the details of your contract."

"Thank you," B said tipping his hat. The mayor's office was in a room to the left. The writing on the door's window read Mayor Chadwick van Myerstein V. Inside was a room while smaller than the front lobby it was still of comfortable size. The walls were painted the same turquoise color of the building's outside shell and were richly decorated with many paintings and other artistic objects. Behind a polished oak desk sat an upright man in an expensive business suit and a striped fedora. He was sorting through paper work when B walked through the door and came up to the desk.

"Hello," he said in a strong cheerful voice "How may I be of service?"

"I am the one who would like to be of service," B replied.

"Yes?" the mayor inquired raising an eyebrow. "In that case how may you be of service?"

"I am B, a vampire hunter from the order of Duran de Lumar. I was told by your secretary that you are in much need of one of my type around here. Is there truth to her words?"

"Belva told you that?" the mayor asked. "Well yes, it's true. The Count has been quite a nuisance lately. You see he has a thing for virgins. Likes to steal them for himself and make them his brides. Last week he stole twelve girls in one night. He goes by the name of Count Hermansneif. I hired a dumb-shit hunter calling himself 'Boswell the Splendid' earlier this week. Claimed to be the best in the business he did, but the next day I woke up to see his head impaled on a pole outside of my office."

"Yeah," B calmly replied, "those old vampires are very strong and often get bored in their eternal life. It causes a lot of them to get...'horny'. I'll have his head impaled in front of your office if you choose to hire me."

Chadwick grinned, "Well I sure hope so. If you're from the order of Duran de Lumar you must be one of the best. How about 5,000 pochas for the fiend's head on a stick?"

"Not enough," B replied. "If he can take twelve girls within a night he's going to be a tough one to bring in. I want 8,500 in total with a 1,500 pocha down payment. Don't worry I've got all of my game so far, and I don't plan to get killed by a horny vampire like that."

Chadwick frowned, "Okay, 8,500 but not a penny more, got it?"


"Nice doing business with you...B right?" Then Chadwick proceeded to hand B several large coins and a map of the surrounding area of which Castle Hermanseif was clearly marked. "You know besides being the mayor of this town I also take the role of another important job. I'm the local pimp you know. I suppose you'll be staying at Raleigh's right? I could have a couple of girls sent that way if you'd like." Then with a devilish grin added, "Free of charge."

"Thank you, but no thanks," B said. " I don't do the horizontal mambo while I'm currently hired to hunt vamps. It breaks my concentration."

He then tipped his hat and left the building. In the morning he would be off to hunt down the Count, but for now he would enjoy a meal at the tavern and return to his room at the inn. By now the sun had begun to sink bellow the Kurillian Mountains to the west. The tavern was across the street from the Inn. The building was crowded with people who buzzed with the latest gossip. About work, about their neighbors but mostly about the vampire. A few men who were parents to the girls sat in one of the corners drowning their sorrow in the strongest spirits the bartender could find them. B sat down on a tall stool next to the bar.

"Bartender, one black vodka." B ordered at once.
"Straight? You want it straight?" the short wide chested bartender asked surprised, "Okay, whatever blows your skirt in the air. Would you like anything to eat?"

"Yes," B replied, "I'll have whatever you serve"

"Yessir, that'll be eleven pochas"

B handed over the money and downed the black vodka in a single swig. He listened to what gossip his keen ears could pick up but none of it seemed very relevant. Soon the bartender returned with a steaming plate full of potatoes, grilled porkburger and fried black beans. "Here you go, sir" he said before hurrying off to help some other customer.

While B ate his meal he noticed the girl from the inn watching him from the adjacent table. He glanced over at her and for a second their eyes met. She gave a quick smile and walked over in a cute fashion sitting down next to him.

"hiya stranger," she said in a voice that most men would have said belonged to an angle.

"Hey," he replied without looking up from his plate.

"I see that you've checked in over at Raleigh's Inn," she giggled at her own silly pun, "So I suppose you're the new vampire hunter in town, right?" she continued.

"Right", he replied.

"Isn't it scary going after those things all alone?" she asked in a frightened girlish voice that he knew was meant to seduce him.

"No," came his one worded reply once again.

"Wow, your brave huh?" she said in an awed voice that caused even B to flush a bit.

"Yeah, know." He said a bit embarrassed.

"I bet you get lonely all by your self every night, huh." She said once again in her seductive voice.

B knew what she wanted. She wanted sex, and to tell the truth he did too, but he had his rules. "I'm sorry but I don't have any money," B lied in a flat voice.

"Oh! But you don't understand," she said shocked then continued in a hushed tone "I'm not one of Mayor Myerstein's prostitutes like you think. I want you not for the money but for you."

This would have taken B by surprise but it happened quite a bit, so he wasn't too startled. "In that case, I can't because of my job. I won't have a woman while I'm hunting a vampire. It breaks my train of thought, and any small mistake could get me killed out there."

"Oh, okay." She said and blushed a bit. "Well then how about when you come back?" My little cousin was one of those poor girls. Bring her back safe all right?" The blond girl then stood up and gave B a kiss on his cheek, "I'll be waiting to 'celebrate' when you return, see ya later." She got up and strolled out of the tavern. The hunter continued to eat his meal. Just one more reason to come back safely. Finishing his meal he left a coin on the counter as a tip then headed back to the inn. Before long sleep over took him.

The sleepy morning sun lazily poked it head over the Inzen Mountain range as the town awoke. B left the old hotel when the first lights of dawn pierced his room's window. The morning air was still cool and timid, but before long he knew that the desert sun would beat down with its full unrivaled force. The hunter walked along the quiet dusty street until he reached the stable. A scrawny teenaged boy with untidy brown hair that fell over his squinty brown eyes was opening the stable for the day.

"My name is B, I sent my horse here with a young boy yesterday," explained B as he walked up to the untidy haired boy.

"Yeah...B...It's in the back, second to last stable on the left," the boy said sleepily as he waved towards the back of the stable.

The stable was made out of unpainted wooden boards and had the smell of mildew. B took his horse and let it take a few draughts from the freshly filled trough before leaving the town. He pulled out the map Mayor Myerstein had given him the previous day and studied it carefully. Castle Hermansneif was located about thirty leagues Northeast of Lindburg. Folding it back up he placed it within one of the pockets in the side of his trench coat. The desert heat soon began to grow as B rode towards his destination. Dust and sand swirled about him and his horse giving them an otherworldly appearance as they rode further into the deserts bowels. They arrived at the ancient castle before the sun had reached its highest point; however, the heat was still nearly unbearable to normal men.

The castle jetted out of the ground like an unholy black tombstone that served as the grave of countless victims. Four towers sprung forth from its four different corners spiraling to the heavens. They wrapped and curled around each other like serpents locked within a deadly quarrel. Once they reached their highest point the towers separated and each stood straight up surrounding a fifth larger tower. This tower rose straight out of the castles base and did not interfere with the others' twisting and swirling patterns. It stood up higher that the other four and seemed to radiate with power.

B dismounted his horse and walked up to the dark palace. A large iron gate stood at the center of the castle's face. It was close to nine feet tall and five large men could walk side by side through it. B immediately began to check the surrounding area for a way to open the gate. Despite his expert skills it soon became apparent that the gate would not open to any except its master.

B had accumulated a fair amount of magical skills within his travels and could open the gate magically with ease, but in order for the spell to work it would have to be night. This would mean that Count Hermanseif would be at full strength and one more of the girls might fall prey to him if B took too much time getting in. Without any other options B leaned up against the gate and begun to sip water from an old rusted canteen.

He waited patiently all day for night to come until the sun had once again begun to set behind the Kurillian Mountains. It was then just before the sun fell asleep that B noticed a figure walking towards the castle and him. As he approached B noticed that it was a man, a large man who carried an even larger weapon with him. He stood at least seven feet in height and was a mass of solid muscular power. The man had long white hair and was dressed in a giant gray tunic that seemed to glow in the fading light. Over his shoulder was slung a giant sledgehammer that seemed almost too large for even the giant man to wield.

"Who are you?" B inquired as the large man closed in.

"Name's Michelangelo McSwimmychan," he replied in a deep earthy voice. "And may I ask who ye might be?" came his own question.

"You may," B replied.

The large man gave a lopsided grin as he looked down at B, "Smart ass, Okay then what's your name"


"That's a letter in the alphabet not a name."

"It's also my name"

Michelangelo gave out a low hearty laugh "All right then, B it is! And if it's easier you may just call me Swimchan like the goofs back home do."

B gave an understanding nod then shook the giant's outstretched hand, "I've been hired by the mayor of Lindblum to kill Count Hermansneif and rescue the girls that he kidnapped."

"Aye, I've been hired by a group of 'dem girls parents to bring 'em home safely," Swimchan replied. "Jus' between you and me what d'you think the chances are that 'dem girls are still alive, or unspoiled?"

"The way I see it he's had six nights with those girls. He'll take his time. Vampires are noble creatures, bloodsucking fiends from hell true, but noble nonetheless. He'll wed them first, one girl a night until all have become his, then he'll drain them of their blood and they shall be his for eternity," B explained to his competition.

Swimchan nodded, his face showed he had paid careful attention. "So what 'ya waiting for? Lets bust up the joint and save 'dem poor girls" The big man yelled in a deep booming voice.

"The gate locked. I can open it using a spell I know, but we have to wait for nightfall." B replied calmly.

"Wait? Magic? HA! I don't need no magic! I'll bust that barrier away with my trusty war hammer!" With that the raging hunter tossed B to the side and swung his giant hammer at the door. The speed of his swing was enormous. There was a huge rushing sound then a deafening BOOM as the large iron gate bent in the middle. Swimchan then swung again causing the gate's hinges to groan as they were violently twisted out of place. B eyed the big man carefully as he started his third and final swing. They man was a juggernaut. The third swing sent the door flying off its bent and broken hinges. It landed ten feet inside of the castle causing its metallic ring in an ominous manner. The echo reverberated throughout the dark interior then all was silent.

The big man walked carefully into the dark interior as B walked in behind him. It was hard to tell what was in the dark so they stood still in what seemed to be a large room. B glanced around in the dark catching glimpses of a few moving shapes and noticing a horrid stench. Lifting his right hand straight into the air B raised his voice yelling out, "Ennetsujigoku!"

With these words several round orbs of flame surrounded B's body. They then launched into the air with intensifying brightness; soon the entire room was glowing with the warm light of magical fire. They were standing in a brilliantly decorated ballroom that seemed like it had been recently prepared for a celebration. Long tables stretching across the walls were full of delicious looking food and huge crystal chandeliers sparkled silently in the firelight. B and Swimchan; however, were not the only ones in the room. Many people were surrounding them, or perhaps people is not the right word for they were no longer living. These 'people' all wore various types of clothing, some fanciful; some peasant like, but the biggest difference about these 'people' was their skin. It was discolored and festering with rot as it hung loosely from their bodies. In some spots the rot had completely eaten away the skin reviling pale bone. These party guests were not human they were zombies, or dead corpses that have been reanimated by dark magic.

"'Bout twenty or so," Swimchan figured out loud as the rotting horde closed in.

"You can take a lifeless door, but lets see how you fair against real opponents," challenged B.

Swimchan charged headfirst into a cluster of seven zombies roaring a booming war cry as his long white hair streamed behind him. Using speed that seemed almost too much for his gargantuan body he drove his hammer downward ripping one of the corpses in half. Two others lunged at him snarling with vampire like fangs, gifts from their resurrecter no doubt. Swimchan's huge body nimbly sidestepped one them using his hammer as a spear he shoved it through the other ones chest. One of the zombies had snuck behind him leaping onto his wide back slashing and clawing. The large man roared in pain then using his powerful backhand sent the zombie's head flying backwards.

Another group of zombies had approached B baring both fang and claw. Producing two silver stakes out of his trench coat he prepared himself for battle. Each stake was roughly a foot and a half long and was razor sharp on one end. B sped forward with inhuman agility slashing at his enemies. Soon six zombies were reduced too rotting piles of flesh as hands, arms, and even heads flew off their undead owners. As more advanced on him he jabbed in a roundhouse motion sending his stake threw zombie's forehead, launching blood and brains through the back of its skull. Another zombie leaped forward, but B easily sidestepped then countered with a downward slash cutting its torso in two.

Once those were disposed of B glanced back at Swimchan who was smashing one zombie into the wall with his hammer as another one struggled as he crushed its head within his giant hand. B examined the ground for a body count as he dodged another one's futile attack.

"Only a few more left!" encouraged the fighting giant as he disposed of another decaying monster.

"Lets get this over with, now!" yelled B as he put his stakes back inside his trench coat. With that he raised both hands into the air and yelled, "Gouka!" As soon as the words left his lips small bolts of fire shot forth from the flaming orbs. Each bolt flew into one of the remaining zombies turning their putrid bodies into ash.

Swimchan let his hammer drop loudly into the ground as he took in a few deep breaths of the reeking air. "Sometimes while in the heat of battle I forget to breath," chuckled Swimchan as he regained his breath.

"Come on, let's go," said B as he headed for a dimly let hall to the right, "Go up the stairway and try to find the Count. It'll be quicker if we split up; the next girl's time has almost run out."

Nodding the large hunter jogged up the stairs and deeper into the castle. B darted into the hall moving at a rapid speed. The red velvet walls contained countless paintings of noble men and woman: the Count's Vampirial Family. Soon he had passed an infinity of rooms, turning only to head up stairs, never down. The wedding would most likely be held in the top tower, so that was wear B was heading. Even at B's constantly high speed several hours passed before he discovered the fifth tower and reached it's top. The walls of this tower were a deep black that had a faint glow of power.

B's sprint slowed down into a quick walk as he approached the end of the stairway. Pulling a clear flask of liquid he took a quick swig to revitalize his strength before putting it away. Through the small round windows that appeared every so often he could tell that night had fallen. At the end of the stairs was a dark hall leading to a shiny wooden door with a large golden knob that seamed out of place in such an area. Raising his index finger
B uttered a few noiseless words and the door opened without making a single sound.

Inside was a room full of dazzling green décor. Many hooded figures also wearing the same wonderful green stood in rows watching a tall man in a black suit that seemed to proclaim royalty. His suit was tuxedo like but with a long red trimmed cape. His short blond hair stood up in half-inch spikes, and his eyes seemed to glow with a mysterious green power. This was Count Hermansneif.

Standing directly to his left side was a beautiful girl in a lacey white wedding dress. She had light sky blue eyes and shoulder length chestnut colored hair. The couple walked down an ally between the hooded figures and approached a strange person up on a raised platform. This odd looking being wore not the green cloaks of the others but black robes that completely hid his features. This person was a necromancer, or a priest of the dead. This man would marry the Count and the girl within minutes if B didn't act fast.

Drawing out one of his silver stakes B reeled back and threw the sharpened projectile with pinpoint accuracy. It went through the necromancer's robes piercing his heart and spraying black blood on the adjacent wall. The figure collapsed with a dull thud on the black marble floor. B walked out into the open gripping the other stake in his hand.

"Toddington, release the girl, or suffer the consequences for your actions."

The vampire smiled a nostalgic smile of someone who had met a long lost friend.

"You haven't aged a day since our time in the Empirial Capital. You must still be drinking the 'elixir'," the Count noted in a casual tone.

"What I choose to drink or not to drink is no concern of yours. Release the girl."

"How about no. I have more important things to do, so why not leave me to my personal affairs while you play with my pets: Fluffy, Muffin and Daisy?"

At this the Count spoke the word, "kemurininaru!" The room seamed to ripple like water does when a stone gets tossed in. Once the spell was released B was left alone in the still room. The air stood still and became very stale. He turned on his heel to exit the room walking quickly as to catch back up with the Count, but the polished wooden door had sealed itself shut and would not budge nor break.

The room began to ripple once again, turning around B met three monstrous dogs, each one larger than a horse, standing in the room's center. A large black one stood in the middle slightly farther forward than the other two, a red one and a brown one, who stood to the left and right of the black one. The Hell Hounds growled viciously as B calmly tread towards them. The first Hell Hound lunged at B snapping its powerful jaws at his neck. Jumping straight into the air B threw his last stake into the top of it furry head. Convulsing in pain it fell over dead. The other two Hell Hounds flanked B waiting for the perfect opening to strike. With both stakes used up B grabbed the large silver cross necklace that dangled across his chest. Grabbing it by the larger bottom side he jerked it off the chain and held it, as one would wield a sword. Pointing the cross at the red Hell Hound B muttered, "Hisomu Ikkounoken."

Out of the crosses' end a long razor sharp blade, forged from the same supernatural silver, burst forth. Getting into a swordsmen's battle stance B waved his hand in a taunting manner. The fiend watched with its unrelenting white eyes. "Hey Shit Hound, come and get me!" swore B. Extending the middle finger on his left hand he waved it in the air at the beastly hound. "What's the matter? Scared I'll rip your lungs out you cowardly little pup?"

Hell Hounds are not stupid creatures. They know the human language perfectly and could speak it if they chose, and when provoked they can rip men in half as easily as it would for a man to rip a piece of steak with his teeth. The insulted monster opened its jaws revealing rows of nail like teeth. It sprang at B with murderous intent; this was the opening the hunter had hoped for. With lighting fast reflexes B swung the CrossBlade up in a wide arc slashing the creature's neck. It reeled backwards on it's back legs as blood sprayed from the wound onto the marble floor, eating it like a corrosive acid. The Hell Hound slumped over lying in a bloody lifeless heap as the Count's final 'pet' attacked.

Spinning around B slashed at his last foe cutting it across the face but not causing any serious harm. Blood trickled down its nose in little droplets. It backed off and began to circle hunter again, stopping where B had killed the necromancer. This time B took the initiative; lunging to the right of the Hell Hound swinging in a clockwise manner at its left front leg. The CrossBlade ripped through both meat and bone tearing the leg from its former owner. Howling in agony it stumbled to the side in an attempt to bite its attacker. Using a swift jab B caught the Hell Hound under the chin and shoved it straight into its brain.

The sword poked out from the top of its head dripping with acidic blood. B yanked it out and stood victoriously over the fallen beasts. Their blood had started to melt sizable holes in the solid floor giving off a sulfuric stench. B retrieved the first stake out of the wall and then pulled the other out of the first hound's skull. Wiping the deadly blood off on one of the velvety pictures that lined the walls B turned the door's golden knob.

Now that all three guardians had perished the door easily swung open. Without wasting any time B began to charge back down into the lower sections of the castle. The farther down he went it seemed that the walls got some color back into them and the paintings of the nobles soon replaced the windows. Small torches lit the path giving him just enough light to recall where to go. Finding the Count would be difficult. The castle was huge and he had no idea of where the Count would have gone. It could have taken B days to find Hermansneif again, but then came a noise.

B stopped running. Turning slowly to the side he followed a gray stonewall until it came to an arched doorway. Inside a large man swung an even larger hammer at a smaller yet much faster man. The second man wore a black dress suit with a long red trimmed cape. Swimchan the giant vampire hunter had beaten B to the punch. The large hunter roared as he smashed huge dents in the neat marble floor, always missing his mark.
"Really, how many vampire hunters do they need to hire?" mused Count Hermansneif as he gingerly dodged another blow. "It's bad enough that they hired Michelangelo, but now you?" the Count laughed as Swimchan smashed his hammer into the stonewall.
"How'd you know my name, ya dirty bloodsucking bastard?" boomed Swimchan who backed off to take a quick rest.

The Count looked puzzled. "Who said anything about you? To me you're just another hunter like the first one they hired, and just like him I will take your head."
Holding his right hand out he opened the palm as if to grab something. As he did a whiff of black smoke formed a long transparent pole in his hand. In an instant the smoke went solid changing into a long black iron pole. Like some kind of demonic switchblade a curved sharp edge sprung out from the top two feet of the pole.

"This," Hermansneif said proudly "has cleaved the heads of many hunters like yourself. It is my Death Scythe, my murder weapon, and you my dear adversary, are my victim"

"Heh...I think not. We'll see who's the victim here soon enough," Swimchan wheezed still obviously warn out. "NOW DIE!"

The hammer fell downward at the count's head at break neck speeds. It seemed that if the blow missed it might destroy the entire castle with its momentum and force, but Hermansneif did not dodge. Using speed that even B had a hard time grasping the vampire caught the large man's forearms with the curved edge of his scythe. In one clean motion he jerked his weapon to the side sliding it through Swimchan's flesh. The hammer spun out of control smashing into the back wall with two muscular forearms still gripping tightly to it.

Swimchan stumbled backwards in shock holding his half arms up examining them with an odd blank look on his face. Blood gurgled out painting his arms and gray clothes red. He looked at the count in a surprised manner, like a small child who was just slapped in the face. The pain came rushing in as if a dam had been busted down. Swimchan's face went as red as his own blood as a cry of anguish escaped his lips.

The vampire walked up and smiled to himself, raised the scythe and swung in a circular arch. The hunter's head fell off behind his body and lay there as the rest of his oversized body crashed to the floor. "Well, well, well," Hermansneif cooed softly "It seems you were the victim after all."

The Count admired his handy work and then said casually, "I know you are there. Why don't you come out and play?"

B walked into the room, the CrossBlade hung loosely at his side glowing in a menacing fashion. "You are a beast now, Toddington."

"Am I? Is it just for you to judge me?"

"I have not committed such atrocious acts in my life. I have all the right I need to
judge you, vampire."

"Is that such a way to talk to an old friend?"

"Our friendship died long ago, Toddington. You're body must follow it into the after life. I will be your executioner, En Guard!"

B took his battle stance and prepared to fight his former friend. Hermansneif sighed and did the same.

"You can join me, live forever without the need of that pesky elixir."

"And live off the blood of the innocent? I'd rather die."

"Then you have made your choice. Goodbye old friend." Count Hermansneif dashed forward slashing with a circular downward arch at B's head. Dodging B rolled out of harms way and countered with his own jabbing blow. Hermansneif sidestepped and swung horizontally at B's torso. Jumping backwards the hunter blocked with his sword. The two jumped back to regain position then darted forward again this time both swinging rapidly, but both very much under control.

Metallic ringing filled the castle as the two warriors fought on. B blocked, countered, blocked, dodged, struck, dodged, countered, both fighters circled each other while their weapons flew at their opponents. It resembled a dance, a beautiful deadly dance that had no leader. Each one would take the offensive then back off while the other one tried his luck.

B leaped over Hermansneif landing behind him and stabbing at the vampire's back. The Count dove forward narrowly escaping death. Standing back up Hermansneif used the scythe's iron pole to block several more quick blows aimed at his heart.

"You've improved. Back in the day you would have never lasted this long against me," said the Count.

"I've had my practice," B countered "I've dedicated my life to wiping out the plague that is Vampirialism."

"You call it a plague? Let me tell you something, my friend. ...Immortality was a gift meant only for the gods. We humans were doomed to die and rot. Then Prince Vlad fought for humanity against the gods to earn us this gift, the gift of immortality. His armies held off the heavenly forces as Vlad invaded Joukai, the city of gods, and challenged Laziel, the king of gods. Vlad defeated Laziel and for the first time a mortal had killed a god. According to the old rules this would give Vlad and all of his followers Immortal lives; unfortunately, Laziel tricked Vlad by using his last breath to curse him. The immortality was now only quasiformed. Yes...Vlad was an immortal, but he could not ever go into the sunlight that he cherished so much ever again. The worst part came when Vlad realized that regular food no longer would sustain his body, no...he now craved human blood to fit his needs."

Hermansneif stood there speaking softly as if he were telling this tale to a child then he continued, "Do you still call us a plague? We are the decedents of one who wanted to aid all of man. We fought so hard to attain this gift, yet we only are allowed an accursed version of it? Tell me now, can you still call us a plague?"

B had not lowered his weapon. He still stood unconvinced of Hermansneif's justification.
"Yes, I still call you a plague. All you are is the residual of a power hungry madman."
It was then that B noticed that the girl in the wedding dress was also in the room. She stood there, pretty and unaware of what was going on. The vampire's charm had her oblivious to all except the whim of her master. "Tell me this Toddington, what has become of the girls?"

The Count smiled as if recalling some pleasant dream, "Ah yes, the girls...they are still alive, unchanged, but don't go thinking that I will let you have them. You must know the feeling! You who have lived as long as I, you must know the boredom."

"Considering all those you have slain you seem to keep plenty busy," B retorted at the snarling vampire.

"Don't think that killing and feeding on innocents brings me pleasure. My feelings are neutral to them who I devour, not happy nor sad. For do you mourn for the cattle you slaughter to nourish your body? It is survival not recreation. A girl is the only thing that
can give me pleasure anymore, you know what it is like to have achieved such an age!"

"Yes, but I don't resort to kidnapping innocent girls for my own desires,"

The Count snorted, "Don't need too you mean. Always been the ladies man, haven't you? No matter, this must end now if you are unwilling to change."

"We were once friends, but that has all changed. You are no longer the man I once knew and I am no longer the friend you remember. I am Vampire Hunter B, no more, no less."

"B, eh? Very well if that is the name you now go by, so be it!"

With that they both charged once again, and the clanging of metal resounded. B swung a diagonal blow at the Count's head who deftly blocked it. Hermansneif slashed upward catching B off balance cutting his chest. Bleeding B continued to fight, but things started falling into the Count's favor. B stabbed at him but missed, Hermansneif countered by kicking the wounded hunter in the ribs sending him flying into the adjacent wall.

B struggled to pull himself off the hard ground in time, but it was too late. Count Hermansneif plunged his scythe into B's unguarded side. He pulled it out then kicked the CrossBlade out of the fallen hero's shaking hand.

"It saddens me to do this, but I must," Count Hermansneif said sorrowfully raising his Scythe above his head. "I slay you now, so go meet our friendship in the afterlife!"

B's trembling hand reached inside the worn brown trench coat grabbing onto a thin silver stake. "I am from the Order of Duran de Lumar..." B whispered under his shaking breath.
Count Hermansneif closed his eyes as he readied the final blow to his onetime friend.

"...For me, for you, and for all of humanity..."

Silently the scythe began to fall.

"...I will purge the world of your deluded evil ways..."

Falling straight for the hunters hanging head, the scythe picked up speed.


As the blade met where B's head would have been, the hunter lunged forward at the unaware vampire. Using his left hand he shoved the scythe's long metal rod above the Count's head.


Hermansneif's eye's snapped open in astonishment to see his enemy in his face, with absolute murder in his dark eyes. The count was powerless to stop it. His body jarred as B shoved the full length of his silver stake straight through his immortal heart. The scythe dropped falling behind B clanging on the hard floor, then once again transforming into smoke it faded away into the castles darkness.

B grasped his prey with one hand while his other hand held firmly onto the end of the stake. Small streams of blood trickled down the Count's lip. As if repulsed by what he had done B shoved the vampire away from his body.

" be part of...the Order of Duran de Lumar, only they still use stakes as hunting tools," Hermansneif whispered.

"Good bye, old friend." B said softly as he kneeled down beside the fallen vampire, "Go rejoin our friendship, so that one day we can meet again on friendlier terms."

Count Hermansneif smiled sadly to himself then closed his eyes. The wounded yet victorious hunter forced himself to stand even though his legs were dizzy with blood loss. Ripping off a large piece of his shirt B bound his wound to stop the bleeding. The vampire's bride stirred and begun to wake, "Where am I?" she asked dreamily.

She stood out from the rest of the room. The floor was bloodstained around the vampire and the two hunters (and cracked from where Swimchan had hit it), but the girl was clean and unhurt. This gave the illusion that she was shining with some form of pure light that had an illuminating effect on the dark chamber. Looking around the room, her eye's fixed themselves on the dismembered corpse of Swimchan. Not knowing what had happened she gave out a shrill scream at the revolting sight. She pressed her body into the corner trying to put as much room between her and the corpse as possible.

B looked over and remembered the task at hand. He pulled the odd clear vial out from his bloody and torn trench coat and took a long drink draining it of it's contents. Having regained some of his strength, he stood and moved towards the frightened girl.
"Don't worry, you're safe," the hunter kindly explained as he reached her, "You don't need to be afraid anymore, the vampire is dead."

He put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and smiled warmly saying, "I've come to rescue you and the other girls, it's all over now, you can go home." The girl started crying then flung her arms around his chest as she continued to sob.

"Don't worry," he repeated soothingly as he held the frightened girl, "The vampire is dead, you can go home."

The mayor beamed at B as they stood in his turquoise office. The hunter had mended and cleaned his wounds and clothes when he had returned to town with the girls. Myerstein shook B's hand still smiling widely.

"Well done, hunter." He said happily, "You sure are from the Order of Duran de Lumar. No one coulda' done better! Rescued the girls and killed the vampire." The mayor stood still shaking B's hand then began to laugh merrily. Moving with dance like steps he unlocked a brass safe and pulled out a bag that jingled loudly tossing it to B. "Here's your pay! I gave you you're 1,500 pocha down payment already so here's the rest. 7,000 pochas!"

B opened the bag examining it, satisfied he placed it into one of his trench coat's many pockets. "Thank you mayor, glad to be of service," tipping his wide brimmed hat the hunter turned around and begun to leave.

"Wait," Myerstein called after him "Some other folks hired another hunter, you know just incase. A real big guy." The mayor spread his arms to emphasize 'big'. "Did you ever see 'em?"

Without turning B answered, "I gave him a proper burial after killing the Count."
Understanding the mayor nodded solemnly then spoke back up, "Nice doing business with you. Don't suppose we'll see each other again, so goodbye." Myerstein plucked a large cigar out of his desk drawer and placed it in his mouth, "This calls for a celebration!"

B walked out of the City Hall and headed back to the inn. As usual dust swirled around him as he walked through the hot desert streets. As he reached the large red inn the attractive blond girl stood in the doorway waving cheerfully. In a day or so B would leave Lindburg and pursue other vampires, but for now he had his own 'celebrating' to do.
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