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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Just hearing Patrick sing 'queer' made me smile. I suggest you listen to the cover of "What's This" it's killer. --- Sometimes inspiration and love is found in the strangest of places. [Oneshot]...

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The first time Pete had ever seen the movie it intrigued him in such a way that no other movie could. The same went for thousands of children, teens and even adults who saw it.

But one other person in particular by the name of Sally Victorian intrigued her more than she could ever imagine it would to anyone else. She was a troubled teen, with nobody ever really paying much attention to her.

But as she realized the Sally in the movie was just about the same as her, she realized it was the one thing she could hold onto as a reminder that she was not alone, even if it was only a movie. In four short days, Sally had learned every line, every song, every movement and every breath holding scene that she wanted oh so desperately to be involved with.

It was when she arrived at school after winter break that her junior class started to treat her with respect, favoring her just so they could talk to a person named Sally. As fake as she knew it was, it boosted her confidence, and it soon soared her to great lengths, even after she graduated high school. Her life never slowed down after that, she kept going, all the way until she was at one of her biggest dreams, Broadway.

Her high school reunion had ended up telling her that she was one of the only people of her class that had grown up to be highly successful and in the lime light.

The other individual, Peter Wentz.

Sally had known him to be another big fan of the movie, and she also knew that he was another that soared to great lengths with his band, Fall Out Boy. But she didn't let the stolen lime light get her down. She had a musical to audition for.

In December 2005, The Nightmare Before Christmas hit Broadway, causing millions of auditions to come knocking at the door. Sally had held her breath each time somebody knew came into the dance studio, but was relieved that most of them didn't even make the first cut.

It was only until one of her Broadway friends, Emily helped her get an audition, one that she nailed, down to the very last line. One audition she didn't need a script for. It was decided then that Sally Victorian would play the roll of Sally in the Broadway presentation of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It would have been no surprise to hear that a now star stuttered Pete had tickets to the opening show, front row, and had, had them reserved since first word came out. He still had no idea that one of his old classmates would soon be standing right out in front of him.

A bright smile appeared on his lips as the curtains opened, a conductor's suit on his body, and a skeleton mask on his face. He bellowed over the audience as the trees came up in the background, introducing the audience filled with thousands of fans to the beginning of the story as the narrator projected his voice.


Sally took a deep breath, Emily behind her rubbing her shoulders in a most comforting way.

"Come on, Sally, you can do it. I've heard the stories about how obsessed you are with this movie," Sally turned her head and glared at her friend.

"I am not obsessed," she hissed and Emily rolled her eyes before she looked through the crack in the curtains and gasped.

"Holy crap," Sally widened her eyes and looked at her friend.

"What?" she asked and Emily wagged her finger through it.

Sally sneaked over and looked out, breath hitching into her throat as her eyes landed on a grown up version of somebody she used to walk the hallways with in high school. His own tribute to The Nightmare Before Christmas shown on his arms as he rested his excited face in his propped up hand as he mouthed the words to /What's This/. Emily shrieked lightly behind her and Sally turned around abruptly.

"I can't go out there," she breathed and Emily widened her eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Emily rushed and Sally shook her head before she heard her one minute cue.

"I'm going to barf," she mumbled and Emily gripped her shoulders before walking her over to the left stage entrance.

"Go," Sally felt herself on the lift so that she was lowered onto the stage on an over-large star.

Taking a deep breath as she was lowered, she saw a bewildered gasp appear on Pete's face, his hands scrambling to find the program that was smashed under his red, faux fur lines jacket. As he looked up again, he stared, lips parted as he watched, a light smile appearing on Sally's face as she turned her head as the song started.

"Something's up with Jack, something's up with Jack," Pete watched as Sally stalked across the stage, listening to people.

The upper part of the stage where Jack was walking across in his laboratory. As the song ended, Pete closed his mouth and leaned forward as Sally took the stage, the light sounds of her own song starting.

"I sense there's something in the wind," Pete's eyes twinkled and Sally looked up locking her eyes with him for only a brief moment as she sang. She soon ended and she started to walk off stage, her eyes never leaving his as she disappeared.

"Did you see him? He was staring at you!" Sally took a deep breath and ran into her own vanity where she stuck her head in the trashcan and spilled her guts.

"Sally," Emily called out after some time passed and Sally looked up.

"What?" she asked and Emily gulped.

"It's almost time for the finale," Sally gathered her thoughts and closed her eyes as Emily led her over to the side of the stage where she walked out, Jack following her on the hill.

"And sit together, now and forever...for it is plain for anyone to see, we're simply meant to be," Sally sighed as the prop started to move as the music led them out.

A standing obviation was heard and it flashed right before her eyes as she came back from the bowing, already shimmying her way into her tight jeans, slipping her boots on in the process as well.

She was re-applying her make-up when she heard the plopping of flowers on her vanity. Sally titled her head up to see a somewhat familiar tanned hand and the starting lines of tattoos she had only seen in the magazines or on MTV. Fully turning her body she was faced with an overwhelmed Pete, a bright smile on his face.

"You were amazing up there," Sally looked down at the flowers and smirked.

"Did Emily give these to you?" she asked and Pete looked uneasy as a nervous blush rose to his face and his hand rose to scratch the back of his neck.

"Yea, but only because I didn't expect to see you here tonight," Sally bit her lip.

"We never really hung out in high school, so why are you acting like you haven't seen me in forever?" she asked and Pete smirked to himself, smiling against down at her as she slipped her long-sleeved black sweater shirt over her red cast t-shirt and flopped her curly black hair back.

"That's the thing, I haven't...I mean...seeing you up there reminded me that your just as successful as I am," he mumbled and Sally stood up, tilting her head to one side as most of the vanities started to turn off, the cast members leaving.

"What's your point, Peter?" Sally asked and he sighed outwardly.

"Um..." Sally tilted her head forward, eyebrows up, pushing him slightly. Pete sighed again and flashed a bright smile. "Please don't crush my ego and go out with me tonight," Sally looked down at her watch.

"It's almost 1 AM, Pete...what's open?" she asked and Pete smirked.

"Room service?" he asked and Sally smiled, a light laugh escaping her lips as she shook her head.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she mumbled and Pete looked like he had just found the cure for cancer.

"So you'll go...I mean come back with me?" he asked and Sally reached back, gripping her purse and the bouquet of flowers in one arm. She walked over and bit her lip.

"Thanks for coming out tonight, Pete," she whispered and Pete nodded, a warm smile appearing on his lips.

Sally blinked after a moment of silence and slightly stepped on her tippy toes to catch Pete's lips in her own. She pulled away after a minute and smiled at Pete's satisfied yet surprised face.

"No, no. Thank /you/," he joked and Sally shook her head before parting her lips again.

"And sit together, now and forever...for it is plain for anyone to see..." she paused for a moment and watched as Pete's eyes twinkled slightly as he parted his own lips to join her.

"We're simply meant to be..."
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