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Billie Joe's First Time

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Billie Joe's first time.Short and sweet. A/N:My first posting on FicWad,so be gentle.Originally published on the now defunct

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Billie Joe is scared.He has every right to be.No matter how old you are-Billie's 20-your first time is always the hardest-and most intimidating.

Billie Joe is glued to his boyfriend's side as he gets ready."Mike,"Billie whimpers,"is this gonna hurt?"Mike smoothes back his lover's hair and murmurs softly to him."Billie,it only hurts the first few minutes.I told you that,remember?I've been through it before,you know that.Once you get past the first couple of minutes,it's a hell of a lot easier-and it'll actually feel good,I promise."
Billie nods with uncertainty and lies down on the makeshift recliner.His shirt and pants are off;he's chanting his own mantra over and over silently to himself to calm his unsteady nerves.Mike leans over him."Ready baby?"he asks with the softest of kisses whispered on Billie's forehead.
"Ready,"Billie answers,a gush of breath escaping his lips.

Billie feels something cold,a smear of Vaseline on his skin,rubbed in for moisture.He flinches at the sensation,then tenses up completely when he hears a buzzing,sounding almost like a chainsaw motor to Billie.In reality it's something much smaller-and less deadly."Billie,don't clench babe,don't tighten up.It'll make it harder for you sweetie."Mike uses his most intimate endearment on Billie Joe,and hearing that,plus Mike's soothing voice,calms Billie down incredibly.It lasts until he feels the first jolt of pain,and he cries out-"Fuck Mike,it HURTS!"-and he's almost on the verge of begging someone-anyone-for this torture and agony to stop.But then,just as Mike promised,a numbing sensation overtakes that assaulted area as Billie's endorphins kick in.He relaxes against the chair,breathes in deep.The worst has passed.And almost before it starts,it's over.

Mike cleans up as Billie lies there,still mellowed.Murmuring is heard behind him,but he's barely taking notice as he looks down at his body,now pale and aching."I did it.I finally did it,"he says to himself,and then out loud.Mike stops and looks at Billie,a grin reaching from ear to ear."That's right babe,you did,"he says softly,and kisses Billie on the forehead."Mike,I'm yours now.All yours.I belong to you."Mike chuckles and gingerly hugs his boyfriend.They both look down at Billie's waist,and see the raw skin adorned with Mike's name in black ink."Yes Billie,you're all mine."
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