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I can't believe he's leaving part I

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' I remember the how we met. It was the first day of daycare, he was the strange, shy boy who liked bugs, and I was the over active little girl who asked too many unnecessary questions. It was lunc...

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A/N: This is going to be a milestone in my writing A/N: This is going to be a milestone in my writing. This is going to be my first happy stories! Though writing angst is my passion I think it's time for a little change. So I JoAngelias proudly present Soap Gum

I dedicate this story to Renée; I can't believe you're moving. I'll miss the heck outta you girl! As for Kyle, good luck in Arizona.

I can't remember a time when I've ever cried so much in front of someone. Well... I must have cried as an infant, but that doesn't count. I've been hoping for two long weeks that this day wouldn't come, and that this was all a big joke and that my best friend in the entire world wasn't going to move away. I wish that maybe I'm just having some really evil nightmare and that David isn't really moving to France. I mean all those memories at the park and all those times that we had water fights in the pool in his backyard; that's never going to happen again.

I remember the how we met. It was the first day of daycare, he was the strange, shy boy who liked bugs, and I was the over active little girl who asked too many unnecessary questions. It was lunch time and everyone was sitting at a table with their friends, well everyone one except for me. Everyone said I was annoying and didn't like me. When I walked over to his table with my green Power Rangers lunch box, he was talking to something in a pickle jar that had sticks and leaves in it.

"Hello Mr. Fuzzy Head, at play time I found a big, hairy, spider. I'm not sure if you two would get along, so I think I'll put you and Mr. Spider in different jars. Maybe Mama will give me a jam jar for Mr. Spider." The boy said, clearly not caring that the whole daycare thought that he was a nutter. "Why are you talking to yourself?" I asked him. At that time it seemed like a really good question.

"I'm not talking to myself; I'm talking to Mr. Fuzzy Head!" He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Well I don't see any one around us, and I'm sure Ms. Davis would have told us that there was some one at daycare named Mr. Fuzzy Head." I said looking around to see if I saw a man with a fuzzy head. The boy looked at me and laughed. "Mr. Fuzzy Head isn't a person, he's my pet caterpillar, see." He said, turning the pickle jar so I could see his pet caterpillar.

Since I never had a pet caterpillar before, I was amazed at the cute, fuzzy, little fellow. I started asking a bunch of random question like what the caterpillar ate, did he sleep, where he lived, if he had a mom and dad, and even questions that had nothing to do with the caterpillar like if the boy's mother let him stay outside alone after supper. The boy just looked at me and stuck out his hand while saying, "Hi, my name is David. What's yours?" I was shocked; he was the first person other than Ms. Davis to ask me my name. I gave him a high five and told him that my name was Alexandra. This was the start of our beautiful friendship.

/ /It's been seven fun filled years since the day David and I became the best of friends. I am now ten and I am crying so hard that if I don't stop pretty soon, I think I'll wet myself. David's leaving for the airport in a couple of hours. My dad said he would drive me to the airport to say good bye, but my mom says that it would be to much emotional stress for me, so David is just going to come by my house to say good bye. I don't know if, I'll be able to see him without causing a tsunami to look like a little kid's pool.

Maybe I should tell my mom that I'm sick and can't get out of bed. Then I won't have to face him, but at the same time this might be my last opportunity to see him. Suddenly my bed room door opened and at the door way was my sixteen year old sister, Gina-Rose. "Hey squirt, you better wake up if you want to see David when he gets here. I'm sure you don't want him to see you in your pj's. Oh and mom told me to tell you that she went to the store to get some food and she'll be back in half an hour." Gina-Rose said, clearly not liking the task of waking her little sister up when she could be shopping.

"Oh and I know you're probably going to want to look presentable for this sad occasion, but if you so much as touch my make up, shampoo or conditioner, your dead meat!" She told me, closing the door behind her as she left. I mimicked her like always. I wouldn't want to touch any of her gunk anyways. Maybe I should go to the candy shop and buy David some soap gum and pixie sticks. Hey, you never know what type of stuff they call candy in France.
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