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Serenity at St. Clare's

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My version of the sixth year at st clare's

Category: St. Clare's - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Alison, Angela, Bobby, Gladys, Isabel, Mirabel, Pat, Other - Published: 2006-10-10 - Updated: 2006-10-10 - 401 words

"No one can fathom my hatred for this school."
Serinity said from the back seat of the car.
"Sweetheart," Her aunt said, turning round, "Do try to have fun!"
Serininty rolled her grey eyes and moved hair out of her face. She was wearing long black earrings.
"Oh, I wish you hadn't got those done!" Her aunt said, then guestured to the hoop piercing her nose, "Or that!"
Serinity lifted up her arm and waved it. There were tattoos all the way down it, and the other arm.
"Oh heavens..." Her aunt said.
What was wrong with that child? All she wore was BLACK! Can you immagine! And those horrible steel boots! She needed to buy the school uniform, and fast!

Serinity clamped her hand over her mouth and gagged. Her face went white.
Please be car sickness, please be car sickness! She thought desperatly.
She looked out of the window, they were at the school. Her aunt parked the car and ran out to greet Mrs O'Sullivan, her bst friend apparently. The two twins at Mrs O'Sullivna's side were called Pat and Isobel, her daughters.
Serinity got out. She rolled her eyes as the three of them gasped. She didn't care.

"I say," Isobel whispered, "What does she look like!"
Pat looked at the girl. Long spiky black hair, grey eyes, white powder, blood red lipstick! Black clothes! And those shoes! She looked like a witch!
"Serinity is new, will you two be kind enough to show her round?" Their mother asked.
Pat nodded, but she had a feeling she wouldn't enjoy it.

"This is your dorm," Pat said, guesturring round the room.
Serinity walked past her and dropped a viollin like case of the chair.
"You play an instrument?" Isobel asked.
"Electric guitar..." Serinity mutturred.
"Where are you from?" Pat asked.
"Far away," Serinity said.
In the year 2006! She thought, Stupid time portal!
It was so simple, run away from home, start a new life...Nothing seemed to have involved falling through time and posing as her great, great grandmotrher's niece!
Serinity felt ill again. Fell to her knees, insanely dizzy.
"Are you alright!" Pat yelled.
" sick!" Serinity yelled.
What happened next was a blur. She must have passed out, as the next thing she knew she was in a hospital like bed.

Well. That was it. No denying it.

She was definately.

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