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Chapter One

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Usagi and the girls are having a sleepover, Mamoru is moving back, problems occurr according to fate Mamaru/Usagi pairing

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"Ok lets get this party started!" Lita said after popping a DVD in the machine. Lita is a tall brunette with emerald eyes. She's wearing a white wife beater and baggy green basketball shorts.

"What movie did you bring, Leets?" Raye asked. Raye has long black hair and violet eyes. She's wearing a red t-shirt with plaid red pj capris.

"Who cares what kind of movie it is, as long as there's a hot guy in it" Mina said with hearts surrounding her. Mina has long blonde hair that's always kept in a half pony tail and held w/ a red ribbon in the back, and has blue eyes. She's wearing orange booty shorts and an orange tank top.

"I hope its not a scary movie" Usagi said. Usagi has long blonde hair that was down to her butt, and she also has blue eyes. She's wearing light blue pj pants and a dark blue belly shirt.

"Actually the probabilty of the picture film in question is most likely on a ratio of five to one that it is a scary movie considering the fact that Lita picked it out and is known for picking out the scariest, gorey-est movie she could find." Ami stated. Ami has blue hair and dark blue eyes. She's wearing baggy aqua boxer shorts and a turquoise spaghetti strap shirt.

"Oohhh Ami c'mon no smart stuff tonight. My head can't take it! This is supposed to be a fun sleep over!" Mina whined.

"Actually Ames is right, it is a scary movie!" Lita said amused at the look of dread on Usagi's face.

"Sshhh its starting!" Raye shushed them.

After the movie...

"Man that was scary!" Usagi said. "The way that guy knocked on that girl's door and cut her hand off scared the crap outta me!"

"haha don't be sucha baby, Odango Atama!" Raye teased

"Don't call me that!" Usagi warned Raye and they started another one of their fights.

"Ok ok break it up" Lita said stepping in between the two. "I think it's time for us to play some truth or dare!"

"Oh yay! Me first! Me first!" Mina squealed then thought of whom to pick on.

"Just pick one of us already, air head!" Raye said impatiently

"Calm yourself pyro, I choose....Usagi!" Mina said "Truth or dare?"

"Truth!" Usagi said, afraid of what Mina's dares would be like as she imagined Mina forcing her to kiss the pizza guy. Last time that happened he wouldn't leave her alone for weeks, she still can't order pizza with out him bothering her.

"Ok, what happened between you and Seiya?" Mina said evilly.

"We broke up, and that's all I'm saying" Usagi said with a sorrowful look in her eye.

"Usa, is it true that he was the drunk driver than ran over Shingo?" Ami inquired shyly

"...yeah" Usagi replied after a couple minutes of silence.

"oh...I'm sorry Usa that was wrong of me to ask!" Mina apologized suddenly feeling guilty.

"Naw its all good. It's my turn now sooo...truth or dare Pyro?" Usagi said smiling mischeviously at Raye

"Dare" Raye said, challenging Usagi back by narrowing her eyes.

"I dare you to......" Usagi said, waiting for them to get sick of the silence.

"To what?! Usagi!?!?!" Lita, Mina, and Raye screamed at once.

"Eat 50 marshmallows!!" Usagi said and looked confused after the rest of the girls fell backwards anime-style with sweat drops on their twitching foreheads. "what?"

"Usagi..." Ami said, slightly disappointed in the dare.


"What was that?!" Usagi asked nervously

"Uhh what was what?" Raye said trying to act calm


"That" Lita said

He was driving to go to his friend Motoki's house, that he was moving into tonight, when his car ran out of gas.

"Shit! God Damn car!" He said while getting out of his car to check if he had any extra gas in the trunk. He found out that he didn't and it started pouring rain. "It fucking figures! This shit always happens to me! It can't get any worse. I'm going to be late, it's already midnight, it's pouring cats and dogs out here, and now my car has broke down due to lack of gas!"

He got back in his car and rumaged around to find his cell phone. "Ahah, found it!" He said while dialing Motoki's number.

boop boop boop Was all he heard on the other side of the phone. "Figures! I can't even get any service out here!" He said. "I can always walk to that gas station I passed by twenty minutes ago. No that's too far away. I guess I'm stuck here for the night." He said as he pushed his seat back and layed back. He kept looking out of the windows to see if a car was coming so he could ask for help when he spotted a house. "Why didn't I see that before?!" he asked himself. "Its kinda far off, but its closer than the gas station. Maybe like 15 minutes of walking will bring me there. Hey I could use their phone and Motoki can pick me up" He then started walking up to the house

"Good job Mamoru, maybe you should've packed a umbrella!" he scolded himself. Once he reached the house he was soaking wet. His jeans were sticking to him and his boxers were very uncomfortable, if you know what I mean. He reached up to knock on the door and heard voices inside. "Well atleast someone's home"

"Well who's gunna open the door?" raye asked

"Why don't you Usa, it is your house. And its prolly just the pizza guy" Mina said with an uncertain smile

"ohh fine!" she said as she got up and walked to the door. She opened the door and found the most gorgeous guy she's ever seen. He had ebony hair and mesmerizing sapphire eyes, and what she cool see through the now transparent white muscle shirt, he had a NICE body.

'Wow' he thought to himself as he saw the goddess before him. She had long blonde hair in a weird hairstyle that reminded him of odango atamas and beautiful light blue eyes, not to mention a HOT body.

"Hi, uh, my car broke down somewhere up the road and I was wondering if I could borrow your phone to call my friend?" Mamoru asked once he found his voice.

"Yeah sure, hold on" she said and closed the door.

"What did you do that for?! He's gorgeous!" Mina said mouth agape.

"Not to mention its raining out there and he could catch a cold" Ami said.

"I don't want some strange guy in my house. Didn't you pay attention to that movie?! He could be a murderer!" Usagi screamed all the while grabbing the cordless phone.

"What are you doing? Calling the police?" Lita asked

"No. He said he needed to call his friend so I'm giving him the phone" Usagi said as she walked back towards the door.

"That girl..." Raye said all the while twitching with an irritated smile on her face.

"Here you go." Usagi said as she handed Mamoru the phone

"Thanks" he said as he started to dial Motoki's number.

"Hey this is Motoki..." he heard on the other side of the phone

"Heyy man its me Mamoru, You'll never believe what happened. You see-"

"I'm not here at the moment so if you'll leave your name, number, and a message I'll get back to you soon enough. Unless you're a bill collector" BEEP

"Damnit!" Mamoru screamed as he left a message. 'Man I have a really bad headache' he thought to himself as he knocked on the door.

"Oh are you done?" Usagi asked him.

"Yeah thanks. I-" was all he got out before he passed out.

"Oh my god! You guys he just passed out!" Usagi screamed while panicking

"Lita, pick him up and put him in the spare room on the bed. Is that ok Usagi? We can't exactly leave him out there, he might die" Ami asked.

"Yeah, sure" Usagi replied as she started dialing a number on the phone.

"Who're you calling?" Raye asked after helping bring the stranger into the next room.

"Calling Chad and telling to bring clothes over for this guy. He'll get worse if he stays in those wet clothes" Usagi said

"Chad?!" Raye panicked while running into the bathroom and doing her make-up and making herself look presentable.

"And she says she's not in love with him" Mina said teasingly

"Wait, did you say Chad?! Tonight is guy's night out...that means that he'll bring Ken and Greg along with him!" Lita said as she also ran into the bathroom and fought over the mirror with Raye.

"What's this about Greg?" Ami asked as she came in

"Oh he might be coming over with Chad and Ken to bring over dry clothes for that sexy piece of ass in the next room" Mina said while winking to Usagi

"Oh he is? Maybe I should make myself look more presentable...Hmm" Ami said as she went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

"it's times like these that I wish Motoki lived closer to us" Mina said as she went up to Usagi and draped an arm around her.

"I wish I had someone to love" Usagi said as she started walking towards the door. "Hey girls you might wanna be a little faster, the guys are here I just heard them drive up"

"Hey Chad, did you bring the clothes?" Usagi asked

"Yeah, but what did you want them for?" Chad asked as he walked in

"hey Chad" Raye said, smiling flirtatiously at him.

"Heyy Raye I didn't know you'd be here. Now I'm glad me and the guys came" Chad said winking while walking up to Raye just as the other guys were walking up to their crushes.

"Ohh no you guys don't" Mina and Usagi say as they round up the guys and shove them into the spare room. "we need you guys to change Mr. Blackout over there so that we can throw his clothes in the dryer"

"Whoa! Yo Greg its Chiba!" Ken said

"No way! He was supposed to come and form that band with us. Not to mention move in with Motoki" Greg said

"You know him?" Usagi asked

"Yeah he went to school with us until he moved 3 years ago. You don't remember him?" Chad said.

"No, I don't" Usagi said, confused.

"Oh well we'll fill you in once we change him" Greg said as he pushed the girls out of the room. Once they were allowed back in Lita said. "No wonder he looked familiar! Thats Mamoru, Usa!"

"No way!" Usagi said wide-eyed. "That's the jerk that picked on me constantly?!"

"The one and only" Ken said "hey what was it that he called you?"

"Odango Atama" they heard Mamoru mumble in his sleep.

"yeah thats it. wait a second isn't he unconscious?!" Chad said.

"Chad, man is that you? God you're so loud, keep it down a notch would ya?" Mamoru said as he sat up. "hey who changed my clothes, and where am I?"

"You're at my house" Usagi said

"Odango Atama?!"
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