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Seeing You for the First Time

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My name is Joel and I'd like to take you on my love story. I love my boyfriend Alex but, in the is not what it seems. This is my story of devotion and love.

Category: Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Romance - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-09-30 - Updated: 2006-10-01 - 531 words

My name is Joel and I'm turning twenty-five this year. I met the sweetest guy imaginable and his name is Alex. Alex and I had met nearly over 3 years ago in a movie theater. He bumped into me and me into him, that's when it became love at first sight. Here's the story...

I was so excited that the new movie was coming out finally. I gathered up my money, CDs, and keys and went off to the car. She's a beauty, a black 2006 Ford Mustang GT. Well I hopped into the car and started it up, and she roared into life. I smiled as I popped in my favorite CD and backed out of the driveway. The tires squealed as I burned rubber and flew off to my destination. When I finally arrived at the movies there were lines and I hopped out and got into one. Well, soon it was my turn and I ordered my ticket and went right in. Knowing me, I was distracted looking at the various prices on the popcorn and drinks, not even looking to where as I was going, then next thing I know I bumped into him. He smiled gently as he helped me back to my feet and I graciously accepted the warmly help.

He introduced himself and I did the same, he blushed as he gave me a look about. Seeing this, I smiled as well and asked his name. He said it was Alexander but Alex for short. I told him that mine was Joel and we sort of connected after that. He offered to buy the popcorn and I bought drinks and we went to see the movie together. It was coincidence enough that he was watching the same one. So we watched the movie and talked of it after it had finished. He smiled once more and told me he'd like to see me again and once again, I accepted. I told him that I'd meet him next weekend at the same time and that we'd take things from there.

Next weekend rolled around quickly and we met up. He came over to hug me as I walked towards him and kissed his cheek. We laughed as we got into my car and rode off. He was sweet and kind, just my type. We rode to the beach and walked around, walking in the cool mist of the ocean whenever we could. He enjoyed it and then we stopped for ice cream. His laughter was everything that made my day. His smile brightened the deepest of gloom, and his eyes could sense anything troubling his way or mine for that fact. Before it was time to end the night out, we hugged and kissed then went our seperate ways before going back home, in the end getting one another's phone number.

Author's note: Sorry it had to end so short, my apologies. In other chapters it will be more promising. I need people to read this for a fact that people will eventually learn in the upcoming chapters of why this story is so important. It'll teach something that I'm hoping people will follow and learn from.
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