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Neji becomes possesive of his 'toy' NejiShika Yaoi

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Title: Possesive

Summary: Neji becomes possessive over his 'toy'. NejiShika Yaoi

Warnings: Yaoi Cussing

Couple: NejiShikamaru

This couple is over ridding my life now. ;-; I now eat breath and sleep NejiShika.

. . . I can't decide which is better . . . NejiShika or ShikaNeji? Both are extremely hot.




Pale hands grabbed roughly at dark hair and lips crashed awkward and angrily against each other. Groans filled the air and tan hands were tied. "Your mine, Nara." Neji hissed out tugging on the other teen's hair harshly. Shikamaru gasped and forced out, "He attacked me, damnit!"

Neji captured the teen in another rough kiss, quickly dominating and leaving the lazy Nin wanting more. "I didn't see you stopping him!"

Neji attacked Shikamaru's tan neck. Shikamaru fought against his bindings and continued. "What could I have done! Your doing the same thing he did!" He bit back a moan and arched against Neji. "Damnit!" Shikamaru cussed as he continued to fiddle with the hitai-ate binding his hands.

Neji's eyes flashed and he looked straight at Shikamaru. "You could have done something!" Shikamaru groaned in aspiration. "Tied up! And pressed against a wall! Hmm," he paused for a second, this argument was already draining what little energy he had. "The position we're in right now sounds familiar." Neji gave a feral growl.

"You could always knee him." Neji went back to his pervious job of taking his frustrations out on his lover's neck. "That's a dirty trick never meant to be used from a guy to another guy!" Shikamaru cried.

That made Neji twitch.

Shikamaru realized his mistake a moment to late.

Neji slowly tipped his head up as Shikamaru stuttered apologies. "I distinctly remember you kneeing me the first time I kissed you." Neji's right eye twitched and he grinned.

Shikamaru knew he was screwed.



Shikamaru whined softly and stared at his pillow angrily. "I really don't like you." Neji cast him a side-long glance and shrugged.

"You don't have to like me. You're still my Uke and I'm still your Seme whether you like it or not." Neji leaned over the side of the bed and licked Shikamaru's cheek. "Plus, you know you love me."

". . . . Uke abuser . . ." Shikamaru mumbled tiredly.

"No one will ever believe you. You're the only one that sees this side of me." Neji chuckled darkly. "I'm suddenly up for another round."

Shikamaru groaned loudly into his pillow and an attempt to suffocate himself.

Not that Neji would let that happen.


. . . . . . . . Whee?

Luft NejiShika :squee: This is dedicated to . . . . ALL YOU NEJISHIKA FAN OUT THERE! CUZ YOU'RE THE ONLY ONES THAT REALISE NEJISHIKA MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND! :pumps fist in the air and yells my trademark 'YeA-Ah!': well, that and theshinykitty's story 'Neji Over Angsts Some More'

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