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When a relationship turns abusive. NejiShika Angst

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Title: Intermission

Summary: When a relationship turns abusive. NejiShika Angst

Warnings: Yaoi Cussing Abuse Angst

Couple: NejiShikamaru

Written By: Shino (AKA Demonluvr or Bitch Slap Love)

Inspired By: Lost my 'rents cell and was reading one of my other 'angsty' ficlets. Wh00t! I inspired mahself.




My head connects with the wall.

Dots dance in my vision.

Blood dribbles down my chin.

Does it ever stop?

Will it ever stop?

Does he love me?

Does he hate me?

A knee to the stomach.

More blood.

It feels like it's happening in slow motion.

Like the abuse will never stop.

It'll never stop.

I love him.

I always have.

I always will.

Until the day I die.

Lips crash against my bloodied ones.

Teeth bite into the soft flesh.

More blood.

He pulls back in time.

Blood spills from my lips again.

It stains the white carpet.

I stare at the crimson.

Why does he do this?

Why does he do this to /me/?

Another punch.

Another kick.

I've lost count.

I curl up as he continues, grows bored, and leaves.

I don't move.

He loves me.

He always apologizes.

He always helps me clean up.

He always cries and says he loves me.


That has to mean something.



Wh00t! Angstified! :does a dance: I'm feelin' better. Wh00p! Wh00p! And lookit, lookit! I didn't kill him this time! :dances again:

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT OF MY RUT AND INSPIRE ME!! :cries in frustration: I mean, I've very inspired right now but not for fics I need to update!! :growls:

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