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Random, crack, threesome, thing. If you want a good laugh come here. Or if you just wanna flame someone, come here. Just come!!! Yaoi Yuri Threesome SNS SKS ISH NH ISN KI KII SC GLN

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Chouji, Gaara, Hinata, Ino, Iruka, Itachi, Kakashi, Kiba, Naruto, Neji, Rock Lee, Sakura, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Shino - Published: 2006-10-11 - Updated: 2006-10-11 - 1015 words - Complete

This is suppost to be a 'Train Wreck' BTW

Disclaimer: Don't own them.

Title: Threesome

Summary: Random, crack, threesome, thing. If you want a good laugh come here. Or if you just wanna flame someone, come here. Just come!!! Yaoi Yuri Threesome SNS SKS ISH NH ISN KI KII SC GLN

Warnings: Yaoi Yuri Cussing Lime-ish

Couple: None Specified




Evie: Ok so me and mah friends, AKA, voices in my head, were trying to figure out a good threesome in Naruto. So the conversation went.

. . .

Evie: What three would make a good threesome?? I wonder . . .

Kaji: That's dirty.

Akira: Not anymore dirty then what you did to me last night.

Kaji: Iiette!

Evie: :didn't hear them, kinda: SasuNaru . . . Shika?


Sasuke pushed Naruto against the wall roughly and covered the protesting blonds' mouth. "Unn. . ." Naruto moaned into the kiss. He gripped Sasuke's arms tightly and they broke away so Naruto could catch his breath. "Why don't we spice it up, dobe?" "Unn," Was Narutos rather intelligent reply. At this chose time Shikamaru walked around the corner. Why? Because, one; he left something in the classroom he taught in and, two; because I said so. He surveyed the scene turned around and started to walk away. Sasuke grabbed the man's collar and pulled him close. "Would you like to join in some. . . extra curricular activities?" Sasuke licked his lips in a very un-Sasuke like fashion. Shikamaru paused, going over all the pro's and con's of joining before stating, rather blantly.

"It's troublesome."

:Situation over:

Evie: never mind that wouldn't work . . .

Lu: How 'bout ShinoKiba?

San: She said threesome fucktard.

Lu: T-T

Evie: . . Shika??


Shikamaru sighed. This was so troublesome. Shino and Kiba had invited him over. He didn't know why, but they had. He sighed again and stopped in front of the teen's door. Kiba's parents weren't home fore some reason also. There were muffled noises coming from the other side of the door and Shika seriously debated on going in or not. He had better places to be! Like . . . like . . Sleeping! Or . . . uh . . . reading. Yea, he should just turn around and leave now. Yes that's it, just turn and leave. A chill ran down his spine and he realized it was too late. The door slid open and he was yanked inside. The room was dark so he couldn't see very well but he definitely knew that his back was pressed against a wall, another body, which he noticed was Kiba by the charka flow, was pressed against his chest and Kiba's face was very close to his. He opened his mouth and before he could speak something pressed against his open mouth and he felt something wet slid past his lips and into his oral mouth. It doesn't take a genius like Shikamaru to realize that Kiba was frenching him but he was still shocked. He slowly reacted to the kiss though and he felt something move against his middle section. Kiba growled softly and Shikamaru recognized another semi-familiar charka flow. It was Shino. Kiba abandoned Shikamaru's mouth and alternated between nips and kisses along his jaw line. Shikamaru suppressed a moan. This was truly very troublesome.

:Situation over:

Evie: :drool: Okay, so that works. Now who???

Z: How 'bout some Yuri action? InoSakuHina

Brian: But, wha'd about Neji?

Evie: Hmmm? Let's see.


"Ah. . ah!" Hinata raised her hands to cover her mouth. She watched through half-lidded eyes as two bodies continued their assault. "Dòozo . . ." She gasped, her face a brilliant scarlet. "Shi . . ." a head of pink hair looked up from around Hinata's navel, "Do you really want us to stop? Hmm? Hinata-koi?" (o.O O.O O.o) "S- S- Sakura-chan, dòozo, shi. Dóo -" a blond cut her off. She busied the girls' mouth and Sakura continued her slow torcher. Suddenly the door burst open. "Hinata!" Hinata gasped and tried to hide her face from her relative. Neji bitched for a few minuets, grabbed Hinata and dragged her away. The two remaining girls looked at the door for a moment before jumping at each other starting another all-out grope-fest.

:Situation over:

Evie: Nope didn't work all that well.

Chez: How 'bout ItaSasuNaru?

K: That would be censored because it was to bloody, violent and sexy.

Argo: :lights a cigarette:

Evie: K is right ya know, that would be sexy though . . . Maybe KakaIru . . . Ita?

K: Eww, no. Itachi would kill poor Iruka.

Argo: :continues smoking:

Chez: :nods: Here's one Chou-

K and Argo: NO!

Evie: But ShikaChou is kawaii! Plus I lurv Chouji! He's freakin' sweet!

Chez: :ignores: Fine! GaaraLeeNeji!

K and Argo and Chez: :shudder: no . . .

Evie: Hmmm . . .


Gaara skimmed his hands up and down Lee's sides causing him to shudder. "G- Gaara-kun . . ." Gaara paused momentarily then started trailing butterfly kisses down the teens exposed chest. Lee's hips bucked slightly and Gaara rested his hand's the Lee's hips to keep them in place. "None of that." He nipped at the lightly tanned skin making Lee moan softly yet again. Neji, who was standing a few yards away, was aware of everything going on between the two and it made his blood boil. Lee was his, damnit! He stalked out from behind his tree and growled lowly in his throat. Gaara regarded the intruder with cold eyes. "Leave." Was all he said but was answered with another growl. Gaara stood, leaving the poor boy hot and bothered. "Leave." "I won't. Lee is mine!" Neji clenched and unclenched his fists. "Pft." Gaara flicked his gaze to Lee and a silent message passed between them. "Neji-kun is my best rival :heart:" (I drew a pic of that.) then a cat-fight broke out. But I won't say between whom.

:Situation over:

Evie: I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

The end???

I was bored so this is what happens when I'm bored, so, neh.

O.o Gaara is OOC but, neh. o.O

Will someone request a one-shot or something?? Please??

:shot multiple times:poked by a stick:kicked:shot some more:

Still on . . . hiatus???

(PS this is really old ;-;)
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