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day fifteen

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a bunch of friends haveing fun while partying in scotland

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September 15, 2006. Day 15
Dear Diary,
Wow I can't believe it's been over two weeks already. Time really does fly. Well we are still in Scotland so, yeah. Brent has a major hangover. It's gross, like every five minutes you hear this gaggin noise. Well we've seen the brent video like 58746979 times since it is so hilarious. I don't think Brent knows what happened yet, and I don't think he ever will. I think I' saying well too much. oh well. Today taylor and I went and walked around wherever we are staying right now. We talked about you know the normal stuff. Like ryan, shaant, and how jeff has actually stopped stalking us as much. I think ryan is going to buy us all laptop's soon. It's so hetic with all of us wanting to go, especially when tom is basically on the floor begging to get on. Although taylor has been glued to her new sidekick. Anyway's shaant and I went out and got a coffee earlier. It was nice just to be able to get away and talk for a while, without the rest of the guys. He said that on sunday he had a special surprise for me. I can't wait. I think we're going to go ring shopping soon. Taylor and Ryan still haven't decided when to get married, they need to hurry up on that. Also taylor and I hung with omar today, we had a blast. We jumped from one bedin the hotel to another it was all fun until Taylor fell. We started cracking up. Of course after that who shows up? Jeff! I mean gosh she's fine jeesh. Today was pretty exhausting so I'm going to go lie down with shaant for a while.

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