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Simple and Clean

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Sora desperately tries his hardest to reach Riku before it's too late. Through his falters he must push harder... --(slight yaoi)--

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-this is my first story and i'm sorry if it comes out incomplete at first. hope you enjoy :)-


"Riku!" Sora yelled out into the abyss. It was the final obstacle. The final stand off. The end of the story.

"Riku! RIKU!!" He continued hollering. In return, his distant echo faded off into dead silence. His heart raced and he bolted forward. Flashes of memories when he was with Riku purged his mind.

'It's Riku! Riku's here!' He cried on his knees, grasping Riku's hand.

'You share it with the one you love and your destinies become intertwined.' Riku exclaimed to Sora while holding out a papou fruit. Sora simply turned and laughed quietly.

Suddenly, turning back around, it was different. The island view behind him became black and Riku's image became consumed by a massive wave and Sora was flung back from him. He tried to swim against the current but was beaten back. Everything went dark and he emerged through the sky, free falling head first. He opened his eyes and felt confused and bewildered. He couldn't see color, but only in black and white.

'I've been having these weird thoughts lately...

Like, is any of this for real?

Or not?'

He fell through the earth and busted into a large glass platform. He landed on the ground amongst the shards and got up slowly to his hands and knees.


He cried out. Tears streamed down his face and he pushed himself on his feet. In the distance he spotted a large door hanging ajar. Despite his exhaustion he ran towards it ever hopeful that he'd find who he was looking for. As he reached the door, he could see a cloaked figure lurking in the darkness on the other side. The figured turned and smiled at him.

'Together we can do it.'

Sora clenched his fist and tried to pull the door open. A hand reached out and grasped Sora's gently. He stopped and looked up. There standing on the other side was Riku. Sora smiled brightly and tears rolled down his cheeks. "Riku!"

'Take care of her.'

Riku spoke as if it were pulled right out of Sora's memory. Sora's eyes widened and he held Riku's hand tightly. No matter how badly he wished and hoped Riku would stay, it was heartbreaking to watch as Riku's image faded. His hand dissolved off of Sora's and this process moved up his arms and legs and the rest of his body. He smiled at Sora and mouthed something. Sora couldn't hear him. He struggled against the particles then finally gave up. He stood there helplessly, watching Riku vanish before his very own eyes. The door began to close on its own and Sora's eyes never tore off Riku. "RIKU! Please, don't go!" He cried out again. Sora watched until the very end.

Riku's smile and his sincere eyes. Then, the door was shut and Riku was gone. Sora seeped to the floor, clinging to the handle of the door. His eyes were worn with tears and his body was weak and fragile. He pounded his fist on the door in a rage and yelled out in desperation. "I can't lose you! Not again, not ever!" He fell silent and stared at the ground. His body was limp and his mind was consumed. He thought back on what Riku was trying to say to him. The words seemed to linger in his subconscious to him but he couldn't conceive them let alone cram another word in his crowded mind. He grabbed his head and slumped over between his knees. His heart pounded and was ready to bound out of his chest. Frustrated and alone, he lurched forward and let out a grunt of pain as he rose to his feet.

"I know what you said! Riku.. I'm not afraid either!!"

Through the blackness around, his home island grew into view. Riku stood knee high in the water, his back to him. He turned and held out his hand. A gentle smile appeared on his face and he waited for Sora. Sora hesitated, feeling as if he had relived this moment over and over again before. He remembered Riku always was consumed by darkness and he was swept away before he could reach him. Riku motioned him to come close and simply waited, the smile never lessening. Sora took a step forward then picked up his pace to a jog, then full out running. He could see the wave roaring up towards them and he ran as fast as he could. He was so close he could feel the warmth emitted being emitted from Riku's fingertips.

The wave hit and Sora felt a blast lay hard on him. Again everything went black. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked up. He suddenly felt as if he were dreaming of a forbidden dream, a dream he was never meant to wake up from. He felt something in his hand and as soon as he came to he was shocked. Disbelief flooded his mind and he gazed at his hand clasped in Riku's who held tight and dripped with water. He smiled and helped Sora to his feet. Sora's eyes swelled up and he launched into Riku's arms. Riku wrapped his arms around and squeezed gently, securing him. Sora knew somehow it couldn't be a dream. He started to fall to his knees but Riku caught him and eased him down. Exhausted, worn, and finally contempt he let out a sigh of relief. He was afraid to rest however. He was afraid if he closed his eyes he would awake to darkness and Riku wouldn't be there. He did his best to put aside this feeling for now and concentrate on only Riku who laid him down on the warm dry sand and sat by his side smiling down at him.

Sora's hand reached up and his fingertips slid down Riku's cheek and chin. As his eyes closed he could see the final ending of his story coming into place like a million puzzle pieces finding their way to coexist. Slowly, his eyes close more and the more he fought against it, the more Riku's image calmed him. Riku's face moved closer. Sora could feel his warm breath and the tips of his hair brushing over his face lightly. He tried to speak but the words wouldn't come out. He was incapable but somehow it didn't matter to neither of them. It was just perfect the way it was. So he decided to rest. He could tell by Riku's look he would be there. He knew when he awoke Riku would be sitting right there by his side. He drifted off now, the last image of Riku he could see his eyes gazing into his and he could feel their lips barely touching. A tumbling ocean in the background became calmer and a sky rich with deep yellow, orange, and red became darker.

Then, silence...

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