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Take The Risk

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Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. Courage is not a lack of fear; it's acting in spite of it.

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Saw II
"Cameron, I think she seriously meant 'don't touch it'."
The girl in question looked at the vibrant red paint on her fingertips. She scrunched her nose in a look of disgust, before dropping her hand to her side and sighing loudly.
"Why is it," Cameron asked slowly, "that someone tells you there are over a billion stars in the sky, you believe them, but when someone tells you the paint's wet, you have to touch it?"
A snort of laughter came from beside her. "Cameron, it's always good to think about what you've done, but it's even better to think about what you're going to do."
A coy smile spread across her lips as she faced the newly painted wall. "I wonder what would happen if..." she trailed off, putting her hand flat against the wall. When she removed her hand, there was a nice handprint. Her handprint. Underneath her hand print, she wrote her name.
It was once she stepped back to admire her handiwork, did she get caught in the act. "Ms. Mackenzie! Are you defacing school property?"
"Oh shit," Cameron muttered under her breath.
"What was that Ms. Mackenzie?"
Knowing the teacher had heard her, Cameron slapped a hand to her mouth... the hand with the paint on it.
"Uh, Cameron?"
Cameron ignored her friend, and smiled sweetly at the teacher, taking her hand off her mouth.
"Come with me, Cameron," she said calmly, with a hint of annoyance in her voice.
Cameron looked over her shoulder at her friend with a pleading look on her face as the teacher walked away. As he shrugged, Cameron pouted at the teasing grin on his face.
She growled quietly to herself, before stalking off after her teacher.
Brent looked up from the couch and almost recoiled at the voice. Brendon looked up from the guitar he was tuning, and grinned sardonically at Brent. "I told you it wasn't a good idea to leave."
Brent hung his head in shame, and took a deep breath. "I know," he muttered quietly.
Cameron stomped into the room, angrily brushing her natural titian hair from her eyes. "You left me!" She whined, plopping herself down on the couch between Brendon and Brent. "With /her/!" she added sullenly.
They sat in a practiced silence, until what seemed like a light bulb went off in Cameron's eyes. "And/!" she breathed, her voice picking up as she got more flustered. "You didn't /tell me that I had a red handprint on my /face/!"
Brent opened his mouth to apologize, when Cameron slid down on the couch, and stared at the bass sitting against the wall angrily.
"Cam, I tried, but -"
"Hi Brendon, what're you doing?" She asked, purposely ignoring Brent as she turned to face Brendon.
"I can tell you what I'm not doing," he said, not looking up from his guitar as he plucked the A string, "I'm not going to help you avoid talking to Brent."
Unsatisfied with his answer, Cameron huffed, and turned to face the wall again. "I just wanted to know how you were doing," she muttered quietly.
"Cameron, could you come here for a minute please?"
Cameron looked up at the stairs, and willed them to collapse so she didn't have to go and see her mother. Subtly - but she had noticed it - Brendon nudged her with the body of the guitar.
Sighing heavily, she stood up, and sauntered to the stairs. "I'm afraid I've fallen and I can't come up!" she called up to her mother.
"Well I'll come down then -"
"No!" Cameron interrupted quickly, "I'm coming; I'm coming."
A snort of laughter came from behind her, and she turned to glare at Brent. "You always give in so easily!"
She stomped up the stairs with pseudo anger; that is until she stubbed her toe and let out a string of colourful four-letter words.
"Cameron Leah Mackenzie, do I need to wash out your mouth with soap?" her mother chastised, as she met her daughter at the top of the stairs.
"No mom," she responded in a weak voice with her head down.
Changing the conversation, Mrs. Mackenzie hung a dish towel over her shoulder. "I have to be at work in about five hours, and I was going to take a small nap. Would it be too much to ask if you and the guys would mind skipping band practice today?"
Nodding her head, Cameron gave her mother a quick hug, a quick peck on her cheek, and headed back downstairs. "We'll go get some pizza or something mom, and let you have your nap."
Skipping down the steps, Cameron appeared at the landing with a smile on her face. "Let's go get some pizza you guys."
Brent stood immediately, and stretched. "Oh goodie. I was waiting for someone to say that. Now I don't have to pay."
Cameron whacked him in the shoulder with a nearby magazine. "You're not allowed to come."
At his pout, Cameron smiled. "I was kidding! Honestly I was!"
His pout didn't move from his face.
"I'll pay?" she tried.
Still no improvement.
"I'll buy you ice cream after?"
At the mention of ice cream, his face lit up, and he threw his arms in the air. His impression of Cameron's little sister was perfect to a fault. "Do you really mean it?" he squealed, throwing his arms around Cameron's shoulders, and jumping around.
"I think Heather's got some competition," she teased, unlatching Brent's arms from her neck.
Ryan stood as well, cracking his back a little. "I'm not in the mood for pizza. Let's go see a movie."
Brent scrunched his nose, the rumble of his stomach answering for him. Before Brent and Ryan could start a small argument, Spencer jumped in. "There's that theatre that sells like hotdogs or something."
Spencer looked at Cameron for help, but all Cameron did was scrunch her nose. They may be at her house, in her city, but this was news to her. "There is? Oh ew!"
"It's that huge theatre you have," Brendon put his two cents in, placing his guitar against the corner of the room.
Her brow furrowed in consideration, before it dawned on her. "Oh you mean the Cineplex! That place is expensive though. It's like five bucks for a small bag of popcorn."
"We could see that Saw II movie," Ryan suggested.
Scrunching her nose again, Cameron sighed. "It's in the south end. Come on guys, let's go."
Normally, Cameron would've invited some of her other friends to come with her, but because the guys were with her, she didn't want any of the others to come. Just before they had hit it big, Cameron had moved to Ontario, Canada, in a little city called Barrie. The guys were visiting her - the first time in over six months - and she didn't want anyone interrupting her alone time with them.
She got in her mom's 2006 blue Nissan, and the guys got in the back - Ryan up front with her. "Are you sure your mom won't need this car to get to work?" Ryan asked, buckling his seatbelt.
Cameron shook her head. "My dad should be home in an hour or two, and then she can take his car."
Satisfied with the answer, Cameron turned on the car, and backed out of her driveway. It was animated in the car, with the boys in the back flailing around and motioning what happened in the past months, as Cameron tried hard to keep her eyes on the road.
Looking in the rearview mirror, Cameron looked at Brendon. He was facing Spencer, and laughing at something that was said. A mischievous smile adorned her face as she quirked an eyebrow. "You know Brendon, I know at last fifteen girls who want to 'sex you up'."
That stopped all conversation in the backseat. Ryan snickered in the front seat, but that only made Cameron smile cynically. "They think you're a hot piece of ass, Mr. Ross."
From the backseat, Brendon's face lit up as he burst out laughing. Cameron smiled to herself as she contently listened to Ryan and Brendon bickering back and forth, with Spencer and Brent looking out the windows dully.
"We're here!" Cameron announced, breaking the silence that had overcome the car once Ryan and Brendon had stopped bickering.
The car beeped and the lights flashed as Cameron locked the doors. They approached the over-sized and over-priced theatre, and Cameron glanced up at the sign that read all the movies and their times for the week.
"It plays in forty-five minutes," Brendon mused, standing beside her.
"You think you can handle sitting in a theatre lobby for that long?" she teased.
"I spent six months with those guys," he said, thrusting his thumb over his shoulder at Brent, Spencer and Ryan. "I think I can handle a few teenage girls."
Scoffing lightly, she looked at the other three as they passed her and Brendon. "Ryan's adorable! I wouldn't mind spending six months with him."
"Spend six months with him, and I dare you to have the same opinion."
Linking arms with the singer, she grinned. "I scare off over half of the female population at my school. I think I can help even out the male to female ratio in /there/."
Brendon laughed. "I'm surprised you haven't been arrested yet for verbal assault."
"I save all my witty intelligence for you, dearest."
Grinning, Brendon took a step forward. "Onward to the over-priced theatre from hell!"
As soon as the two entered the theatre, Cameron already knew she'd have to do some crowd control. It was like someone had frozen time; Brent, Spencer and Ryan being the only ones alive still. They stood in the middle of the lobby, looking around as if they were going to recoil under everyone's stare.
Guys held their girlfriend's closer, and the girlfriends almost fainting.
"So," Cameron asked quietly. "Do you think I'll get mobbed?"
"Act like you don't see them," Brendon replied quietly, "and there's a chance they'll stop staring."
Holding her head high, Cameron dropped Brendon's arm, and marched towards the other three. As she passed them, she hissed to them to get moving, without stopping once.
She gave the person a big grin. "Five for Saw II please."
With their tickets in hand, the five of them moved to a small table in the corner of the room, and sat down.
"Will they come over here?" Cameron asked, eyeing all the girls who looked too timid to approach them.
Spencer laughed. "I'm not too sure Cam. You look down right lethal right now!"
Not understanding why everyone was subtly telling her that she was a hard-ass, she frowned at Spencer. "I can't believe you just complimented me!" she sniffed. "I need to return the favour!"
Waving at the timid females, she smiled sweetly. "It's Panic! At The Disco!" She called out.
The lobby was quiet, as everyone's brains registered what Cameron had yelled. A lot of people - not as many as Cameron had expected - approached their table.
"Do they carry around sharpies!?" Cameron asked, watching as at least twenty of the people pulled out some colour of a permanent marker.
Brent snorted, and Cameron watched in amazement as all four of them put on smiles, and held their hands out for the things their fans wanted them to sign. Cameron still hadn't grown accustomed to the guys' fame, and it was still registering that this would happen every time they went out somewhere.
They spent thirty minutes talking to random people who walked up. After a while, Cameron was starting to get pissed off. The guys looked a little tired, but not pissed off like her.
A young looking girl was about to approach them, when Cameron shot up, grabbing Ryan's and Spencer's hands as she did. "It's movie time!" She announced. "We are /leaving/!"
A slightly disappointed look adorned the girl's face as Cameron passed her, dragging Ryan and Spencer behind her. "Oh," she hissed, passing the girl, and giving her a bored expression, "like you had a chance with any of them."
They arrived up the small set of stairs, and waited behind the short line of people who were waiting for their tickets to be checked. Ryan had a small pout on her face. "Cam, I don't think that was very nice."
"She was going to hit on you," she muttered.
Ryan gave her a small smile. "I would've been just as nice to her as I am to you."
Cameron pouted. "That's not fair! You're very nice to me. Nice equals cute in Barrie. She is not allowed to think you're cute!"
The ticket holder, seeing the scene unfold downstairs just moments before, nodded his head to an invisible beat. "You guys look pretty worn out. You're theatre is on the left."
Cameron smiled. "Thanks."
Normally the ticket holder was obligated to say which theatre they would be going in, but Cameron was grateful he didn't. She didn't want any fans following them in. Actually, they didn't normally do this, but there was an usher standing in front of their theatre.
"Manager says I have to stand here to make sure we don't have to do any riot control." It was meant as a joke, but Cameron was sure they might have to do that if someone wasn't standing here.
The five of them nodded their hands, and walked into the theatre. "Your hands hurt yet?" Cameron asked, looking at the four of them.
"We're used to signing more stuff," Brendon said, shaking his head, "so, no."
"Well well Brendon, are you getting an /ego/?"
Ryan laughed. "I bet you'll keep him in check."
Cameron snorted, and puffed out her chest. "Brendon," she started, "you have no talent. You're ugly as hell, and I can't stand talking to you."
Brendon winced, and Cameron pouted. "I'm sorry. You're extremely talented, sexy as hell, and I love talking to you."
He smiled coyly.
"You've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, and a better fuck. I wouldn't mind exchanging body heat with you in the passenger seat."
Even in the dim lighting of the theatre, Cameron could see a little blush appear on his cheeks. They chose seats near the middle, and they sat in the very middle of the row. "I shotgun sitting beside Ryan!" Cameron yelled, throwing her arm in the air.
"You can only shotgun when you're going in a car."
"No you can't!" Cameron said, putting her hand on her hip, and glaring at Brent.
"Can too!"
"Can not!"
Ryan reached out, and grabbed Cameron's elbow. "Brent, don't act so childish."
Sitting beside Ryan, Cameron stuck her tongue out. "Yeah Brent."
"Don't even get me started on /you/, Cameron," Ryan said.
Cameron pulled her tongue back into her mouth, just as Brent laughed. He was about to sit down, when Brendon moved him to the side. "I want to watch this movie. You two aren't sitting beside each other."
Brent was about to say something, when the lights dimmed. "Can't talk now Brent," Cameron taunted, settling closer to Ryan after receiving Brent's glare.
As the previews started, no one seemed to notice the girl who was slowly inching herself closer to Spencer's side.
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