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From The Desk of a Moocow

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A lot of things about FicWad, mainly this section have started to annoy me. I don't want to start naming things, but it has gotten so under my skin that it has turned to disappointment. I have been here for three years now and have seen the growth of this section from 10 stories to 200+. I have made friends and enemies and have created and shared stories with hundreds of members. I fell in love with fan-fiction.

Today, I am writing this to simply say, I am completely finished with, not writing, but fan-fiction.

I too have grown from All We Have to Endless Diamond Sky and lately, I've just lost all inspiration. My thoughts are elsewhere as I slowly start to end my high school career and begin my journey into the real world.

Unfortunately, I have "retired" before, and left my stories and account up. Instead, this time, I will slowly start saving stories to my computer and jump drive then deleting them. After all of this is finished, I will delete my account.

I fell in love with this site, and the FOB section, but I strongly feel that now is the time to move on before I learn to resent it, then hate it.

I hope you all continue to write on, even if you had no idea who 'moocow' was. I love all that have supported me all these years, and I love even the ones who didn't. Those who have no become my friends in real life, you know who you are, I know we will continue to develop our connections. To everybody else:

Moocow out.

PS: For those of you who don't get it; I quit. I'm not coming back.
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