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A poem i had to right for a school project and thought it was good, it's about the book Night so if you don't want to read a poem about the Haulocost(???) then that's fine....PLEASE REVIEW!!!!

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One, beaten, like a dog that has just jumped on to some one.

The force of the lashes should have broken bones with their over
powering feirceness.

The pain was unbearable, but I didn't utter a single cry.

Six, seven, eight, The whip whistled as it flew through the air towards my back.

The pain stopped coming after the first lash hit my back.

Fourteen, Fifteen, the seconds waddle by slower than ever in my life.

All I could here were the numbers counting till they ended.

Never shedding a tear, never looking up, never wanting more than to escape the hatred of this place.

Eighteen, nineteen, darkness surounding me, not letting me escape.

Twenty, twenty-one, it envelopes me, taking all my senses with it.

I wake up in the same place, senses comig back to me.

The pain was gone, the fear and hatred not yet subsideing.

My father and others gathered around me staring at me from above.

Blacked out from pain that I could not feel, I got right back up and went on with my life.

it describes a part of the book that i read and had to do a project on.....please review
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