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Four young people, Arya, James, Dameon, and Cassandra didn't see it coming. The elements have always been attracted to them, but they didnt expect this. The sixth silver singer has come to them as...

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Walking outside the dark woods was her favorite pastime. Also not many ventured near it, so it gave her privacy, and plenty of time to think of how to reach the young ones, and plan on how to convince them to help rescue her love. Hoping, praying to the gods that they would be able to save him, and the kingdom of the Elements.
There was a story behind the love of her life being stuck in a dungeon somewhere, waiting to be rescued, along with the other five silver singers. She herself was the sixth silver singer, hut the prince of darkness (her love) had rescued her, and taken her place, as an act of love and engagement. The Lord Marcolo had taken them prisoner, wanting to take over the kingdom, and making everyone his slaves, and learning from them how to become forever young. She would not let that happen. No she would not. "Now how am I to find these young teens, this kingdom is large, it may take time. I don't have much time, if I find them in the next fortnight, then maybe I will be able to travel and find the other singers, in maybe two months time." she thought to herself. She sighed then decided to head back to her home, in the village, have something to eat, and then ask advice from the moon goddess.
After her meal, she headed for the temple, hoping for a connection to the goddess, seeking the advice she needed. Kneeling down she took off her necklace and placed it upon the alter. Muttering a blessing, she asked for guidance, and answers to her questions. "Goddess, send me an answer, where are these young ones who I have dreamed of, do they know of there powers, will they help me," she asked the goddess, praying for an answer. Then all of a sudden, a blue light shone so bright she fell back, covering her eyes, and she heard a voice, saying "The red city is where you are to look, start there, and teach them, Dameon is the leader of them. They will help, for yours, and the others sake." And then as suddenly as it had came, the light and the voice were gone. It must have been a connection to the goddess herself. Suddenly she had a new confidence, she would find them. I, Persaya, the first of the six silver singers will save the Prince of Darkness, and, the other five singers, and the four element workers will be their saviors.
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