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Chapter 13: Meeting New People

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Chapter 13: Meeting New People

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 Chapter 13: Meeting New People
"Hullo?" Link called out at the palace foyer. "Anyone home?"
Mega Man looked around with wide-eyed curiosity. The walls were painted in a rich pale gold. The introductory walkway was carpeted with a lush velvet tapestry, lined with ornate gold lame markings. The floor itself was a sapphire-blue painted stone that looked as smooth as ice. Several statues stood at attention as they paced down the carpet, depicting brave knights, perhaps those who died in service. The walkway led them into a grand hall, decorated with even more statues and peculiar gray cauldrons situated before the entrance stairs. The humanness of it was astonishing.
"Come on, let's go up," Link said.
"This is amazing," Mega Man said as he spun around, trying to take it all in. The crystal chandelier at the ceiling caught his eye and he cranked his neck to study it. "It's so vast and uncluttered. There's so much aestheticism."
"Thanks... I think." Link worried if Mega Man was going to run into something while looking at the ceiling.
They pounded up the stairs and into the middle of a second floor corridor, decorated with the same walls and floor covering.
"Link!" a voice came from down the hall.
A woman with pretty blond hair and a blue and white dress came running down at them, her skirt picked up to avoid tripping. She collided with Link in a great big hug.
"Oh, it's so good to see you."
Link returned the hug. "Same with you, Princess."
She pulled back, with her hands still on Link's shoulders. "You're safe and sound. How goes the quest."
"I found them."
Zelda raised her eyebrow. "You found them already?" she said in a less delicate voice.
Link reached in the knapsack and pulled out the three pendants. "All here, safe and sound." He handed them to her.
"Wow, that was fast."
"I know. Surprised me too."
"They're not fakes, are they?"
"No, I doubt it. I'll tell you about it later."
Zelda put the medallions in a pouch in her dress. "I'll have to keep these safe before we can have the vault overhauled."
"You haven't found the culprit yet?"
Zelda hung her head. "No, not quite. We have some suspicions though. We know it was an inside job."
"I was just about to say that. It's someone inside the castle. Someone who had access to the vault and someone who has connections with the thieves guild. Other than that I don't know who it could be."
"I might now, but I'll tell you later."
"Well, we don't need to worry now." Link turned to his side. "This is..." Link looked and saw Mega Man inspecting a potted plant. "This is Mega Man."
"What?" Mega Man suddenly jumped up upon hearing his name. "Oh, sorry." He came over and took Princess Zelda's hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you," he said as he shook.
Zelda liked this gesture. She was used to having her hand kissed and bowed down before. This was being treated as a normal person.
"Likewise," she said as she felt the coldness of his skin through her glove. "Are you..."
"This is the man of metal with the arm of light, apparently," Link added.
"Ah, I see. You must have been a great help to Link."
"I tried my best, though your customs and ways have me confused sometimes."
Link added. "He's from another world, as well. Somewhere way beyond Hylian territory."
"Oh, I see, well, you certainly know your manners for being from another world."
"I'm used to dealing with foreign dignitaries wishing to congratulate me on my achievements. Even though such praise is not necessary."
"And who is this?" Zelda let go of Mega Man's hand to look at the short fellow wearing a tunic and hat like Link's. "Who's this little guy?"
"Ah, Princess..." Link started to warn.
Zelda took the hat off and found a wiggly green face looking up at her.
"EEEK!" she shrieked as she stumbled back about ten feet. "What is that?"
"He's... Buzzy," Link sighed. "Don't worry. He only attacks when threatened."
"He attacks? He can't be here in the palace!"
"It's all right," Mega Man said. "I'll vouch for his character."
Character? Link thought.
"Well, if you say so... I was wondering where your hat went, Link," Zelda said as she replaced it atop his head.
"I knew it, I knew it!" someone coming from around the corner said. The Seer scuffled out down the hallway as fast as his little legs could carry him. "Aha, yes, yes, here he is. Yes, the man of metal. Oh, yes. Most exciting." The wizened little man came toe-to-toe with Mega Man, looking him right in the eye. Mega Man leaned back in surprise. The Seer ran his hand up and down Mega Man's arm. "Yesss, yesss."
"Hey, hey, I don't think that's appropriate," Mega Man said.
"How did you know he was here?" Zelda said.
"I'm a Seer. Of course I knew he was here. Yes, you are from another world, aren't you," he said as he tapped Mega Man's head. "I have many questions to ask you."
"And I have many to ask you. It's essential that I get back to my world as soon as possible."
"Ahh, perhaps we can help each other then. Yes, yes, always a good thing when both sides win." The Seer put a hand on Mega Man's back and started leading him down the hall.
"Hold it a second," Link said. The two stopped in their tracks. Link pulled out the cloth from his knapsack. "I need you to tell me whether this is authentic or not. I don't think it is, but just in case. It's not a priority though. Just get him home," he said as he looked up at Mega Man. He smiled warmly.
The Seer adjusted his spectacles and looked at the fabric Link was holding out. For once in his life he was speechless. The others could practically see question marks coming out of his head.
"What th'?" He promptly took it. "This will require investigation. Much intriguement. Thank you, Link. I'll do as you say. Yes, yes. Come, come, there is much to discuss. The discussion... there will be... much... of..."
Zelda turned back to Link. "Listen, Link, I think that-" she stopped, looking around the hall for any occupants that might overhear her. "I think the culprit might be Advisor Noktwor."
"Nok-" he stopped himself before he said it aloud. "Really?"
"I haven't been able to gather the evidence yet, but he's my number one suspect. What's more, he told me I should stop investigating if I knew what was good for me."
"He did what?" Link said in a low voice and instinctively grabbed the hilt of his sword.
"He said I was delving into things better left undelved."
Link gritted his teeth angrily. Nothing irked him more than someone who betrayed his trust. And even more irksome were those who put threats on others' life. The unmitigated gall of Noktwor was through the roof.
"We can't let it worry us, though," Zelda said kindly. "The pendants are back. That's the important thing. Dinner will be served shortly," Zelda grabbed Link by the hand. "Come on, I want you to tell me all about your adventures."
Link relaxed a bit as he let Zelda's hand lead her around the palace.

Link dug into his steak of tartare like there was no tomorrow. He had been living on dry bread and apples for much of his quest, and though it was a nice change from palace food, there was no comparison. The meat was juicy and tender and the garlic mashed potatoes next to it were to die for. Zelda watched with amusement, as this was Link's ritual whenever he came back from an outing.
The table was made of a deep cherry hardwood and had a beautiful flamboyant candelabra as its centerpiece. The back wall had a tapestry overhang with the royal insignia etched on it, behind where the king sat. Two doors were carved out in this wall as well, one for each side. Mega Man rested idly at his place opposite Link, with a steaming slab of meat in front of him, watching the other patrons and members of the royal family. Zelda sat with her father, the king, who wore his place in the world well. He was quite fat and his green robe did little to hide it. His great white beard emphasized his size. He seemed quite kind though.
"Why, Mr. Man, is there something wrong with your steak?" he asked as he sipped from a goblet of wine.
Mega Man responded, "I'm sure there isn't. I simply don't eat."
"Why, Romani steak is one of the finest meals Hyrule has to offer. Please you must at least try the mashed potatoes. They've been picked from the royal garden just today."
"I appreciate the offer, but I can't eat this. I wasn't designed to eat."
"I see." The king clapped his hands loudly twice, summoning a servant. "Have the kitchen prepare this boy a plate of steamed vegetables. Apparently, he has a sensitive stomach and can't eat hearty food."
The servant bowed and left straight away.
Mega Man started, "Uh, actually, I meant-"
"So Mr. Man, do all the people from your island have such interesting dietary habits?"
"Uh, well, not all-"
"It must be quite warlike over there, if you need to wear such tough armor all the time. The monsters must be terrifying."
"Well, we don't have-"
"I say, I should like to open up talks with the people from your land. If we can find a solid trade route I believe it would be a windfall to both our countries. When you get back can you ask your emissaries to send some representatives over here?"
"Uh, I don't think that'll be possible. I'm not sure how I got here myself."
The king laughed uproariously. "You don't know how you got here? How humorous. Tell me, what would you say your biggest economic boon is?"
"Robotics? What are those? A sort of farming method?"
"Well, robots are used for farming, but they're used for much more than that. They're also used for garbage collecting, construction, defense, teaching, law-keeping, medical needs, accounting, emergency relief-"
"That's all nice. How many rupees would a robotic cost perhaps?"
"Rupees? I don't know what the conversion rate is."
"You don't use rupees as currency? What on earth could be as valuable as rupees?"
"Ah, father," Zelda interrupted, "Maybe all the details of Mega Man's origins are better left for... for when their emissaries get here." She wanted to avoid as many weird questions as possible, in fear that it might expose Mega Man to danger.
"Nonsense, daughter. Now would you say your government would prefer a bilateral reciprocal agreement or a regional trade assignment with tariff barriers. I'm personally open to both."
"Uh, even if trade were possible, I don't think I'm qualified to answer that question."
"Father, please, he's had a very rough trip, he's new here, he's not ready to discuss trade agreements. Besides, we're still rebuilding the economy since Agahnim."
The Seer chose that moment to come into the room and interrupt. He looked alert and excited as he approached the blue bomber. "Mega Man, I've found something interesting that you must see right away."
"Concerning my transport?"
"In a sense."
"Excuse me, please. I enjoyed talking to you." Mega Man said as he shoved back from the table and followed the Seer out. Silently he was thanking the Seer for getting him out of there.
"Well, they know their manners where he comes from," the king said.
"Yes, that's what I said," Zelda agreed.
Link popped the last of his steak in his mouth. "Zelda, what about the moblins?"
"The moblins?"
"Have they stopped attacking the village?"
"Reports have been scant lately. I think they might have eased off somewhat. I've only gotten one formal report of a moblin sighting in the forest. That person ran away before he could get attacked."
"Interesting. I wonder if the two were related - the pendants and the moblin attacks."
"Why would they be? They're just monsters."
Link rubbed his temple thoughtfully. "They're not monsters. At least that's not how they behaved. They had spears, they had armor, they were organized when they attacked. I wonder if they have something behind them. Some leader."
"What would that have to do with the pendants?"
"I don't know. I'm just thinking out loud." Link hoisted himself up from the table. "I think I'll retire for the rest of the night. Thank your cooks for dinner for me."
The king and Zelda nodded in acknowledgment as Link exited the room through the door on the right. The dinner room hung in silence for a while. Zelda picked at her food with her fork. The king looked up at the ceiling, pretending to study the ceiling painting.
"So..." he finally broke the silence as he looked opposite from himself. "What's your story?"
The buzzblob at the end of the table perked up its head and blinked.
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