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the interview

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ANOTHER Andy story from yours truly. Pete Wentz is in love with Amy, Andy's girlfriend. He can't get over the fact that he can't have her and will do anything to make her his. Please read and let...

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The four boys sat on the couches in the studio facing the camera and the single chair, in which Jim, the host, was seated.

Typical -- interviews, performances, photo shoots, autographs. The poor boys couldn't get a break. Jim looked up from the notecards placed in his lap and asked his next question.

"So, this question is actually for Joe, Andy, and Patrick... Do you guys ever find yourself getting jealous of not being in the spotlight of the group? Is it ever hard to see Pete with the burden of being the infamous frontman of the group?

The three boys laughed at this question -- which they surprisingly got asked all the time, despite it being pretty rude. Pete rolled his eyes and spoke up, like usual.

"We actually don't get jealous of eachother. If anything, I'm the most jealous one."

Patrick, Joe, and Andy exchanged looks, not knowing what Pete was talking about.

Jim leaned to Pete "you have mostly all the fame as well as the talent and money, what could they possibly have that you dont?"

Pete laughed and smiled "Something I'm jealous of? Patrick's roommate and Andy's girlfriend for one." He let out a giggle.

The room was awkwardly silent and Patrick let out a sigh and shook his head.

"Dude... that wasn't cool, not in an interview man." Patrick muttered under his breath.

Jim looked confused and continued to go on "Wait a minute! Patrick's room mate and Andy's girlfriend?"

Andy spoke up "Yeah, its the same person. Amy. She's my girlfriend, but she lives with Patrick. Her and Patrick have been best friends since they were really little and since she has a teaching job in Chicago, she lives with him instead of leaving her job and moving to Milwaukee with me. Pete is absolutely in love with her, and doesn't know the meaning of the word subtle when it comes to expressing his feelings about Amy."

Pete started to look angry "Yeah... isn't that messed up? I knew her longer too, and she chose Andy over me. I've been in love with her for 5 years now, and they've only known eachother for 4 years."

Patrick hit him "Cool it, seriously. Let's change the subject."

Pete pushed Patricks hand away. "All I'm saying is that I'm incredibly in love with her. So much so that if Andy would leave Amy to me in his will, I would murder him myself right now."

Andy laughed "Shes not an object and that would never happen." He playfully hit Pete on the back of the head.

Jim shook his head "This girl is basically amazing and totally in with Fall Out Boy. Let me get this straight -- Patick and her are best friends and actually live together. Shes Andy's girlfriend. And Petes in love with her? INCREDIBLE. Joe, do you have uhh any connection with this girl?"

Joe looked up "yeah uh... we got drunk and had sex a few times."

Andy (non-playfully) punched Joe's arm as hard as he could and Joe winced in pain.
At that same moment faint voice from the back behind Jim and the cameramen screamed out


Joe smiled "Yeah, I'm totally kidding. I just think shes a cool chick."

Jim turned around to face the petite blonde sitting in the chair next to Fall Out Boy's manager.

"I'm guessing you're Amazing Amy?"

Amy laughed "yeah, I'm sorry to ruin the interview... I tried holding in my words during the talk about me, I really did. But Joe and I never had sex. I just realllly felt the need to defend myself for that one."

Joe stuck his tongue out at Amy and she shook her fist at him.

She was really a cute girl and it was easily understood what the hype around her was all about. She was tiny with normal blonde hair. She had a great style, but nothing too punky or outrageous. It was hard to believe that her and Andy fell for eachother. They appeared to be so different.

After the interview was over the boys got up and so did Amy. Jim walked over to her and shook her hand while she smiled and formally introduced herself. She was very friend and very polite. She skipped over to Andy and wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him.

"Ooh baby, that was an interesting interview, wasn't it? I feel like such a celebrity now." She giggled.

He kissed her again and said to her, still with his arms wrapped around her lower back. "Yeah, I swear to god I could have killed Pete when he said that. I'm so sorry, I try not to make you involved. You know how Pete and how crazy he is about you. Its weird and a little creepy."

They walked out of the room, arms wrapped around eachother. They were happy together. It was probably the healthiest relationship either of them, or anyone else in Fall Out Boy had ever seen or been in. They were meant for eachother.

Back on the bus, Amy was at the front making some food while Pete came into the kitchen.

"Hey... I'm sorry about the interview if it made you uncomfortable. I just was joking around, I didn't think itd esculate."

She smiled at him "hey, no worries." and scooted passed him to the back on the bus where she cuddled next to Andy.

Pete watched them, feeling both sadness and anger as he witnessed Andy kissing Amy on top of the head and whispering to her how much he loved her. He was jealous, probably more jealous than anyone would ever know.

He sat at the kitchen table and stared at his hands, while thinking of how things all started between him and Amy...


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