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Chapter 1

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Hello georgous!!,she said softly as she lays next to her wonderful boyfriend pete
"good morning sunshine" he replied....

They layed there for a while in silence staring at each others faces...Then were interupted by a loud banging on his apartment door.
It was petes best friend Kyle

He got up and yelled "hang on" then got dressed quickly then went down stairs to answer the door!

" Hey buddy whats going on", pete said
"sorry bud didnt mean to wake you up", kyle said laughing...

"so what are you doing today?" asked Kyle
"Oh not much just hanging around i guess... LoLa is upstaires getting ready.."
"So are you two going out yet or just banging evey night?" kyle asked...

" Well i dont know we want to but what about jessica i dont know what i am gonna do with that phsyco freak"
" haha yeah i know but hey do you wanna hang out tonight??" kyle asded
" yeah i do let me go and get ready then i will cann you..." pete said
"Alright buddy i will see yeah in a little while" pete said... then he turned aroung and went upstaires and jumped in bed with LoLa....
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