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Of Pirates and Piss-ups

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Ollie and Logan arrive at Leeds Festival, how does Ollie cope being in such close proximity to Pete?

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A/N Thank you for being so patient, I know I've taken a while but this was a hard one to write. It's a filler chapter so don't get mad with me! The pace is going to really pick up in the next chapter but until then this will have to do. Link is significant or at least she will be in the future, just in case you're all thinking that she's random. Please review and let me know what you think. XX

We were literally minutes away from being there; I could see the lines of cars ahead being directed into parking spaces by the Festivals helpers.

"So....err....kind of important but where are we actually staying? I'd rather not be in Brown Camp, a million miles away from the stages and goings on." I looked at Logan expectantly but he turned away, his pale eyes shifty.

"Logan?" I questioned suspiciously.

"Well you see, since we didn't get early entry I had to get someone to save us a pitch. There's no way I'm staying in anything but Yellow Camp; preferably Yellow Bubble."

"Well that's a good thing isn't it?" I asked him confused, "I mean if someone's saving us a spot then that's good."

"Well yes it is, but the thing is....."

"O no." I said interrupting him, realisation suddenly dawning. "Please tell me you didn't?"

"I'm sorry Ollie but I had to. Mike's not coming this year so he couldn't help us, and Kara's staying in Red Camp with her new man and his lot. So that only really left me one other option...."

I dropped my head into my hands dramatically.

"Not Allie!" I groaned, "Please tell me it's not her!"

Logan remained silent and I groaned again.

"But she's a complete pothead! I thought we agreed last year that we weren't ever going to camp next to people that smoked weed day and night again! I swear to god I still haven't got all that shit out my system and I didn't even smoke any of it!"

Logan rolled his eyes at me as we pulled into a parking space.

"Don't be so dramatic. For all you know she might have given up pot and turned into a devout Christian. Besides if I remember rightly, last year we also planned to get early entry and set up our own badass camp in Yellow bubble before anyone else got there."

I turned away feeling a stab of guilt rush through me; Logan was right, I had said that. God, Logan must think I'm being such a selfish bitch; I've been so consumed with my own problems that I didn't even spare a thought for my best friend.

"I'm really sorry Logan." I said sincerely, "I've been being unfair, especially to you."

Logan switched off the engine and turned to regard me with a puzzled look in his eyes.

"You don't have to apologise to me Ollie, that wasn't why I brought you here. I'm not trying to make you feel guilty or remind you of past promises; I brought you here because I think it's where you need to be."

Reaching over to me he grabbed hold of my shoulders and gave me a gentle shake, almost as if trying to shake some sense in to me.

"You didn't see it Ollie, you wouldn't of, but after you came back from LA you were a different person. It was as if someone had lit a new fire in you, the fire that used to be there before Riley snuffed it out. But then suddenly, for no apparent reason it was as if this new sadness had settled over you, and you were right back where you started."

I looked at Logan in surprise, he'd noticed that? I always thought I was so good at keeping my feelings hidden.......


3 months earlier

Walking downstairs from my flat I followed the muffled sound of drumming as it echoed round the lobby.

The ticket desk was empty, the popcorn machine now turned off and all the films had long since finished for the night.

I walked up to the large double doors and checked that they were locked, pulling the shutters down as I did so. Logan had said that he would lock up after the stragglers, but I always liked to check, just to be sure.

Still following the sound of the drums I wandered up the main corridor passing by the doors that lead off to screens 1 - 4. I instead headed for the large, blacked out double doors at the end of the corridor that I knew lead to the stage and arena.

Gently opening one of the doors I slipped inside shutting the door behind me with a soft click.

The room was pitch black except for a small spot light that had been trained towards the back of the centre of the stage. It lit up a shinning drum set that had been raised up slightly on its platform. A figure was sat down on the small stool and was beating out a slow, sad rhythm on the drum, their face was hidden by shadow but I knew who it was.

"Hello Ollie"

I smiled as Link greeted me without looking up, her rhythm changed slightly and she gently tapped out a steady beat on the cymbal.

"Damn I was hoping to catch you off guard." I said watching her.

"There's no getting past me Ollie, you should know that by now." She replied, a wry smile on her face.

I walked forwards past the many rows of seating, past the dance floor/pit and up the stairs onto the stage. Link continued to play her gentle, slow beat; she seemed to be averting her gaze slightly, as if unwilling to meet my eyes. I knew immediately that something was wrong.

"Link?" I questioned, "What's going on?"

I padded quietly across the shiny wooden stage stopping by Link's side. Reaching out a hand I stilled the drumsticks in her hands forcing her to look at me.

She sighed deeply and nervously pushed her shaggy, black fringe out of her eyes. Swivelling her chair round she turned to face me, a conflicted look on her tanned, freckled face.

"I can't do it Ollie." She said shaking her head, her large, dark eyes wild and frantic. Getting up from the stool she walked around the drum set and started to pace up and down the stage.

I watched her in amusement, though sudden this dramatic burst of emotion was not uncommon for Link. Usually Link was a shy, quiet spectator; the thoughtful artistic ever watchful one. However she had a fierce temper that when unleashed was truly spectacular; she didn't get wound up often but when she did it tended to come out as a sudden rush of thoughts and feelings. I knew this because I had known someone else who would have reacted exactly the same.

Sitting down on the edge of the stage I waited for her to finish pacing. A few moments later she sat down beside me, her head in her hands again.

"Is this about the gig?" I asked her. I knew it was but I knew she wouldn't like it if I presumed to know what she was feeling. I'd watched Links practices for the past few weeks and as the time for the actual performance had gotten closer I had noticed how uneasy she had become. Her eyes had lost that spark, her posture was always tense, her singing sometimes strained.

Link was not a natural born leader. I knew she didn't like fronting the band, but she had been given no choice in the matter.

"Of course it's about the gig." She said quietly, "It's been all about the gig for the past few weeks."

I let her carry on; Link didn't very often open up so this was a rare moment of honesty on her part.

"I'm not made for centre stage Ollie. I know you see it too; I'm not the only one who thinks so. I'm a drummer, not a singer. I never wanted to sing in the band."

I was surprised by Links lack of faith; it was a fact that she was an amazing drummer, but her voice was beautiful. She must be truly terrified about this performance to suddenly start doubting herself this much.

"So you don't like being the centre of attention, so what? When you're on form Link you command the stage, you become this fiery, stunning songstress. It's just nerves you know that." I felt odd giving Link a pep talk; it was usually the other way around.

"What if I mess up?" she questioned her voice getting strained again, "What if I let the whole band down? What if they hate us?"

She looked up her large amber eyes filled with fear, biting her lip she stood up again, her face suddenly white with terror at the prospect of the approaching concert.

"Look Link," I said firmly, "You can do this, it's not a big deal. Infact most of the people in the audience are going to be friends and family."

"I know you're lying to me," she said relaxing slightly, "But even so I do feel a little better."

She gave me a small smile and rejoined me on the edge of the stage. Shoving her hands deep in to her thick jumper she turned to me, a thoughtful look on her face.

"I think it's just bottled up feelings you know?"

I nodded in reply. I don't think I really did a great deal except listen but it seemed to of helped.

"I do know that I can do it, it's just our first big gig. I don't want to be the one who lets the team down. I feel like sometimes I can't be the one who freaks out because then it'll set the rest of the band off."

I smiled; it was true; Link hardly ever got wound up and only ever did with good reason.

"I think you'll be just fine." I said patting her on the arm.

"Just fine?" She repeated with a cheeky grin, "Let's hope we're a lot better than 'just fine'!"

I laughed as she fixed me with a mocked hurt look, dipping her head and sticking out her bottom lip in a pout.

"Okay, how about ace, wicked and totally fan-bloody-tastic then?" I asked as she broke into a grin again.

"Much better!" She replied whilst standing up. Taking my hand she pulled me up aswel both of our shoes squeaking loudly on the gleaming floor. Leaving me to brush myself off Link walked over to the side of the stage and turned off the spot light that had been trained on the Drum set. Picking up her sticks, bag and a random magazine she walked back over to me.

Throwing her bag over her shoulder she handed me the mag to hold whilst she shoved her sticks inside it.

"Wentz finds new love after heartbreaking split"

The words leapt out at me and I stopped dead in my tracks. Pete's handsome, familiar face was staring back at me from the cover of Kerrang! Magazine, his face was expertly made up and blemish free but it was still the same guy I'd met 3 months ago.

"Are you alright?" Link asked me as she came to a stop by my side. I looked up sharply almost forgetting that she was there. All I could suddenly think about was Pete; our meeting all of a sudden seemed like yesterday, our kiss now burned on my lips.

"Ollie?" Link questioned again.

"Yeah I'm fine," I replied absentmindedly. "Have you read this?" I said motioning to the magazine in my hand.

"Yeah I have. You can have it if you want." She said her eyebrows raised in obvious confusion.

"Can I?" I asked trying to keep the desperation out of my voice.

"Sure" She nodded nonchalantly, "You coming?" she asked motioning to the door.

"Nah I'm just going to check this place over, I'll see you tomorrow for practise okay?" I said already walking off to the back of the stage. I heard Link mutter something in reply but didn't register what she said; I was too absorbed with the magazine in my hands, too lost in the past.

Sitting on an old speaker I flipped through the magazine until I found the small article and began to read.

"Kerrang! Magazine can exclusively reveal that Fall out Boy bassist and front man, Pete Wentz has finally found love again after his heartbreaking split with girlfriend Amy Harding.

A source close to the band has said that Wentz has been pining for his new love interest whilst touring the US and is reportedly "Head over heels in love". Fellow band mate and friend Patrick Stump refused to comment when questioned at a concert in Florida earlier this week."

I stared blankly at the page, a strange burning sensation in my chest. It shouldn't have mattered that Pete was in a new relationship but for some reason it did. It mattered a lot, a lot more than I wanted it too.

I put the magazine down quickly as I felt a stab of jealously rush through me; I'm not a jealous person usually but the thought of someone being with Pete made me sick to my stomach. He was different; he deserved someone who understood him, who was on the same wave length as him. Someone like me......

Shaking my head, now angry at myself I got up leaving the magazine discarded on the floor. What was I thinking? I met him for what? Half and hour? He probably doesn't even remember me and here I am thinking we're what? Soul mates?

Laughing out loud at the idea I gave the stage a quick once over before walking down the steps, up the aisle and out the blacked out doors. Locking them behind me I wandered down the corridor and back into the lobby desperately trying to put all thoughts of Pete Wentz behind me.


Present Day

I'm not an idiot, I mean I am a bloke so I tend to stay well away from all the "Girl stuff" as Ollie likes to call it but even so I'd have to be a complete fool not to see that Ollie clearly feels something for this guy.

When she came back from LA and told me about her "meeting" with Pete I thought at first she was kidding. It was hard at first to think of the guy as human, sounds weird I know but I think we put musicians up on a platform; it makes them untouchable, invincible even. The idea that Ollie met this guy in a normal setting after he had just been dumped seemed absurd for some reason.

Obviously I believe her now, her behaviour speaks for itself. I know that she didn't tell me everything that was said between them, I know that to feel this much for someone you only met for half an hour you'd of had to put a lot of yourself on show.

What it all boils down to is that I want Ollie to be happy. She's spent the past 2 years mourning the loss of someone who treated her like crap, who hurt her time after time and then cheated on her.

She doesn't know that I know about Riley's cheating. She didn't mention it so I didn't either. It was one of those things where I had to weight up both sides of the argument. Do I tell Ollie that her fiancé is a twat and risk her resenting me for it or do I choose the easy option and keep my mouth shut thus keeping our friendship intact. It was selfish of me but I picked the latter of the two choices.

So I guess its clear now why I can easily forgive a little deception on Ollie's part regarding her encounter with Pete. We all of us keep secrets for our own reasons; it's choosing when to share them that's the problem.


Getting out of the car it seemed as if I wasn't the only one lost in thought. Logan's face was creased in concentration, deep lines marring his pale face making him look drawn out and exhausted.

I probably had something to do with that though; Logan's been so good and I've taken him for granted really, no wonder he looks shattered. His earlier comment surprised me; "I brought you here because I think it's where you need to be." I never knew he was so perceptive.

"So is Allie meeting us somewhere?" I questioned breaking the silence.

"O right yeah," Logan said jolting out of his reverie as he opened the boot of the car, "I'm supposed to ring her so she can give me directions, good job you reminded me!"

Getting out his phone Logan dialled Allie's number and waited for her to pick up. I walked round to the boot and began to shove everything from the backseat into my walking bag. Gathering up the tent and other supplies I managed to compact it all into 3 big bags. Hearing Logan laugh I turned to listen to his conversation with Allie.

"Yeah, yeah the journey was fine." He turned and winked at me and I grinned in return.

"No she's here too. Yep we're all packed up now; just about to set off."

I heard Allie's excited chattering over the line and my body tensed as I remembered the many times last year that her voice had made me want to garrotte her in some way. It was a cross between a loud squeal and a nasally whine. It really was quite amazing that such a small pixie looking person could produce such a noise.

"Yep okay that's great; we'll look out for the pirate flag. See you in about half an hour. Bye"

I looked at Logan expectantly as he rang off and put his phone back in his pocket.

"Apparently they're right at the entrance to Yellow bubble camp in, I quote "A totally wicked ace spot!""

I burst out laughing as Logan mimicked Allie even incorporating her jerking hand movements and her girlish hair flicking. I'd forgotten about that; whenever I got annoyed last year Logan would do his impression of her and it would make me laugh every time.

Still laughing I picked up my bag and shut the boot. Logan walked over and locked the car; it would probably get broken into anyway, cars always did at Leeds but there was nothing of value in there so it wasn't such a big deal. Picking up his bag and the other smaller one we set off, walking carefully over the rough grassy car park.


After flashing our tickets at the main gate we entered the Festival grounds. I looked around my feelings once again conflicted. I could see the main stage from here, Pete was probably there already getting set up and doing sound checks. It was an odd thought that we were so close to each other again, not intentionally I hasten to add.

I wasn't given time to dwell though as Logan grabbed my hand and dragged me through the growing crowds of people shoving to get a prime spot to pitch their tents.

By the time we'd reached the long tarmac road that ran through the centre of the festival I felt thoroughly knackered and drained. The crowds were unforgiving, everyone set on one single goal, get a good pitch at any cost! Seriously I didn't remember it being this crazy last year.

Stopping for a moment to catch my breath I looked around fondly. The heady scent of mud and beer already lingered in the breeze and a faint thumping beat from the rave tent vibrated softly underfoot. White tents were everywhere, some containing bars, others banks and even one that housed a small supermarket. Up ahead I could see the sloping path that would lead us to Yellow camp and to my far right I could see the metal gates that protected the entrance to the stages and general main area of the festival.

"Come on Ol," Logan said nudging me, "We're nearly there!"

He beamed at me all previous weariness gone. I grabbed his hand again and allowed myself to be lead through the crowds once more.


"O. My. God!"

I cringed as I heard the familiar squeal and heard Logan wince as Allie launched herself at him arms spread wide.

We'd just arrived at the newly christened Pirate Camp; the large skull and cross bones flag flapped gently in the soft breeze and dumped our bags in the small camp fire area in the middle of a circle of tents.

I let go of Logan's arm quickly as he staggered backwards nearly falling as Allie wrapped her arms around him and bounced up and down.

"I'm so happy that you guys are camping with us again this year!" She said excitedly, "It's going to be so much fun!"

Logan untangled himself from Allie's snake like grasp and smiled indulgently at her.

"Thanks for saving us a spot," I said, "You really helped us out."

Allie turned as if just noticing my presence, let out another high pitched squeal and repeated the hugging procedure. I patted her awkwardly on the back as she squeezed the breathe out of me.

"It's totally not a problem! It's just so great that you guys are here!" She said as she finally let go of me.

"Your pitch is just over there." She said pointing to a spot in the corner of the small campsite she had created. It was plenty big enough for the small tent Logan and I had brought with us.

"Anyways, the guys have just gone to stock up on beer, I said I'd meet them at the Carling tent so I'll let you set up and see you both later round the campfire okay?"

Logan and I both nodded relieved that we could set up in peace.

"That's fine, see you later." I said with a wave.

Allie waved back and ran off, leaping over the guy ropes as she went. After she was well out of earshot I turned to Logan who was standing still massaging his temples.

"You know what?" I said walking up to him and patting him on the shoulder, "I really missed her."

Logan snorted with laughter at my sarcasm; looking up at me he shook his head.

"You won't find this so funny after 3 days of her." He said wiping the smile off of my face. Smirking at my now horrified expression he wandered jauntily over to our bags and located the tent and started setting up.


To be fair, letting Ollie get pissed probably wasn't one of my best ideas.

"I really love you Logan," She slurred, her large hazel eyes dilated, her iris's huge. Wobbling over to me she held out her arms for a hug then promptly tripped over a guy rope with an indignant squeak.

"I know you do," I said rushing to catch her, "Steady on Ol or you'll pass out before the real festivities start." It was only half past 5 and Ollie already seemed about ready to pass out. I really should'nt have let her start drinking at 10 o' clock this morning; i should have known she'd turn into a morose drunk.

Clinging on to her now limp form I dragged her over to a chair and plonked her in. Allie and her stoner friends were sitting round the campfire with equally glazed looks on their faces and a distinct smell of weed on their breath. They glanced over briefly as I stood for a moment catching my breath but quickly turned back to the fire as another spliff was passed around.

"Bloody stoners," I muttered to myself whilst bending down to Ollie's level, "You with me?" I asked. She nodded drunkenly and began to wiggle in the chair.

"What are you doing now?" I asked with a sigh.

"I need to talk to him." She said firmly only slurring the last bit, hoisting herself out of the chair she wobbled dangerously. I arched an eyebrow in surprise.

"You actually want to find him now?" I said in disbelief, "After all that hassle you gave me in the car and before, you decide now that you want to see him?"

"Only to tell him how much of a fucker he is," she declared whilst struggling with her coat. I watched amused as she tried desperately to find her other arm and ended up going round and round in circles. Taking pity on her I got up and pulled her thin linen coat on for her.

It was when she was like this that I regretted our only friends rule. Well it wasn't a rule per se more of an unspoken agreement. Only when she was drunk was Ollie so open about her feelings. I almost envied Pete in that respect; sometimes I wished that I could provoke such a passionate response from her....but it would never happen.

"I don't think that would help Ol," I said softly watching as her expression darkened. She carried on her rant though ignoring me entirely.

"It's not fair," She said throwing her hands up in the air in frustration, "I can't stop thinking about him; I see him everyday, in the paper or on the TV. He's like an infection I can't get rid of...." She trailed off a desperately sad look in her dark eyes.

I walked over to her and enveloped her in a hug. She sighed and relaxed into my embrace. Sitting down on the chair I pulled her into my lap and watched her until she passed out in to a deep sleep.

Her long auburn curls were in a tangled mass over her eyes, her brow furrowed making her look much older than her 25 years. I had to do something to help her. I had to know if Pete was suffering as much as Ollie was and if so do something about it. Tomorrow I would put my plan into action, tomorrow things were going to change, I'd make sure of it.
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