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A different nekoken

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Garbage. Complete and total crapfic. What if Genma decided to teach Ranma a completely different nekoken...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma 1/2


Ranma looked at the family before him. "I'm Saotome Ranma, sorry about this."

The entire family was staring at the panda behind him. He should have known that the curses would get their attention. At least he was dry thanks to the cloak and umbrella he had decided to forever carry after China.

The short haired girl was the first to speak, "Why is there a Panda with you?"

"Thats my Pops."

The family stared at him not unbelievingly.

"Get me some hot water and I'll tell ya what's goin on."

The oldest looking girl left, allowing some of the tension in his body to leave with her.

As they finished getting comfortable at the table, she came back with a kettle. Thanking her he wet the panda returning it to its proper form. The Tendous looked like they were about to faint.


"So you got cursed in China so that cold water changes you to a panda and warm back again," the girl named Nabiki told herself. The look of mischiefness on her face was making his insides squirm, but his iron self control kept himself in check.

"Do you turn into a Panda as well Ranma?" The oldest asked him.

"I am so ashamed of my failure of a son!" His pops bawled out, tears running down his face. He started to sweat at the looks of curiosity on the faces of the Tendous.

He turned to see a cup of water about to hit him, thrown by the youngest. His fear jumped, his insides felt like ice and he couldn't be sure that he hadn't pissed himself. As he felt the extra weight on his chest, his last memory was of himself screaming.


Akane's eyes boggled as the boy changed into a girl and screamed. Then a evil looking smile crossed her/his face, and Ranma ran out of the room and house.

"We must follow him and stop him," the boys father shouted out.

They were quickly on his trail, following the sounds of the screams. When they found Ranma, they froze.

"Don't run away little boy, you can stick it wear you want, even my pooper."

The female Ranma was stripping a little 11 year boy, trying to grab onto his privates while his friends looked on in shock.

Akane saw red. "PERVERT!!!" Her mallet crashed into the girl so hard that it created a crater under her.


Nabiki was so in shock, that she was absolutely speachless for the first time in her life.

Her father wasn't, "You tried to teach Ranma the dreaded Shotacat-ken technique Genma? Why did you not choose something less risky, like the dreaded neko-ken?"

"But it was supposed to be the best," the man whined. "The scroll said that after mastering it, the user would be able to evade and defeat all opponents to his wants."

Nabiki found her voice. "And the name Shotacat-ken didn't warn you of what might happen?"

"It was fine before China, he was man enough to control his fears of women after I put him in a pit of shotaphile women repeatedly. Being a weak women though, he can't control himself. When he's like that he needs more little boys! I don't know how I can take him to face his mother!" Saotome started bawling uncontrollably.

Nabiki sighed as Akane malletted the old man. She did not want to deal with this...


This piece of garbage is not meant to be taken seriously. The idea to have Ranma learn the pedobear-ken was put up at the Fanfiction Forum. Then someone posted a pic of the shotacat... This crap popped into my head and I give it to you so I'm not the only one tortured by it.

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