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[A crossover between FF7 and FF10.] Cloud searches for his friends while running through trials with Reno and the crew of FFX. Tidus must find Auron in order to restoy Sin to his original place and...

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Humor - Characters: Barret Wallace, Cait Sith, Cid Highwind, Cloud Strife, Elena, Red XIII, Reno, Rude, Rufus Shinra, Tifa Lockhart, Tseng, Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi, Other - Warnings: [!!] [?] [V] - Chapters: 3 - Published: 2006-10-17 - Updated: 2006-10-19 - 933 words



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