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Last Chap.: Edward didn't object, mostly because he barely had the strength to move, and didn't complain, either. He'd already passed out by the time Roy had carried him down the steps in front o...

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Curse the Rain
Chapter 3 - "Prey"

Roy stood in the hallway outside of Edward's room, leaning back against the wall with his arms crossed. He looked at the door when it opened, straitening when the doctor walked out of the room. He heard Edward coughing and winced at the pitiful sound, then asked, "What's wrong with him?"

The doctor sighed. "Well, it's nothing too serious, he'll live, but this isn't just a twenty-four hour thing. It could take a week, maybe even longer, to get over. The most we can do before it gets too bad is give him an injection." he said, giving the matter serious thought. "That should bring down his fever, but there's a good chance it could have a few side effects."

"What kind of side effects?" Roy asked, frowning-he really didn't like the direction this was going in.

"Nothing too serious," the doctor reassured, "He might feel nauseated, maybe alittle delusional, but that's probably it."

Roy glanced into Ed's room again when the boy started coughing. No matter what he did, it was just going to get worse before it got better. Roy sighed. "Well, I don't know whether he'll like it or not, but I guess he's getting a shot." he said, nodding to the doctor before walking into the room.

Roy quietly sat down in a chair beside Edward's bed and stared at him. He had regained consciousness just a few minutes ago, but was still too tired to move and didn't, except for the occasional coughing fit that shook his whole body. Roy put his head in his hands, resting his elbows on his knees as he smiled fondly at Edward.

"You know, you're more trouble than you're worth."

"Atleast I'm not a useless jerk." Ed mumbled, holding his head-it hurt like hell. He cracked open his eyes, glaring at Roy. "I don't want a shot."

"Too bad, you're getting one." Roy said, glaring back at him. "You're sick and you're not going to get better without the right treatment."

"Yeah, right." Ed succeeded in sitting up and leaned back against the wall, clamping a hand over his mouth when he started coughing again. He felt weak, but managed a glare when the doctor walked in, needle in hand. "Get away from me." he demanded.

The doctor smiled. "Oh, it won't even hurt." he said, reaching for Edward's flesh arm.

"Get away from me." Edward repeated, forming a fist.

Roy frowned, his eyes narrowing. "Edward, don't-"

It was too late. Edward's right fist connected with the doctor's face, before he could do anything about it, and the doctor slumped to the floor, clutching his face. Roy jumped to his feet and Edward laid back down on the bed, turning his back to them-he had, apparently, gotten some strength back. Roy glared at him and asked, "What did you do that for?!"

"I told you, I don't want a shot."

The doctor stood after a few minutes and waved his hand, wiping the blood off his face with a handkerchief. "It's all right, it's all right, just a broken nose..." He paused, staring at something white in his hand. "And a missing tooth." he added, then smiled at Roy. "Happens all the time. But, uh, hold him down for me."

Edward tensed and started to sit up, but Roy grabbed his left arm and pinned him down on his stomach so he couldn't move. Ed struggled to get away as they pushed up the sleeve of his shirt, then finally just gave up and pressed his face into the mattress when he felt a small prick on his arm. He waited until the doctor removed the needle, then jerked his arm away and smacked Roy, curling into a ball around his arm.

Roy glared at him, rubbing his shoulder. "That wasn't necessary." he muttered, standing and following the doctor out into the hall.

The doctor sighed and glanced into the room at Edward. "Well, that should do it," he said, lightly touching his nose and wincing. "But, maybe we should keep him here tonight, just in case the injection has any different side effects or..."

Edward rolled over onto his back and stared out the door at Roy and the doctor as they talked. He could stand getting a shot, it hadn't even hurt, really, but he wasn't going to stay in the hospital over night. I can't stay here, he thought, feeling tired after he pushed himself up-it took more energy than it should have. I gotta find Al...

He sat there for a second and looked around the room, frowning when he saw the darkened window to his right. They were on the ground floor of the hospital and, Edward glanced over at Roy, he was occupied with the doctor. Edward looked over at the window, smiling as he got to his feet with effort.


Roy sighed as he watched the doctor walk down the hallway, wondering if it was really a good idea to leave Edward here for the night. He turned around and walked back into the room, expecting to see Edward lying on the bed, but was met with an empty room, instead.

He frowned, momentarily confused. "What the..." He trailed off, catching sight of the open window across the room and running over to it. "He didn't," he muttered, sticking his head out the window and looking around. He could bearly see, because it was nearly dark, but spotted Edward rounding the corner of the neighboring building and nearly fell out the window. "Damnit, Edward! Get back here!!"

"Colonel Mustang?"

Roy jerked back, startled, banging his head against the window and wincing. He ducked out of the window and turned around, coming face to face with Riza Hawkeye. He frowned and rubbed the knot on the back of his head. "Lieutenant Hawkeye? What are you doing here?"

"I talked to Hughes and he told me you'd brought Edward to the hospital." She paused and glanced around the room, shooting Roy an inquiring glare. "Where is Edward?"

Roy angrily waved his hand at the window. "He climbed out the window." he said, walking out of the room. "You can help me look for him."

Riza frowned and followed after him, figuring he'd need her help anyway. "Sir, making sure Edward was alright isn't the only reason I came by," she said, trying to keep up with Roy's quick pace. "I thought you ought to know, Scar's been spotted somewhere in this area."

Roy stopped, looking back at Riza. "He has?" She nodded and he cursed, running down the hall. /I hope we find him before Scar does, /Roy thought, pushing open the hospital door and running in the direction Edward had gone.


Edward gasped for breath, clutching his stomach as he slumped back against the brick wall. He hadn't even gotten very far, but he was already too tired to stand anymore and he closed his eyes, trying to even out his breathing, completely unaware that someone was watching him.

Wicked purple eyes practically laughed at the pathetic sight in the alley below and the youth crouching on the side of the building smirked, muttering, "Looks like I found a little lost lamb." He tilted his head to the side and a white spark rushed over his body, changing it.

"Finally, something to play with." His voice was deeper, now, as he stood, smirking as he nudged a button on the edge on the wall with his foot. He jumped from the side of the building, landing on his feet as the building wall exploded.

~ t s u d z u k u ~
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