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SPD. Two students disrupt a Friday morning Chemistry class at New Tech University.

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The lecture hall was softly murmuring under the instruction of the professor. No one wanted to be present for class on a Friday morning, much less one so near the coming of winter weather. It was the perfect time to be sleeping, in preparation for a fun day of adventuring about campus or doing something outdoors. The students of New Tech University who were so unfortunate as to have a Friday morning class grumbled as the professor lectured on.

"The various orbital groups you'll want to keep in mind are S, P, D, and F. Pay particular attention to S, P, D-"

A sudden uproar of laughter erupted from the front left of the room, and a hundred students, along with one instructor, turned to look. Two boys, almost too young to be in college, were sitting at their desks, laughing loudly. One, a heavy boy with unkempt blondish hair and clad in a gray uniform, was giggling madly. The other, a darker-haired young man wearing black gloves and a green t-shirt, offered an obnoxious "ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!"

The professor murmured a few swears and the words "dual enrollment" before continuing with his lecture.
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