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I am Nothing

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A self examination of who I am

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-10-18 - Updated: 2006-10-18 - 226 words - Complete

I am the man who protects the weak and helps those in need
I am the boy who laughs and giggles with every misdeed.
I am the gentleman who holds the door and gives a smile
I am the fiend whose glair would scar a crocodile.
I am the hero saves the day by facing the monster
I am the cowered who runs to hide in the nearest corner.
I am the winner who always wears a smile and dances in the rain
I am the loser whose heart is filled with sorrow and feels only pain.
I am the nice guy who is always calm and can never lose control
I am the animal who destroys all he touches and has no soul.
I am the genius who could build a plane
I am the moron who is totally insane.
I am the god who can achieve anything
I am the devil who accomplishes nothing.
I am the romantic who believes in true love
I am the bastard who curses the very stars above.
I am the uncle who makes you smile
I am the boogieman, vicious and vile.
I am the legend whose existence is infinite
I am the mortal whose lifetime is finite.
I am the person who is everything to my family
I am the spec who is nothing to the galaxy.
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