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Love is a fickle thing. It ends quietly (Slash Spec/Dutchy)

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Its like Rain on your wedding day
It's a free ride when you've already paid
it's the good advice that you just didn't take
And who would have thought it figures

"Hey." Specs said, looking at Dutchy his accents softened by shame of the city, wanting to be more then he was.

"Hey." Dutchy's accent was still full throttle, pride in each misshapen vowel and long constant.

"I just wanted to say." Specs started looking into Dutchy's clear blue eyes, what happened they weren't innocent any more when had that happened? When had Dutchy lost the innocence?

"Wha?" Dutchy asked looking up at him, his eye begging for the words "I love you, had to tell you before I go."

"I... I" Come on Specs, tell him, tell him you love him tell him. "I'm going and not coming back."

"Nevah?" Dutchy asked his voice catching in his throat. "Not evah?"

"No." Specs said "Nevah." His accent slipped.

"Not even foah me?" Dutchy asked, begging with his lips not moving for conformation that passionate nights had not been mistakes that everything hadn't been a lie. That he wasn't pretending.

"I don't know." Specs said coldly.

"But Specs." Dutchy started.

Specs looked at him, deep brown eyes begging for love. "Yeah?" His course accent took over.

"I... I..." Dutchy bit his lip what would saying it do? Would he be any better off if Specs Knew before he got on that train to Missouri?

"Yeah Dutchy?" Specs asked hopefully.

"I hope ya meet a nice goil." Dutchy said smiling weakly. "An come back and visit me."

Disclaimer: I dun own any of it.

Author's notes: Yeah sad huh? Because love doesn't break up in big ways it breaks up because you can't say what's important, and still you want the best for them.
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