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Part Five: "I'm controlling this fucking vehicle and if you piss me off I swear to God I WILL kill everyone in it!"

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A summary wouldn't do this part justice...

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"Here you go, Hun," an old waitress said, setting a plate of "smiley face" pancakes in front of a grinning Tre'.

"Where do we go now?" Pete asked through a mouth full of egg.

Billie Joe put down his coffee and scratched his head as he stared blankly at their map. "If we stay on the 101, we'll head right into Seattle."

Mike, in a rare showing of emotion, almost dropped his coffee cup as his eyes teared up. Going to the birthplace of Starbucks was almost too much to handle.

"What do you girls think?" Billie Joe asked.

"Well, I think..." Emma started.

"To Seattle it is!" Billie interrupted happily.

Emma rolled her eyes.

Once Tre' finished his pancakes, they got back on the road.

Due to someone's stupid idea (whoever it was, let's just say they asked for it), Cheech and Tre' were spilt up as the girls and Patrick were put in Pete's car and everyone else got stuck in Mike's.

"Billie," Tre' said, poking Billie Joe's arm. "Billie, Billie, Billie."

Billie Joe gritted his teeth. "What, Tre'?"

"Are we there yet?"


Tre' waited a couple minutes, then asked again. "Are we there now?"

Billie Joe gripped the steering wheel. "Tre', I'm running on three hours of sleep. I'm controlling this fucking vehicle and if you piss me off I swear to God I WILL kill everyone in it!"

Tre' gulped.

Billie Joe forced a smile. "How 'bout playing a game?"

"Mike, do you wanna play 'name all the cows' with me?"

"Let me think... How about no!"

Tre' frowned and turned around so he could see Joe and Andy. "Do either of you want to play 'name all the cows' with me?" he asked.

Andy glanced up from his comic book, then buried his nose in it farther.

Joe, who didn't have anything to preoccupy himself, stared back at Tre' like a deer in some headlights.

Tre' perked up, "You'll play with me?"

Joe's mouth dropped open.

Mike and Billie Joe turned around and glared at Joe. "Humor him!" they demanded.

"H-how do you play?" Joe stuttered stupidly.

Tre' gave him an "are-you-very-dumb-or-what?" look. "You name all the cows you see! Duh!"


"You go first!"


" 'Er's a funny name. Ferdinand. Your turn!"

"What's the point of this?"

"It's fun! Shut up and play!"

Meanwhile, Pete's car

"Tre'," Cheech moaned.

"Batteries," Dirnt blurted with a twitch.

"Sanity!" Emma felt like screaming. Instead she leaned up to one of Patrick's headphoned ears and yelled, "Hey, Patrick!"

Patrick frowned, took off his headphones and yelled back, "What?"

"Can I barrow your laptop please?"

Patrick knitted his eyebrows together and pulled it away form her. "No! My laptop!"

Emma sat back down and pouted. "Oh well, worth a try," she thought. Suddenly she felt someone poke her in the arm. Thinking that it was Dirnt and her boredom triggered turrets, she turned; ready to defend herself from a flying arm. She was surprised to feel another poke, but it was coming from Cheech.

"Emma, are you bored?" she asked.

"Gee, what would give you that idea, Cheech? Maybe the fact that I asked Patrick for his frickin' laptop, who he, may I remind you, treats better then himself?" Emma replied sarcastically.

"Do you want to play a game?"

"No, not really. No."

"Do you want to play 'what makes Billie Joe an asshole' with me?"

Emma brightened. She was good at that game.
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