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Jack the Dragon Slayer

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Lord Gloria meets a dashing American, but their would-be date ends up being interrupted by the appearance of one angry dragon. Doctor Who crossover.

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Jack, the Dragon Slayer

/From Eroica with Love/Doctor Who /cross-over

By Sindeniirelle

Author's Notes, Warnings & Disclaimers:

This fanfiction takes place between Short Trip /and /The Trip of a Lifetime, /although it can be read on its own and has no especial relevance to either story. It features Captain Jack Harkness, a character from the 2005 Doctor Who series, and /From Eroica with Love's Dorian Red Gloria. It's really just a bit of fluff.

/From Eroica with Love /is property of Yasuko Aoike, Princess Comics, and DC Comics. /Doctor Who /is property of the BBC. No profit was made from this story.

Dorian, the Earl of Gloria hadn't been to a pub in a long time. He had been kept much too busy lately. A fortnight ago a wealthy English businessman had bought himself a Vermeer as a symbol for his wealth, then thrown a lavish party to show it off. He was an annoying man, really and the earl hadn't felt guilty in the least for relieving him of that painting, as the world famous art thief Eroica.

Then there had been the rare jewels on exhibit at the National Gallery of London-well, Eroica hadn't stolen /all /of them, just the ones that matched his eyes. Of course his accountant had a pretty fit and demanded that he fence them immediately. Dorian sighed, and brushed back the long golden curls that toppled over his shoulders.

It was the first night in the past five months when he wasn't attending a party as a Lord Gloria, or stealing rare pieces of art as the uncatchable thief, Eroica, and he was tired. He also hadn't crossed paths with the unfathomable but gorgeous Major Eberbach in weeks. Although part of him sorely missed the opportunity to flirt and annoy the staunch German officer, being constantly rejected (and violently rejected!) for the past five years was beginning to grow tiresome. He didn't know why he couldn't leave the man alone, and move on to someone else.

But he had resolved not to think about the major that night, as he ventured out to one of the many crowded London pubs. He hadn't even dressed with his usual flare-well, /alright/, the jacket had a great fur trim, and his shirt was glittering, and the black pants were skin tight, and then there were the golden bracelets, and the choker, and his thick golden curls falling down to the middle of his back.

Walking to the bar, he noticed a few of the regulars he had enjoyed friendly conversations with in the past. They smiled at him. "Oh, Lord Gloria, we haven't seen you here in a while," they called.

"I've been busy, darlings, terribly sorry," he called over his shoulder, and smiling, turned to the bar.

"Here, let me get it," the man standing behind him offered.

Dorian turned to him, golden curls sliding over his shoulders. "Oh? And who might you be?"

He was handsome, whoever he was. He was tall, had broad shoulders, thick black hair and a dashing smile, Dorian noticed with an approving glance. But he was also wearing a long grey uniform coat and cap. Military was just what he /didn't /need, at the moment.

"I'm Captain Jack Harkness. And you are? Lord Gloria, is that correct?"

"It is...oh, but please, call me Dorian," he smiled. "You're an American?"

Jack nodded. "Yep. Just passing through," he grinned. "Not a local boy."

"I can see that," Dorian said. Believe me, I would have noticed you before if you were a local boy, Mister Harkness. "And a captain, you say?"

"Well, I have my moments."

"I see..." he took a sip of his drink, light dancing in his eyes. "Well, thank you for the drink, Captain Harkness."

"Please, please, call me Jack," he exclaimed, turning and following Dorian with his eyes as the later moved towards one of the empty tables.

Dorian felt the gaze moving slowly down his figure. Spending so long in the company Major Eberbach had had him forgetting just how good it felt to be so properly appreciated. He looked back over his shoulder at the captain and smiled a coyly. "Like what you see, then?"

He rubbed his hands together and grinned. "Well, you do seem very...well proportioned," he got his own drink from the bar and joined him.

"Is that all?" Dorian teased. "And here I thought I was stunning!"

"You do have a very nice bottom."

Dorian laughed.

An hour and several drinks later, he was still laughing. "I was thinking of doing a little late-night shopping," Jack said, "Care to join me?"

They had been engaged in friendly meaningless conversations for the past hour-Dorian had mentioned his passion for collecting rare pieces of artwork, Jack had been joking with him about some of the characters he'd had to work with in the past-when a scream from outside startled them both. All of the conversations in the pub died as the screaming continued. It wasn't just one person yelling, but a cacophony of voices wailing and crying for help.

"Oh my God..." Dorian rose. "What in the world is that?"

Jack stood beside him, frowning worriedly. "Doesn't sound good, does it?"

Dorian looked at him in surprise. "You're a...captain, right? Shouldn't you be out there, uh..." Charging out there and demanding to take control of the situation, like the major?
Instead Jack just looked at him with a sort of apologetic shrug. "I guess."

Dorian tried not to feel too disappointed. They weren't the same person. If they were, then he wouldn't have spent the last hour drinking and laughing and flirting.

Outside the pub, the night-time London streets were filled with people running and screaming. "What do you suppose their running away from?" Dorian asked. "Was there an explosion?"

"I didn't hear anything," Jack said, pulling a gun from his coat. "But you can never be sure..."

Dorian gave the gun a curious look. He hated firearms, but he had seen enough of them in the major's company to know that the one Captain Jack held was suspiciously different-looking. For one thing the chambers were bright blue and /glowing/. "Is that a gun? I mean, I can see it's a gun, but-"

"Yeah, it's sonic,"


"Sure, it can function as a sonic cannon, a sonic laser..."

" all you Americans have Sonic guns, then?"

"Uh..." he laughed nervously. "Well-I do!"

"Are you /sure /you're really a captain?"

"Like I said, I'm not a local boy," he grinned, then turned to stop one of the panicked crowd. He grabbed a woman's arm. "Hey! What's going on?"

"Let go of me!" she screamed. "It's going to kill us!"

"What is?" Jack asked.

"The DRAGON!" The woman broke out of Jack's grip and joined the surging crowd that tore past them. Jack and Dorian had to stay in the doorway of the pub to avoid being trampled. "What the hell-there shouldn't be any aliens here!"

"Yeah, no kidding," Dorian muttered, giving him a strange look. "You think they're all just nutters, or what? And I thought she said dra-"

"We-ell, only one way to find out, right?"

Dorian smirked. "Indeed."


The crowd had mostly passed, and Dorian and Jack managed to slip between the stragglers, all of whom had wildly terror-stricken looks on their faces, and were running in the opposite direction. "Do you think it's the Russians?" Dorian shouted over the frantic crowd just as someone's elbow hit him sharply in the side. "Clumsy bastard," he muttered, finally catching up with Jack by shoving his way through.

"What? The Russians? Uh...." Jack had stopped running, and Dorian paused to catch his breath. The crowd had passed them by this point, and they were left facing one tall apartment building. Dorian slowly followed Jack's gaze to the top. "No, no, I really don't think it's the Russians."

There was really no way it /could /have been the Russians. The thing climbing up the side of the building was enormous, green, scaly, and winged. "Oh my God, it is a dragon," Dorian whispered.

"Yeah, where's Saint George when you need him, huh?"

"It's an honest-to-God /dragon/, Jack!"

The creature's arms were as long as lamp-posts, and they ended in great silver talons that tore through the cement and stone like they were nothing, sending whole chunks of wall crashing to the street below in a shower of thick powder. It's great leathery wings were folded against its serpentine body, and they twitched as the creature's giant head swung around to peer at them. Dorian gasped. The dragon's head was at least seven feet in length, covered in hard ridges of bone and horns covered in thick dark scales. The jaws were wide and the face long and narrow, fangs several feet wide sticking cruelly from the gaping maws as the creature roared at them. The sound was unlike anything Dorian had ever heard before in his life, and he raised his hands to his ears as the shrill high-pitched shriek tore through him.

"Damn it! This wasn't part of the con! It must've followed my ship through-ah, well-never mind!" Jack was suddenly running towards the besieged apartment.

"What?! Jack!" Dorian called after him. "What are you doing?"

"Sonic gun, remember? I'll be fi-"

A great shadow fell over them, and a terrific blood-curdling scream rippled through the air, nearly knocking Dorian off his feet. Jack grabbed his arm and pulled him forwards. Turning, he saw the monster hovering in the air directly above them, it's leathery wings filling the sky, it's long twisting neck twisting towards them. It screeched again, snapping it's enormous jaws. Dorian stared at it with wide eyes. "Jack..."

"Right. I think now would be a good time to RUN!"

They turned and found themselves face-to-face with a door. "It's locked!"

The dragon screamed behind them, swooping in closer and crashing it's horned skull against the overhang so that splinters crashed down and the entire structure shook. "Damn it!" Jack shouted, turning his gun towards the door. Which was suddenly opened. "How did you-"

Dorian grabbed his arm, "Well, come on!"

Once inside, Jack slammed the heavy doors shut again, but they trembled and dented with a horrible crunching wail. "That's not good. But, really how did you get it open?"

Dorian shook his head, "That lock was /archaic/, love. I could have opened it with a wish!" He held up a long twisted piece of wire. "Of course, this helps, too."

"What, you just carry that around with you all the time?"

He shrugged. "Well...shouldn't we be worrying about our playmate here?"

"Oh. Right. The dragon."

Dorian nodded. "The dragon."

They ran just as the wall exploded behind them. The walls and ground shook as the beast lumbered towards them, snarling. "Jack!" Dorian grabbed his arm as they skidded around a sharp corner, only to find themselves face-to-face with a solid wall. "Even I can't open this!"

"That's alright," Jack said, raising his sonic gun, "I can."

"Well hurry up!" Dorian shouted, as the dragon slammed into the opposite wall, sending long cracks through the bricks as the structure shuddered. The creature turned to face them, it's eyes glowing.

Jack raised his gun and pointed it towards the wall. There was a flash of light, and a second later, the wall wasn't there. He dragged Dorian through the opening, turned and pointed his gun back at the empty space. As Dorian watched in amazement as the wall reappeared, just as the dragon lunged for them. "How did you /do /that?"

"Sonic demoleculizer and remoleculizer," Captain Jack replied.

The wall shook and cracked before them. "Well why didn't you use it on the dragon?!"

"It's low on battery!"

"It has a battery?!"

"Well what do you think powers it?"

"So what are we going to do?"

"It might work at a close-enough range..."

The wall caved in, and the dragon's long neck darted through the falling rubble, snapping back and forth, the eyes flashing and rolling, looking for them. It lunged towards Dorian before he could move out of the way and he felt the bruising weight of one of the great claws slam into his back. He heard a cry and he wasn't certain if it was himself or Jack. But the captain threw himself onto the creature's other arm, holding on tightly and jabbing the silver barrel of the gun right into the creature's eye. It gave a howling shriek as he pulled the trigger.


Dorian blinked and opened his eyes. He was lying in the middle of a completely /ruined /room. A thick coat of dust covered everything, piles of rubble and debris were everywhere, and there was a large gaping hole through which he could clearly see the stars in the night sky. Groaning, he tried to sit up.

"Hey, take it easy," Captain Jack steadied him. "Are you alright?"

"I've been better..." he winced, shrugging his jacket off. Captain Jack lifted it in front of him, and Dorian saw it was torn to shreds.

He stared at it for several seconds, and then began laughing hysterically, before he blacked out again.


When he woke up for the second time, he was lying on a bunker somewhere, his mind swimming. His back didn't hurt any longer, at least that was a plus. Captain Jack appeared at his side. "How are you feeling?"

"Well, no more searing pain...which is a plus, I guess...I mean, except for the whole not knowing where I am or how I got there thing..."

Jack smiled. "Well, since our date was sort of ruined, I thought, why not go back to my place for drinks? You wouldn't have turned me down would you? I mean, if you had been conscious."

Dorian grinned, shaking his head and pushing himself off the cot. "No, I suppose not. So, where are we, Captain?"

"Actually. I'm staying in my-well, it's a new top-secret military vehicle."

"You're living in it?"

"Trust me, there's plenty of room. See?"

As Dorian stood he did in fact see, it /was /quite spacious.

"You weren't kidding! It's not at all like the inside of a tank," Dorian noted, seeing the spacious compartments, the large comfortable looking seats, and the truly bizarre control panel, filled with brightly illuminated switches and levers and things. It was /much /nicer than the inside of a tank.

"Oh? You know something about military vehicles then?" Captain Jack asked.

"What? Why shouldn't I?"

"I thought you said you liked art,"

"Well, I can appreciate the...the allure of the iron beauty of machines as well," Dorian replied, downing a large portion of the drink Jack handed him.

Captain Jack looked at him incredulously. "Oh /really/?"

"Really! I'll have you know, I have my own tank! A Leopard-a Leopard B-1, fully automated."

"And how'd you get one of those?" Jack asked, laughing, "Steal it from some poor sap?"

"What, are you going to have me arrested now, Captain?" Dorian teased, pushing himself out of his chair and falling into the captain's lap.

"Nah, I consider myself something of a rogue as well," Jack said.

Dorian laughed, "I thought so, you have that look about you!"

"Actually," Jack continued, taking a deep draught from his drink. "Can you keep a secret?"

"Cross my heart," Dorian grinned.

"I stole this myself, from some poor fifty-first century gal."

Dorian stared at him for a minute, and then burst out laughing, nearly dropping his drink. Jack took it from him, and he buried his face in the captain's neck, muffling his laughter, and tightened his arms around Harkness' shoulders. "Oh Jack," he said when he could talk again, "it's so /good /to finally talk to someone with a sense of humour! Smashing, really."

"Yeah," Jack murmured, resting his chin in the mass of Dorian's golden curls. "It's good to finally talk to someone who doesn't want to shoot me."

Dorian laughed again, "Tell /me /about it!"

"You're /so /smashed," Jack grinned.

"Jus' a little bit," Dorian replied, kissing his neck and jaw.

"What about some music?"

"You have a stereo in here? I thought this was supposed to be military. The major would have a coronary!"

Jack grinned, and gently lifted Dorian from his lap and walked to the control panel. Dorian watched lazily from the chair, he knew he was a little drunk, but he felt happier than he had in a long time. Jack flicked a switch and the lights dimmed, music began to fill the entire ship-ship was what Jack had called it, wasn't it? Like a space ship? Dorian began giggling softly again, until the captain turned and offered him his hand.

"Care to dance?"

He laughed, and took Jack's hand. There was just enough room to dance, between the large captain's seat, the bunks, and the flashing console full of colourful switches and knobs and things Dorian couldn't name. "So I'm guessing this is /really /top-secret then?"

"Sure is, top secret."

"Top, top secret?"

"The very highest level of secrecy there is."

"Ooh. Sounds sexy."

"That's what I thought.-oh, and don't bother trying to find it from the outside, either."

"What, is it camouflaged or something?"

"You have no idea."

They danced, and danced, /and /danced! Dorian laughed, Jack held his hands and twisting him around, drawing him tightly against him. Their feet stumbled together and Dorian pressed against the entire length of Jack's body. He felt the captain's breath tickle his ear, and the hands run down his back...

"/Very /nice bottom," Jack whispered in his ear.


Dorian fell back into the chair, laughing. "This is-this ship thing of yours is /incredible/! If the major could see this he'd be ecstatic!"

"Who exactly is this 'major,'" Jack asked, smiling and leaning in closer, "And just how jealous should I be?"

Dorian couldn't help the laugh that escaped his throat, he tried to twist away, but Jack held his arm, pressing his forehead against his. His smile was truly devastating. "You-you shouldn't be. Not at all, really."

"Really?" Captain Jack said, raising an eyebrow as his gaze moved over Dorian's body. "Now that, I find hard to believe."

"You're such a charmer," the earl smiled, and he stood, but pushed Jack back a few steps, unable to keep the grin off his face. "Are you /really /an officer?"

Captain Jack smiled, spreading his arms in a helpless shrug. "I've got the uniform, haven't I? And the hat."

"I do love the hat."

"Here," he put the cap on Dorian's head, pulling him closer. Their lips brushed, but Dorian put a hand to his chest.

"I really shouldn't."

"And you said I shouldn't be jealous," he pouted adorably.

Dorian smiled and drew his arms around Jack's neck, "Nah, I was just playing hard to get," he murmured, pulling the captain into a kiss. The kiss was long, and deep, a warmth filled Dorian that he hadn't felt in years. Jack's hands gently touched his hair, fingertips brushed the edges of his face. Muscular arms encircled him, holding him close. He felt the fabric of the coat brushing his face, half-opened his eyes.

"You know I'm just passing through here," Jack whispered. "And I can't tell you where I'm going afterwards-you wouldn't believe me if I did."

Dorian smiled. "That's perfect, love. I don't need to know where you're going, anyways," he murmured, as they settled back into the captain's chair together, Dorian sprawled comfortably overtop of him, his hands exploring beneath the heavy coat. "But if you're ever passing through London again, do let me know," he purred.


"My Lord, you seem to be in high spirits today," Bonham said the next morning in Castle Gloria, as he passed Dorian lounging on the divan, leafing through a book.

"Why whatever makes you say that, Bonham?" Dorian asked, looking up at him innocently.

"You've been smiling to yourself all morning!" the thief replied.

"Oh yes, well," Dorian said, "It just so happens I learned a few things last night. Hmm...I wonder if the major would-no, of course not, but there's no harm in asking, is there?"

"With Uncle NATO, my Lord...?" Bonham paled.

Dorian laughed. "I supposed you're right. Still....tell the boys I'm leaving this afternoon for Bonn!"


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