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The Legend of Jake: A Legacy Begins

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The beginning of what I hope will be a great story arc, a young hybrid sets out to find his brother and learn of his future.

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The Legend of Jake: A Legacy Begins

Planet Earth, Ignika City, five years ago

The Ignika hospital, which was usually packed with overdosed drug addicts, pregnant teenage girls, and more paraplegics than the Special Olympics, had a special pregnant woman. She was not a teenager, but a twenty-three year old Wormulan named Katherine Taylor. Her husband, James Taylor, was a Dragon, and his hand nearly snapped off as his wife continued to scream. He breathed fire in pain as he screamed, clutching his hand.

"Frak!" he cursed. He went inside the bathroom to mend his hand, while his wife continued to scream.

After five more minutes, Katherine let out her first child. It was a boy, with a small amount of blue hair and light blue eyes. Then, another boy came, with green hair and lemon yellow eyes.

"We'll name the first one Jacob Leonard." She motioned to the blue haired one, who had stuck its tongue out at his dad.

"The other one will be Ben Michael."

James picked up both of the boys and cradled them.

Two years later

The young Jake and Ben looked out the small peephole of the closet door as their father took out a shotgun. The door flew open and broke apart as three shadows walked in.

"James, so good to see you again." The first shadow spoke.

"I thought that you'd have been dead by now, Voltair." James spat, slowly readying his gun.

Voltair's eyes narrowed.

"Terrakor, Kali, show our friend what the Order of Magnus can truly do." The third shadow made a large hole in the ground, causing James to lose his footing. The second shadow grabbed him and slammed him on the ground hard. Voltair summoned lightning from his hands and shocked James to death.

"Tell us where your children are, and you'll live with just a small amount of your life left." Terrakor replied, smiling wickedly.

"Go dig yourself into an early grave, Terrakor. And Kali... go fly yourself into the sun." James snapped.

"You insolent wench! We give you the right to live, and you throw it in our faces! Fine, brother, if you wish to be that way, we shall not let you live." Voltair, Kali, and Terrakor summoned their power to kill him. The strength of the earth, the coldness of the wind, and the sting of lightning all killed him in a flash. The three shadows ignored his dead body, and headed toward the closet.

"What do we have here? Could it be our two favorite children?" Terrakor picked up Jake and Ben, who began to cry.

"Voltair, I believe that this runt belongs to you!" Kali threw Voltair, who disappeared in a burst of lightning. Kali and Terrakor took the Scorpion-Lion outside to their lair.

Three years later

Planet Phaeton, the prison sector

The labs of Phaeton were closed down for three reasons: pain, torture, and no pay per view. However, it didn't stop Voltair and his accomplice Shadow from using the labs.

Jake, five years old, and screaming in pain, twitched as his body relaxed to his daily injections.

"Nothing is happening! I fear we may have the wrong candidate." Shadow said. She was a woman with purple eyes and green highlights in her black hair. Voltair had pale skin and greasy yellow hair in a ponytail while his light yellow eyes glowed.

"Damn it! How will we explain this to Magnus? This time, we will surely have our heads on a silver platter!" he cried.

"Relax, we still have the other boy. If Terrakor and Kali were able to give his twin a darker side, and taint him with Dark Hyperstar, we will have our Dark Hybrid. This one is merely a... liability. We will finish him off tonight, after our daily report." Kali and Voltair walked out of the lab, unaware of the danger occurring behind. In a quick minute, the doors blew off the hinges, revealing a middle-aged man with a beard, holding a gun. He ran to Jake, unlocking the chains. The man draped his small body under his arms, running towards the window. He leaped forward, falling on the cold steel of the city. He dived for a hoverbike and zoomed off.

Jake awoke several hours later with a throbbing headache. His eyes fluttered; taking in the depth of the shack he was in. the shack was far away from the city, possibly in the swamp. He looked around and saw the man, working on a computer. He slowly crept behind the man, getting ready to creep him. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his throat and threw him across the shack. Jake looked up at the man's black eyes, which were filled with amusement. The man walked up to Jake and grabbed him by the throat.

"Want some food?" he asked, releasing his grip.

Jake hungrily ate the chicken noodle soup in his bowl. The man eyed him strangely, as though he never saw a five-year-old chug down soup so fast.

"So Jake... where should I start first? Perhaps your destiny, or maybe who I am? Well, in case you're wondering anyway, I am Antauri, the Guardian of Light!" he raised his hands in a big fashion.

"I've never heard of you." Jake stated.

"Not once? Not even in the books?" Antauri frowned as Jake shook his head.

"Anyway, it's time that you learn about who you are. You are a Dragon/Wormulan hybrid, the rarest hybrid of them all." Antauri said.

"I can't be a hybrid. I'm just... Jake." He replied.

"Well, Just Jake, let me explain. Twenty years ago, a group of elders of the elements had united under the guidance of one man named Magnus. He was wise, powerful, and knew everything there was to know. But one day, when the Order of Magnus was battling a great enemy, a shard of Dark Hyperstar struck Magnus, giving him, and the rest of us, dark powers. We were corrupted, and began to lose sight of why we joined together. Soon, several other Elemental Elders had died. I had already left by then, once again purified. There were only five Elders left then: Voltair, Elder of Lightning, Kali, Elder of Wind, Terrakor, Elder of Earth, Shadow, Elder of Darkness, and your father, James, or Pyrus as he was known by back then. He was the Elder of Fire. In a battle, I had purified him and the two of us managed to drive the Order in hiding. After three years, the Order began to kidnap children, hybrids of any race mixture to be exact."

"Why were they capturing children?" Jake asked.

"They had heard of a prophecy stating that two sons of a traitor to the Dark Ones would have the power to crush the universe. But first, they needed to give the children Dark Hyperstar injections so they would follow the orders of Magnus. I suspect that they captured you and your brother because you two are the sons of a traitor. The traitor who defeated the Order."

Jake nodded his head. Everything seemed to make sense so far. Now he just needed to know where he could find Ben.

"Your brother could possibly be with any of Magnus's followers, or Magnus himself. But either way, we first need to train you so you can face the dangers ahead. We will start in two hours."

Next time: training begins, and a sting of lightning comes from Voltair's ass!

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