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Clear Madness

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Toganou realises, for just a moment, that what he's doing is really weird.

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Based on '109th Down: Sting', where the Devil Bats play against the Scorpions - and show a touching sign of faith. XD

Disclaimer: Eyeshield 21 was not created by me and I own no part of it. The following story was written for non-profit fun, and is in no way an intended infringement on its copyright.

Clear Madness

Clarity came briefly, as he watched his friends struggle to remove smudges from their upper lips.

"/What/?" said Toganou; "What the fuck?"

"Huuh?" Juumonji looked up, bemused by the outburst. "What's your problem?"

"Why the hell are we putting on lipstick?!"

Juumonji shrugged. "Hiruma said we should. He must have a reason."

"Lipstick!" Toganou spluttered. "What kind of men are we?"

"You know what Hiruma's like. This is definitely a plan to make us win!" said Kuroki. "It doesn't matter if he takes pictures, either - he's already got better stuff to blackmail us with."


"Quit worrying! You see this kind of thing all the time in Jump: We're following our captain's orders, even if it's dangerous. That's manly!"

Toganou looked at the other Devil Bats. All of them - including the girls and the dog - were proving themselves manly, by Kuroki's definition.

"Hurry up. We have to be prepared," said Juumonji, looking at him expectantly.

Toganou realised that this was one of those 'team' things. That kind of thing had a way of sucking him in, these days. The situation didn't look so clear anymore.

He got up and rooted through his tog bag for paper and a pencil, and began to draw.

"What's that?" Juumonji asked.

"A design for our war paint," Toganou said. The three friends shared a look and nodded in satisfaction, and Juumonji started drawing the design on Kuroki with the lipstick.

When you can make that shade of pink look manly, Toganou decided, you had nothing to be ashamed of. Besides ... captain's orders.
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