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Is that all?

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Sakura is confronting sasuke about something he did to her and he answers in a surprising way. sasuxsaku

Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Sakura, Sasuke - Published: 2006-10-22 - Updated: 2006-10-22 - 506 words

Is that all? Huh?
Is that all I am to you? screamed Sakura. Sakura stood there waiting for an answer from the man she loved and who 'supposedly' loved her back, or that's what he had told her last week when they made love.

They were now both 18 and had grown into fine ninja's. Sasuke had returned after four years, after killing Orochimaru and Kabuto and was still waiting for Itachi. He had grown taller with longer hair but other than that he was still the same. The village had welcomed him back and team7 was re-united. Sakura had also grown up; she now was the top med-nin even surpassing her sensei. She was also known as the blossom of Konoha and every man lusted after her. When sasuke returned she treated him like a friend, she was a fan girl no more! They had grown closer and one night they just lost control of themselves, which led to this moment. After they had made love Sasuke had been avoiding her and would never speak to her only treat her coldly. Sakura finally managed to corner him after his training session.

'Am I nothing to you now because you've had me? , did you ever actually love me or am I just a toy to you, something you can pick up and drop when you feel like it?' But Sasuke just stood there staring at her with those mesmerizing black eyes.
'Answer me Dammit!!' She screamed, You are a liar and I should have listened to the others when they told me you were only using me, they were right! She briefly saw some emotion in his eyes but it was gone as soon as it came, so she went on because she was getting a reaction from him at least.
God, you know I trusted you but you are just like your brother! She stopped wide eyed; she never meant to say that to him, it just slipped out.
He had moved fast and pinned her to the tree behind her and spoke,
Never compare me to him or doubt my love for you!
I always have loved you and the reason I push you away is to keep you safe from my enemies until I can protect you! The other night was a mistake! I just couldn't control myself, it won't happen again, until I finish Itachi.

Sakura stayed quiet through out his little speech and watched him with wide eyes as he spoke with such passion that she new he wasn't lying.
So he did love her and was trying to protect her, it made her love grow even more.
She soon realized he had let go of her and was now holding her close to him as he whispered,' So what do you have to say now?'
She lent in and said 'sorry' and then she added just one sentence to the end of that which would make it harder for both of them.' It may have been a mistake, but I'm pregnant'
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