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Of Rainy Days and Charades

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Jake has been a street kid for as long as he could remember. But is he really just an orphan on the streets with his 'brother' Cody or does he have family out there. Werewolf Harry. Get's way bett...

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Disclaimer: Don't own anything you recognize from the Hp series. I do own the unknowns though. So hands off!

Story: Jake, London Orphan.

Authoress: AshenWolf

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Totally AU. No spoilers...well, I don't think so.

Jake, London Orphan. Chapter One: Of Rainy Days and Charades

The rain beat harshly on the innocent passersby down on the crowded streets of London. People scrambled desperately to seek shelter among the many buildings, while some tried in vain to get to their homes. Well, almost everyone was that is. The rain didn't seem to deter a group of ragged looking kids who seemed to be keeping to the shadows trying to keep out of sight just as franticly as the rain beaten citizens were. It was almost impossible to see how old they were when you tried to look through all the grime and patched up clothing they wore. Indeed, most of what they were wearing was from the trash and/ or snitched from the few clothing stores they managed to get into.

Cody, or Coyote as the rest called him because of his shaggy black hair and golden animalistic eyes, shifted his gaze from his little group to the store they were currently planning to prey on. He smirked slightly, showing pointy looking teeth, before looking down at his protégée or as many called him, Pup. Everyone called him Cody's little brother as well. It was not only because they were so similar in attitude or because they were as close as siblings, for most in the group trusted the other with their lives...or at least to a certain extent. It was because Jake, as he was dubbed, looked amazingly like Coyote in regards to looks. He had the same disheveled jet black hair long enough to cover his eyes, but his eyes could never be covered for they glowed the same eerie amber as Cody's. He was seven years old, but was adopted by Coyote when he was only about 2 years old.

Nobody knows why, but Cody one of the younger kids then, left from the group like he usually did every month only to return with extra luggage. It wasn't startling that he left, for it was common for the kids to leave for days on end before returning and nobody batted an eyelash or raised an eyebrow in question. It was a silent rule not to speak of any of the others past, unless the person openly offered to.
It was startling that the one he came home with was so young. Cody himself was only 12 at the time and the youngest of their number had been eight. They were a group of rejects, unwanted by parents or relatives. They were kids that were dumped on empty streets, escapees from the orphanage, or just plain runaways. But enough of this; let's get back to the present time and to the actual boys themselves.

Pup smirked back up at his brother knowingly. He knew what he was supposed to do. He had been doing it for a few years now. He was the youngest of the group and therefore the most innocent looking. He could cause some sort of scene to draw attention away from the others. They would then take off with as much as they could carry.

They were a small group and each had a specific task. Gary, Kevin, and Sara would scramble after the clothing racks and stacks, while Amelia, John and Matthew would go after food and medicine. Coyote and Daniel were the most proficient at pick pocketing and could do so without the victim knowing. They were the oldest and had been on the streets the longest. It could be quite easy, if they could do it right.
They let the rain clean their faces as best it could, before proceeding. They couldn't look too unacceptable could they? Cody stepped forward and turned to face them. "Okay, you ready guys?" he said in an almost excited tone. The others just looked at him and nodded. "It's just like last weeks o'er in... well, whatever city we was in. Remember, be quick about it. In and out, and that's it. Don't take your sweet time. We need not be caught unless you want to be. I for one am old enough to get in real trouble now. So we have to get it over and down with as fast as possible. Young Jake here can only do fake tears for so long." Pup smiled for in reality he could do it for quite awhile. He was pretty good at theatrics actually. Acting was one of his specialties and Cody knew it.

As Jake got up from his seat on the floor he whispered so only Cody would hear "you liar. You know I could be a star if I had the chance." He sensed Cody's chuckle more then he heard it as he walked towards the little store looking quite lost and on the verge of tears. 'That should do', he thought wryly as he began to ball all out and cry for his "Mommy!"
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