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Part Eight: "Carpal Tunnel's for sissies."

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I ripped the chapter title from a FOB story on

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Later that night

Tre' and Cheech complained of not being able to sleep away from each other, so they compromised and guess where Emma and Dirnt ended up.

"Billie, move over," Emma demanded, and kicked him.

"I don't move for Patrick beaters."



"Come on. I'm falling off the bed."

"Seriously, if I get any closer to the wall, I'll be raping this fucking alien panted on it."

"Well, can you at least stop poking me in the back?"

"Do you want me to poke lower?"

Emma kicked him again.

"What are you going to do? Punch me in the face too?"

"Believe me. I'm thinking about it."

Later, in Patrick, Joe and Andy's room

"Joe, go to bed," Patrick mumbled.

"But I've almost beat level 15."

"It's 2 in the morning. You've been playing for five hours."

"I can't sleep. The bed's too small."

"You're going to develop Carpal Tunnel."

"Carpal Tunnel's for sissies."


Joe sighed and dropped his controller. "Fine." He looked around. "Hey Patrick?"


"You wanna turn off the T.V. for me?"

Patrick groaned.
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