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Rooftops and Invitations

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Ryan is sick of all the people criticizing him and the band. One day he has enough. Cute story.NOBODY DIES! *ONE SHOT*

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Rooftops and Invitations
Panic! At the Disco
Ryan Ross/OFC
By Elena

Ryan is the shy one. The song writer. He doesn't really like getting attention but people are attracted to him. He's sick of all of the untrue stories about him and Brendon, Spencer or Jon..even Pete Wentz. He's really just a normal kid with a girlfriend. He sometimes wishes he'd disappear.

One day he had enough.

He started writing, what he thought would be his last song. He didn't want to be in Panic! At the Disco anymore. People mistaking him as things he didn't want to be mistaken for.

Hot tears streamed down his face.

His girlfriend, Kara, walked in to see him crying at his desk.

"Ryan? What happened?"

He ignored her.

Kara was a pretty brunette with green eyes. Punkish.


"Are you going to criticize me too? Go ahead. I won't care."

"I would never-"

"That's what they all say."

"Just tell me what happened.."

"Fine. Bunch of kids came up to me today and started criticizing me and making fun of me. Making fun of the band. Sickening."

She kneeled next to him. "You know they're just jealous."

Ryan looked at her. "oh really?"

"You guys are so popular...I wouldn't be surprised if they did's because they're jealous."

"They only care about looks."

" know that me and the band will love you no matter what you did." Kara said. She ran her hand through his hair. "I love matter what."

Ryan smiled. "Thanks." He said. They're lips met. "I love my life...especially because you're in it." They continued kissing.


Hope you enjoyed. Very sweet story. To tell you the truth. I wrote this because I was angry...

They are just jealous. Don't listen to them. They have no life's.


I love all of Panic!...
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