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Wine, TNG and the day off. (Aiden/Stella)

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Pairing: Aiden/Stella
Timeline: Season 1
A/N: Ahh... I blame this on my juvenile crush on Deanna Troi. How it turned itself into a CSI: NY fic, I can't explain.
A/N2: It's my first NY fic, so be gentle, okay?
Beta: Insane Vampiress ( 293946/)
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.


You'd never have pegged her as a Trekkie. The badass New Yorker, who harmlessly flirts with almost every guy she comes across and looks at every case with an impressive focus that rivals anyone else's in the lab, tapes Star Trek reruns and watches them every night when she gets home. And nothing you do can convince her to pay attention to anything else until the end music starts, even though you're pretty sure she could recite every line from memory. Well, nothing you've tried so far. You can be pretty creative when you need to be and there are still a few things you haven't gotten to yet. It's kind of fun to watch her watch 'Trek, though. TNG, mostly, although you know she's got the hots for T'Pol, too, not that you can blame her there. When Aiden first told you why the second in the series was her favorite, not because of Tasha, but because she had a thing for Marina Sirtis, you were surprised.

"It's her hair," she confided in you last night after a lot of wine and more than a little prodding, "It's so thick, so curly. And there's so much of it. It makes her look so elegant." You can remember fingering your own hair unconsciously, and the way she looked at you, heavy-lidded as she ducked her head, in what you thought was embarrassment. "It's like yours." Her hand reached out and brushed yours away, then she was touching your hair. Lightly, like the dark curls beneath her fingers weren't really there, as if it were all a dream. The way she did it, it made you feel like you were the most important thing in the world.

You couldn't help yourself after that, and you didn't want to. You just leaned across and kissed her. It wasn't the first kiss between the two of you, but it was your first kiss, your first one that was something more then a quick chaste kiss that could have just signified a close friendship. You'd agreed to take things slow, so you kissing her like you were in some lesbian porn film probably wasn't too bright. Not that either of you cared, then or now. You might later, when Mac or Danny ask how you spent your day off and you cover with some stupid story about ice cream and chick-flicks, knowing you can't ever lie to Mac without him seeing through it, but as it is, you don't regret a moment of it. Aiden doesn't either, by the ridiculous grin that spreads across her face and she wakes up and remembers how the two of you ended up in her bed. Forgetting about Mac, Danny, and the possible problems of office romances, you lean over and kiss her before she finishes saying "good morning."

So, sure, you'd never have pegged her as a Star Trek fan. But she'd probably never have figured you for the type to spend all morning in bed with your girlfriend on your day off... so it works out.
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