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Tell Me Something True

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It was a symbolic question, one that had been asked of him for years, the answer was always the same.

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Warnings: futurefic, sex but nothing graphic, fluff but hopefully not gaggingly sweet, very probably ooc sighs

Disclaimer: so not mine, the gods (the fandom) rejoice!

A/N: I was getting frustrated with another fic I'm working on and needed an outlet, as a result you get fluffy Neji/Hinata. Definitely the fluffiest thing I've ever written! As always, I love comments, criticisms, and suggestions, anything to help me become a better writer. Thanks for reading!


Neji looked down at her, cheek pressed against his chest, hair slipping down along his ribs. She had been asleep when he had crept silently into the room, curled up on her side, the thick jumble of winter blankets shrouding her thin form. The soft thud of the door sliding shut had awoken her and she had watched him disrobe with sleep heavy eyes.

Pulling a thick, warm robe around his shoulders he leaned down to drop a swift kiss to her cheek. "I need a shower, keep the bed warm for me." Hinata smiled drowsily at him, snuggling deeper into the nest of blankets, already drifting back to sleep.

Neji showered swiftly, thankful that the mission had only been long and not particularly dangerous. It had been a rough year, the escalating tensions between Leaf and Sound resulting in a significant increase in A and S class missions. Every time he left he couldn't help but wonder if he would ever see her again, hear the soft timbre of her voice, feel her arms around his waist. Dark imaginings for dark times.

Shaking the heavy thoughts from his mind he finished his shower quickly, eager to return to his warm, drowsy wife and their warm, comfortable bed. He had been gone for months longer than he had anticipated. His hair was still damp but he couldn't be bothered to dry it more thoroughly, instead running his fingers through to untangle the knots the brisk rub had created.

The bedroom was cold compared to the humid swelter of the bathroom, the air pricking his flesh, raising goose bumps. He allowed himself a shiver of discomfort as he crossed the short distance to the bed. Shedding his robe onto the back of a chair he slipped into bed, the pleasant heat and the homey scent of Hinata curling around him. She curled around him as well, snuggled up under his arm, one leg thrown across his, a hand stroking patterns onto his chest.

"I missed you." It was barely a whisper, felt more than heard, a hot moist breath against his shoulder.

He turned then, rolling onto his side so her could face her, and leaned in to press his mouth against hers. His hands settled in the curve of her waist, still slim despite the children and the passage of time. She smiled into the kiss, bumping his nose with hers when he pulled away. He returned her smile before dipping his head down to join their mouths again.

They took their time reacquainting themselves with one another's bodies, comfortable despite the months spent apart. Neji loved the soft swell of her breasts, the lush curve of her hips, the way she bit her lip when he touched the heat of her. She arched under his ministrations, hands scrabbling over his skin, lifting a whole new set of goose bumps.

She pushed him over, straddling his hips before he had settled completely, the chilled air a pleasurable contrast to the hot flesh pressing against his. He groaned as he felt that heat embrace him, watching her move above him. He let her play for a bit, let her control the speed and the rhythm and the depth before finally grasping her hips and setting his own pace.

Too soon she was shattering around him, head thrown back as she whimpered his name into the darkness. A few more thrusts and he was following her over the edge, fingers clenching tightly on her skin. She collapsed bonelessly onto his chest, her face buried in the crook of his neck, breathing ragged. Wrapping his arms around her he hugged her tightly, stroking his fingers lightly down the groove of her spine, inciting a ticklish shiver.

Laughing softly, Hinata dropped a kiss on the pulse still beating wildly in his neck before sliding off of him. She wrapped herself back around him, head on his shoulder, arm across his stomach, legs tangling up with his. He brushed the hair off of her face, listening to the contented, sleepy sounds she was making as she settled against him. He was drifting as well, the heady pull of sleep too hard to resist.

She murmured something then, already half asleep. "Tell me something true." It was a symbolic question, one that had been asked of him for years, the answer was always the same.

"I love you."

She smiled again, drowsily, and turned her head to drop a soft kiss on the muscle of his arm. "Love you too."

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