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Into the Dark

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In the future Riddick joins the Major Case Squad. It was a Zine story

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"Do you trust me?"
"I'm afraid of the dark..."
"Do you trust me?"
"Then step into the dark, I am right next to you." -Anonymous



"Rafe, come on..."




"Rafe, for me please.">

"Jim, why is it so important for you that you fix me up with this date?" Rafe looked at his large friend, Jim, and wondered if he didn't agree to this date, would Jim set Blair on him?

"'Cause you are perfect for him.> Please?" Jim batted his eyelashes at his recalcitrant friend.

"Don't do that, it's unnatural. If and only if I agree, will you stop bugging me?"

"Yes, but Rafe... you know he is dead, right?"

"Yes, Jim. Every night."

"You aren't Rafe and I want you happy again."

"What's his name again?"

"Riddick. Thanks. Tonight, 8:30, The Skylight."

"K." I'm sorry, husband, but he's right. I am still alive.


"Riddick, may I speak to you for a minute?"

Riddick looked up from the computer game he was playing at the sound of his Captain's voice. Silently, he paused his game and followed his Captain into the office.

"We have a problem. The bosses think only you can help solve this one." Captain Nolan handed Riddick a file. Riddick looked down and read the tab. His fist clenched the folder, creating small tears. "Lawrence Johns escaped. They believe he is heading somewhere to the Pacific Northwest. Our biggest lead is a city called Cascade. You will go there and work with a detective from Major Crimes. You and he will capture Johns. And Riddick... he's wanted Dead or Alive. I'd prefer dead. Your transport will leave in two hours from Steengen Air Base. Dismissed."

With a curt nod, Riddick left the office. It was a good thing that the Army experiments had left him unable to see in the light without sunglasses. If they had, then several people on the street, upon seeing his eyes would surely have turned to stone.


"Jim, I'm not sure about this..."

"You promised, Rafe. He's coming."



"Lt. Riddick, sir? We've landed. Please step this way."

Riddick followed the private down the steps from the plane and walked over to the terminal. Riddick walked through the terminal and looked outside. It was dark, but not dark enough to take off his goggles. Turning he headed downstairs and out of the terminal. As he walked out, he bumped into a short curly headed young man.

"Oh, hey, sorry man.> Hey, are you Riddick?" he asked.

"Yes, and you are?"

"Oh, I'm Blair. Jim sent me to pick you up. Cool goggles. He told me that you are real sensitive to light, which means you can't stay at the loft. We sorta... I sorta felt claustrophobic so Jim did some home improvement stuff and everything is very open and well lit in the day and pitch black at night. The night would be fine for you but there'd be nowhere to go during the day. Any how but I got this friend, who I'd swear, is a vampire, who agreed to let you borrow his place. It's so cool..."

Riddick looked at Blair with wonder. Does this child ever stop to breathe? How do you find them, James?

"Oh man, I'm sorry I've just been talking, is there anything you need to ask?"


"'Kay, umm can I ask you a question?"

Nodding, Riddick turned to look at Blair.

"Jim didn't tell you that I was meeting you right? So why did you get into the car with me?"

"Because even if you were dangerous, I could still kill you."

"Oh." After a moment Blair resumed his chatter, all the way to the house.



"Riddick. How are you?"

A slight turning up of one side of his lips and a raised eyebrow surveyed Jim. "Good. I can still see in the dark. And I see why you work with the kid. He's a potent weapon."

"Yeah, he is. He talked the entire ride didn't he?"

"JIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMM!" Blair wailed. "Riddick ignore him - he thinks he's funny," turning to Jim, "Jim it's already 6:30."

"Yeah, I know, Guppy. Riddick? Umm, I set you up on a date tonight. Real nice guy. Named Rafe." As Jim told Riddick, he backed up, placing Blair behind him. "8:30, k? We'll be back to pick you up."

Riddick glared at his friend and pointed to the door. Jim left quickly and dragged Blair with him.


"Jim, what was all that about?"

"Riddick getting pissed.">


"'Cause, Chief, he hates blind dates."

"Ulp. Do you still think he's perfect for Rafe? OUR Rafe?"

"Yeah, they'll love each other, Chief."


8:30 The Skylight Restaurant

/>If he doesn't show up, I'll kill Ellison./> Rafe looked down at his hands. So intent was he in his thoughts he did not hear his date show up behind him.

Riddick looked at the man in front of him. Well-built, stocky young man, beautiful dark cream skin and hair, and best of all clean. James, you certainly outdid yourself tonight. Smiling slightly, he walked over and put his hand on Rafe's shoulder.

"Wha! Oh, you must be Riddick. I'm Rafe." Rafe smiled at Riddick slightly. Wow. Ellison said his eyes light sensitive. I hope the candles don't hurt his eyes. Nice smile though. Not at all like... stop it, Brian. He's dead. "So, what are you in the mood to eat tonight?


As they finished the meal, an observer who, if they had a chance to watch the meal, would have decided that the food was nice but not outstanding and the company was mixed. In Riddick's dark goggled eyes, it was wonderful. In Rafe's eyes, it was disloyal to his dead husband to have so much fun.

"Rafe, may I ask you a question?"

"Of course.">

"James told me you were unmarried but..."

"I'm a widower, I kept the ring..."

"To remember him by or to keep the sharks away?"

"Yes. Can I ask you a personal question?"

"The goggles.> I agreed to an army experiment to enhance sight. It was hoped that I would be able to control to a greater degree how much light would enter my pupils. If it worked, I would be able to see in the almost darkness, like a cat. But it failed. My pupils no longer contract. I cannot see in the light without my goggles. Only in the dark."


"I really don't mind it, Rafe. I'm often assigned to cases where they have given up. In addition to being able to see in the dark, I can also see some infrared and UV but most of my work is done in the dark. Also with the goggles, I can function in direct sunlight."

"Wow, it must be incredible. What do you do in the army? I mean, Jim has told me that you work in the Criminal Investigation Division but not what you do exactly."

"I'm into Fugitive Retrieval. I get to bring crooks in and I'm good enough to get the worse cases. In fact, tomorrow I start another case. I'll probably see you there, if you work in the same department as Jim."

"Yeah, wow. What kind of case?"

"No business at the dinner table. Are you ready to go?"

"Why not?">

"Well, I would think after spending all day with the criminal element you would prefer not to discuss them. Besides I rather find out more about you." Rafe smiled.

"Ahh ok.> Jim gave you a ride?"


"I walked so, I guess I should walk you home." Rafe said as he stood up.

"No, I'll walk you home. I can see in the dark better than you, remember?" Riddick said, giving Rafe a half smile. "Where is home?"


After paying the check, Rafe and Riddick slowly walked the couple of miles to Rafe's house. Outside the moon was full and the wind blew gently. The tall buildings loomed over the two men. In the crisp air Rafe shivered. Without a thought, Riddick removed his jacket and placed it around Rafe's shoulders. Pulling Rafe close, Riddick navigated them to Rafe's house.

>Damn, Walter, he's so nice and comfortable. I like this. Nice dinner, nice date, Nice everything. Walter, he's gentle. He looks like he could kill without a thought but he's gentle. Would it be wrong?

"You seem to be thinking something troubling."


Lifting his finger to trace the worry lines on Rafe's forehead. "You are worrying about something. Don't. I will see you tomorrow, Rafe. Until then." With that, Riddick turned and left.


"RAFE! In here. Now." Captain Banks yelled out into the squad room.

"Yes, Captain," Rafe answered. Getting up, Rafe walked into Bank's office.

"Rafe, this is Lieutenant Riddick, you will be working with him in connection with to an escaped criminal. One Lawrence Johns. This man is dangerous and so is Johns. Now go forth and make sure Johns sins no more. Dismissed."


"Rafe, apparently you do not realize that when I say dismissed, you are no longer here. That means you are out this door, with Riddick. Good day." At this, Captain Banks opens the door and indicated for them to leave.

Walking out into the pen, Rafe and Riddick scanned the room for Ellison and Blair. Noticing a patch of dark bouncing curls in a corner, Riddick headed straight for them. Slowly the curls turned and Blair's face appeared. Slipping an arm around Rafe, Riddick smiled at Ellison.

"Hey Rafe, how was the date last night?" Ellison asked.

"He doesn't kiss and tell, James." Riddick answered.

"To do that we would have to kiss," Rafe said. "It was fine."

"Cool man, hey, James said you had a case for us. Cool. What..." Blair jumped in.

"He never stays silent, James. I thought you hated that." Riddick said as he watched Jim's excitable partner

"I did, then I got Blair, now I can't shake him." Jim smiled at the top of his guppy's head.

"Come on, Rafe, let's let the funny men talk." Blair huffed as he dragged Rafe away.

"Sure, let's let them think they are funny." Rafe muttered.

The two men looked after their younger counterparts and laughed silently.


"Ok, his name is Lawrence Johns. Born 5-3-37. Age: 33. No military service, classified unstable. Has an addictive personality and is at this time addicted to morphine which he takes in directly through the eye. Johns thinks of himself as a genius, the master manipulator.

"He was a civil criminal but the scope of his actions were so great that they asked the local army base for help. I was selected. Johns is guilty of at least 23 murders and is thought to be responsible for 6 more. When there was actual possibility of capture, Johns ran across the country. He was finally apprehended in a small town about 48 miles from here.

"Three days before his capture, he killed two young children, twins. He must have searched for them, considering how specific they were. The twins were brother and sister. The girl had dark hair and dark eyes, she also wore glasses. Her brother had light brown/blonde hair with gray eyes.

"They were found tied together in a yin/yang format. The next day, we learned of another kidnapping of twins. They too, were found dead, tied also in this manner, two days before his capture. This time the girl was blond with blue eyes, the boy was dark haired with dark brown eyes. That day, I received a note, it came with two pictures. Both pictures showed two children tied up in his signature way, unfortunately it was not any of the twins we already knew about. That meant he kidnapped another set of twins. If I wanted to save them then I needed to come alone to a stadium. For all his arrogance, Johns failed.

"He failed because he underestimated me. He thought that my goggles were my weakness, that I wore them to protect my eyes but he didn't know why. He suspected that I was exposed to something but he didn't know what. He believed that if he caught me in the stadium he could blind me with light.

"Our shrinks, believe that Johns kidnaps twins because he sees me and him as twins. That we are both very intelligent men, that we are opposites. I am in law enforcement, I am army, and I am what he should be. He prefers to break laws that he believes do not and can not apply to him, he will never be army, and he is what he should not be. This is emphasized by his selection in the twins, all set being completely opposite. One is always blond or light haired, light eyes. The other is dark haired, dark eyes. He always switches gender and age. If one time the blond is female and younger, next time it will be male and older.

"His mistake in all this complex plan was simple. I was the only one who came so close to catching him and he, with his arrogance, wanted to 'play'. What he didn't know was that this particular stadium was built after 2015."

"Um, why is that important?" Blair asked as the other two men nodded.

"Because, all public places that are meant to hold more than a hundred people were designed were designed with a built in breaker that can be broken. So when I got there, he flicked the lights, the cops turned them off. As I told Rafe earlier, I can see in the dark better than anyone. I lowered the kids below the stands and shot out Johns' kneecap.

"He escaped from one of the states maximum security prisons. They didn't believe me when I said he should be placed in a military prison. I need to put him back. I need your help.

"My boss said Johns' wanted Dead or Alive."


The meeting soon broke up and the hungry detective went to lunch. After lunch, they broke up into their respective pairs to work on the Johns case.

"Riddick, why did Johns go after you?" Rafe asked as they read though the second kidnapping report what seemed like the tenth time.

"Because I was and still am, Army. He wanted the job I have. His father was a bounty hunter, he grew up collecting bounties. You know that Army bounties are the best. Even if they aren't called that anymore."

"What?! The army gives bounties?"

"Yeah, you see. It was ok to have MPs and CID but later soldiers had to be more and more highly trained and they also learned to be better and better criminals. So for a period of about 25 years, the Army gave bounties so that they could have the time to build a whole new squad dedicated to catching those better criminal soldiers. To make sure that these criminals were considered seriously, they gave out bounties. Any hunter could go and find them and collect it. Even if they were in the Army. When the crack squad was ready they stopped giving bounties. So they said, but for Johns, I will get a 'bonus' of about $1,000,000. And because you are my primary partner so will you. Jim and Blair will receive $750,000 each. The Army will pay for any injuries sustained and any property damaged. Why do you think your captain was so happy to get this case? He doesn't want Johns but he got me. You, Jim, and Blair will get a lot money. Cascade will get good press and federal preference for their cooperation with the Army."

"I didn't know that. But if Johns is not Army, why is Army hunting him?"

"Well, the locals asked us too. And he has a tendency kidnap children of Armed Forces members."

"Hmmm, hey, so where are we going for dinner tonight?"

Behind his goggles, Riddick's eyes went wide and closed briefly. "What do you feel like eating?"

"Something spicy.">

"Well how about Chinese, Kung Pao Chicken?"

"Yeah, ok. Hey, look at the screen, a new kidnapping report. Twins."

>Damn you, Johns. Why now?!


"Ok, Johns is ready to make his move. He's taken two children. Alex W. and Alex R. Feder. A set of twins, Alex William Feder is twelve years old, at 5 foot 3 inches, he is two inches taller than his sister, though he is almost 4 minutes younger. He has dark red hair and light green eyes. Alex Ronica Feder is 4 minutes older than her brother though she is shorter, she has a very light strawberry curls and dark blue, almost violet eyes. There's a problem here.

"Johns is meticulous, but he just made a mistake and when he finds out he made a mistake, he will kill them both. I will not allow it. The mistake is this - last time he was out, the first set of twins he kidnapped, the girl was older, the boy younger. The next set was reversed with the boy older, the girl younger. The third, he reversed again with the girl older and the boy younger. This breaks his pattern. The man is obsessed with balance. He will kill them and find new bait. We must get him now. The problem with Cascade is that you have done way too well with controlled substances. There are very few places where he can get morphine. Taking that into account as well the fact that he like to show off I have come up with the most likely place for him to be.

"Jim, I need your talents. You always did well. I need you to see if he's in the building, Listen but don't go in. Blair, you anchor him. Rafe, you come with me."

"Um hey?"> Blair asked hesistantly.

"Blair?" Riddick turned towards him.

"Where are we going?"

"The old Rainier University Auditorium."


Jim could hear the cries of the children coming from the auditorium. They sounded so scared, whimpering and crying softly. Sitting in the car, Jim swore that they would catch this man and make sure he never hurt anyone again, after all they did say 'dead or alive'.

"I can hear them. They are so scared. Riddick, you did say they said dead or alive, right?"

"Yeah, but I can tell you what their preference is."

"I think it's the same as mine."

"Go for it."

"Riddick," Rafe asked to break the mutual 'Kill Johns Society' before said society broke in and started hacking Johns to death, "how are we going to get them, much less Johns?"

"Easy, I have a plan. Jim, you take Blair and enter from the back, he knows how I hate to work with others. Rafe, you will enter from the basement. I'll go in and challenge him. He wants a fair fight stacked in his corner so let's give him one. Now, I'm not going to give you methodical instructions, you will simply have to have enough cop sense to do the right thing. Let's go."


Rafe carefully scuttled underneath the bleachers to get in place. Watching from beneath the bleachers, he saw Riddick stood at the top. Johns was on the high stage that Rainier had used for balcony scenes. The children hung suspended from the ceiling. He heard Riddick faintly, challenge Johns. He heard Riddick call Johns a coward, a man who hides behind children. Peering up through the spaces between seats, Rafe could see Riddick shake the children bound together in the yin/yang twist. Rafe could hear Johns laugh. It was a twisted, sick sound. Johns shook the kids again and one of them let out a yelp. Rafe now understood why the Army had made its own force. Rafe wondered how much it cost to join the 'Let's Kill Johns Society' for a lifetime membership. Slowly Rafe climbed up, silently, through the seats and took up watch.

"Johns, let the kids go and I'll kill you fast."

"Really? Well I think I like having them, maybe I'll keep them."

"They won't do you any good, they're the wrong twins. She's older by four minutes. They won't work in your psycho drama, Lawrence."


"Why? It's what your mama named you."


"Go ahead but the minute you take your eyes off me, I'll kill you. You know that."

"Unless I kill you first.">

"Try, it won't work."

"Maybe it will, maybe it won't."

"It won't, Lawrence, so sorry."

Right then, a clatter sounded and a cat ran out from under the bleachers and over Johns foot. "Who's there, Riddick. Who's your back up?"

"Johns, you know me. You know I hate back up. They are never where you need them. More trouble than they are worth."

"Yeah, but this time...."

"This time nothing. I don't do back up."

"Ok, fine. Now this little girl LIED to me."

"Why, cause you were too stupid to know which one was older, you pathetic worm?"

"Fine, I'll kill her then."

"Go ahead, makes no difference to me, just another person to add to your body count, not that we count them anymore."

"Too many.">

"No, pointless.> You see, Lawrence. We. Don't. Give. A. Damn. You already earned a death sentence so it doesn't matter what who you kill anymore, you're going to die." Riddick gave Johns his killer smile. "And you are going to die, now."

At that minute, Jim Ellison fired his gun.


Johns jumped forward off the stage and rolled into the bleachers. Rafe ran towards him. Johns ran close to the floor and headed for Riddick.

>NO. Not yet. I haven't made up my mind. You don't get to take him away yet.

Rafe chased Johns up, leaping over risers two at a time.. Then came the worst thing that could happen. Metal fatigue in the bleacher creaked and cracked. Johns turned around, drew his gun and shot at the riser behind him. It collapsed. Rafe grabbed a strut and held on. He tried not to look down since it made him dizzy.

"RAFE!" Riddick yelled as he ran over to Rafe.

"Johns is getting away, get him, Riddick." Rafe yelled as Johns ran to the edge and jumped down.

"First we get you up, all right?"

"No, get Johns. I want him dead."

"Well you can't want anything if you are dead, give me your hand."

"Riddick, you are a stubborn bastard."

"Yep, stubborn enough to continue to chase a man who doesn't want to be caught." Riddick admitted.

"Stubborn or stupid?">

Behind them they could hear Jim and Blair bound up the risers. Riddick waved them back. Jim turned and smiled back at Blair. "Guys, where I am glad that you've decided to start seriously dating, I think that this date would work better with Rafe not hanging off a support strut of a half destroyed decaying metal bleacher in an auditorium."

"James, you are a master of understatement, so how about you go rescue the kids and I will bring my dinner partner up. Johns is gone." Riddick's voice stabbed at them like ice swords.

James and Blair moved away from what they rightly thought to be a dangerously growling Riddick. They back up and went to the high stage, Blair grabbed the kids and Jim went up onto the catwalk to let them loose.

"Hey it's ok, we got ya. Jim?"

"I called it in while I was up there. Ambulance is on its way." Turning to the kids, Jim whispered, "It'll be ok. We'll catch him. It'll be all right. I promise."

The sentinel and his guide took their time untangling the children, trying their best not to hurt the children anymore than they already had been.


"Yeah, Chief?">

"They said dead, right?"

"Yeah, Chief they did."



Up on the bleachers, Riddick held Rafe. "So will you go out with me after we finish the paperwork?"

"I don't know. I'll be pretty wiped."

"Then come home with me, I'll cook."

"You can cook?"

"Yeah, so will you?"


"Rafe, I'm holding you at about 100 feet of the ground and you refuse my offer of a date?"

"Pull me up and you got one."

"K." Riddick leaned forward a bit, then pulled Rafe up until he had his arm around Rafe's waist. On swift tug and he pulled Rafe up, holding him face to face, Riddick tried not to smile.

"You could've done that any time and you didn't?"

"I needed a date with you."

"You can ask."

"You might've said no."

"Riddick. Next time I will." Rafe said as he walked down the bleacher steps and over to the kids. In the distance the sirens wailed.


Rafe turned down the lights and lit the candles. He could hear Riddick in the kitchen. Rafe set the table and stepped back to look at it. The table was a smooth golden colored wood, the plates were a delicate cream trimmed in gold. The glasses were crystal with just a faint hint of gold. It was a good table.

Rafe was so involved in admiring the table, he did not hear Riddick move up behind him. Riddick slipped an arm around Rafe's waist. Leaning closer he whispered, "You are more beautiful in candlelight than I would have dreamed."

Rafe blushed and turned to Riddick. As he opened his mouth to reply, he realized that Riddick wasn't wearing his goggles. "You took them off."

"Yeah, I wanted to see you with my own eyes."

Riddick's eyes were all black as space with only a small circle of yellow in the center. Rafe could not help but stare."

"I'll put them back on if you want." Riddick offered and began to move back.

Rafe melted into Riddick's arms. "No, they remind me of the pictures you see in books of the solar system. Like your pupil is the sun and the rest is space. It's gorgeous."

Riddick lifted his hand to cup Rafe's face. "No, you are." Leaning in he kissed Rafe.

Rafe didn't know what was happening. His heart started speeding up, his bones disappeared, his hands clenched at Riddick's back. He whimpered. Riddick pulled back, breaking the kiss and held Rafe close. Turning his head, Riddick kissed Rafe's neck.

"Let's eat, then talk." Escorting Rafe to his seat, Riddick went back into the kitchen to get dinner.


As Rafe sat on the couch in the living room, waiting for Riddick to get back with dessert, he lost himself in his thoughts. Oh, Walter, it has been so long since I've been kissed like that. Would it be wrong, truly to fall in love again? /Rafe spun the golden ring on his finger around and around. /Walter, is it ok?

Rafe looked up when he felt Riddick touch his shoulder. Riddick held out his hand, asking for a dance. Rafe took his hand and walked to the center of the living room. The candles that Riddick had placed in the room, threw soft shadows about the room. Softly music began to play.

>A simple touch of your hand,

>And everything is right.

>The gentle way you look at me,

>When we kiss goodnight.//>

>You've given me the freedom no other love has known

>And now I thank you, thank you

Riddick pulled Rafe closer. Rafe laid his head on Riddick's shoulder. The scent of Riddick made him relax and calm himself. Riddick stroked Rafe's back as the song played on.

>The countless ways you've touched my heart Is more than I can say The beauty that you've shown to me takes my breath away A picture perfect painting, that's what our love is And yes I need you so, and now I know ooooh

>I've found a masterpiece in you a work of art it's true And I treasure you my love ooooh

>I've found a masterpiece in you a work of art it's true And I treasure you Sometimes I wonder what I'd be Had I not found you

>A least and lonely soul this world could show me nothing new But now my life's a canvas painted with your love

>And it will always be And now I see The gentle walks together Through time will never pass This fairy tale we shared is real inside our hearts

>let/ it be forever never let it end/

>this/ promise I can make Heaven is ours to take ooooh/

>I've found a masterpiece in you a work of art it's true And I treasure you my love ooooh

>I've found a masterpiece in you a work of art it's true And I treasure you

>When I'm lost and insecure you build me up and make me sure that everything will be all right My love

"Rafe, don't ever that again. I thought Johns had killed you. I was ready to do anything as long as he died. Please."

"It's my job, Riddick."

"Richard. I know, but be more careful."

"Ok. For you."

Slowly, for long into the night, the two men danced.

>Ooooh I've found a masterpiece in you a work of art it's true And I treasure you my love ooooh

>I've found a masterpiece in you a work of art it's true And I treasure you (This fairy tale we're sharing is real inside our hearts Let it be forever never let it end


Rafe woke up warm, for the first time since Walter died, he woke up warm. Curled around him was Riddick.

Looking at Riddick beside him, Rafe felt something that had been cold and hard gently unfold within himself. I am falling in love again. Riddick, can I trust you? Will you not die on me? Can I trust you not to die on me? Rafe snuggled up to Riddick's warm body. Looking up into his face, Rafe was surprised to see the black within black eyes of his love. Rafe reached up to caress Riddick's cheek. "I love you, so much." He whispered, his voice breaking.

"Thank you, Rafe, my love. I wanted to tell you last night but thought you would leave if I did. And never come back."

"I would've. Brian."

"I love you, Brian."

Brian Rafe snuggled into his beloved arms. For now, if only for a small time, he could forget they were hunting a man and just be together.


When they woke up the next time, the sun shone piercingly into the room. Riddick closed his eyes and reached for his goggles, slipping them over his eyes, he had a fleeting regret, that he would never be able to see his beloved by the light of the sun without the damn things. Brushing Rafe's hair back, Riddick dropped a kiss on his forehead. Soon Rafe stirred and looked sleepily into Riddick's goggles, "Time for work?"


"That means taking a shower, getting under the hot wet spray, then I get to scrub you up with soap, only to rinse you off, then I get to wrap you in a warm towel and rub you dry."


"Yeah, if you will let me.">

"Of course.">

After sometime playing in the shower, the two men got ready for work. Rafe as usual dressed in his suit, this one a dove gray with a dark gray shirt, stripped delicately with thin vertical lines of light blue. Picking up his tie, he walked over to watch Riddick get dressed. Today Riddick decided to dress all in black, save for a light brown leather jacket. From his shiny black army boots to his black cap. The shirt underneath the jacket stretched across his chest, holding tightly to ever curve of his chest and stomach.

"Raf- Brian? Are you all right."

Brian Rafe walked across the room, reaching out to smooth the black shirt over Riddick's body. His eyes drinking in the body before him, He did not notice that he let go of his tie. A quick duck and Riddick was holding it, Riddick gently pushed Rafe back a step. Ignoring the whimper that came from his beloved, Riddick looped the tie around Rafe's neck, around, around, under, over, through, and it was done. Riddick adjusted the knot and flipped Rafe's collar down.

"There, love. Rafe?"

"Do we have to go?"

"Yes. We still have to capture Johns."


Perhaps it was true that love slowed you down, for certainly, a person as experienced, as Riddick should have seen the shadow where no shadow was meant to be. If he had seen it, he would have seen that it was Johns. However the only person Riddick was seeing was the well-formed shape of his beloved.
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