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A Stronger Dose

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I just need a stronger dose.

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Chapter One
"I'd kill myself, but I'm already dead to you"

"Emily Taylor, get your ass out of bed now!" came my mother's voice from the lower floor.

I groaned, not wanting to go through another day at that hell whole of a place people educate us kids at.

It's called high school, I beleive.

I sat up from my bed, letting my legs become covered in goosebumps as they slid onto the carpetted floor.
I stretched my arms up over my head, standing on my tippy-toes and breathing in and out deeply as I did so.

I turned around, pulling up my red sheets and black comforter so the top stitching was under my white, eyeliner
marked, pillow. I yawned, walking over to my 6 foot tall mirror in the corner of my room, next to the window.
As I examined myself - in blue&black plaid pajama pants, black wife beater, eyeliner smudged cheeks& ratted
hair - the sun creeped into my window and onto my deathly pale skin. I don't like overly-sunny days. It's supposed
to be fall, not summer!

Why do I have to go to school today?

My mother's responce would be about my education, meeting new people, getting a good job-..blah,blah,blah.

I moved away from the window and over to my - dare I say it - closet?

Let's explain; clothes everywhere, washed? who knows. hmm, unfinished homework from three
grades ago. shoes, shoes, shoes, more shoes. More clothes. Shoe laces. A pack of

"Mom!" I yelled, carring the un-opened pack of strawberry flavoured Trojans in my hand.

Seconds later my mom appeared from her bedroom door way, only in a towel....gross, but

"Are these yours?" I asked, holding out the condoms to her face.

She smiled, "oh, yes, thanks hun! I thought I lost another pack!" she said, taking the package and walking
back into her room.

Why were those in my room?

Then realazation hit me. No, not that my mom's a whore. I already knew that.

A week ago, my mom brought home a new one and when I came home, her and this...person, were
walking out of my room. "Oh, I was giving him a tour of the house, honey."

/Tour my ass./

I walked back into my room and started throught my dresser again.

Soon, I got dressed in a pair of ripped jeans and a black studded belt, with a white& red "AC/DC" band tee.
I pulled on a red and black hoodie before applying a thick line of eyeliner underneath my turquoise eyes.
As I was about to walk downstairs, my mom yelled, "Hilary is waiting for you in the living room!"

Ah, Hilary, my best-est buddy in the whooole world.

I jogged down the stairs to see Hilary on the couch, playing with the straps of her packpack.

I walked past her and into the closet, where I got out my black& white checkered vans and slipped them on.

"About time!" said Hilary, standing up. I smiled, pulling my messenger back over my shoulder.

"Come on, Pete's driving us to school today" she said, opening the door and walking out.

And why did my best friend's brother just have to be Pete Wentz?
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