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There was a Cabaret, there Was an Master of Ceremonties, there was a City called New York, in a country called America, It was the End of the World. And I was dancing. We were all fast asleep.

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A grin flashes across his bright red lips, trying to cover for missing a line. But you don't care. You watch him walk down the small stage, his painted lips curve into a smirk as he looks the audience over. Your breath catches as his cold blue eyes look you over, he turns around. You look at the leather over coat he wears, cut for his body. Immaculately cut for him accentuating his form. The end trails against the top of his untied boots, showing them slight fraying, the tongue sticking out. You smile slightly at this endearing flaw, the only one that you can see in his perfection.

He turns his head the honey blonde locks flying around and catching slightly on his eyelashes. He wears his hair too long for fashion, you note. But for some reason it looks good on him as he shakes his head the locks falling into place. He smiles bright red lips pulling back to show pearly white teeth. You stare at his mouth as it is revealed, all thoughts of decency gone. The lessons you learned irrelevant. There is no right or wrong when you watch him, only lust. His eyes dance as if he knows the power he hold over every one watching. He sings "Wilkommen, Bievenue, Welcome!" He says as you watch his arms move then see the black sash that held the over coat together slither down his waist and into a curl on the floor.

"Fremda, estranger, stranger" He sings his voice a little off husky from years of smoking. As you realize this you think he can't be more then seventeen, his voice damaged he must have been smoking since he was a child. Part of you worries about him but then you realize he is looking at you and you stop caring about that, because really it doesn't matter. All that matters is that he is looking at you and singing for you and only you. Some how you retain the idea that he is not, that he doesn't care. But you don't care.

"Glücklich zu sehen" He grins the spot light on him as he drops the coat a few inches, his shoulders seemingly bare as you glance. Then you look again and see the shimmer of a black satin vest peaking out. He snaps the coat back up and you scrutinize his back for hints as to what he wears under. "Je suis enchanté" he grins letting the coat slip down his back again, this time lowering a bit farther letting you get a glimpse at a strange tattoo on his shoulder. You look at the slightly tanned skin, showing Italian heritage, for a clue as to what it is. All you see is a pair of wings before the coat is brought up over the tantalizing tattoo. "Happy to see you!" He grins mischievously, winking over his shoulder and you grin back at him.

"Bleibe" he smiles the coat falling down slightly baring his tanned shoulders the light catches on his painted lips, which you know should be dry, yet they shine as he sings. "Reste" He grins back over his shoulder at you, dropping the coat so it catches on the crooks of his elbows. Which have been bent as if to catch the falling coat. You look with wonder at the tattoo, an angel. You identify it and feel a sense of pride overwhelm you. Almost as if he knows you've figured out this mystery he turns his head showing a spider tattooed on his neck. You gape as he sings his voice merely a whisper yet it resounds across the captivated audience. "Stay" His voice implores you to do so and you have no doubt in your mind that you will not move from your seat.

As he draws out the last word he turns his face forward as he drops the coat which drapes into a pile along side the earlier discarded sash. The slinking coat disrupts the placid smooth of the vest, catching on the buckle rippling the black satin material. He looks down at his now bare arms and your eyes follow his, down. You ignore the purple bruises with sickly yellow edges that cover them, stories of violent lovers and impatient bosses. You ignore the tract lines, sickly roads of raised veins that trail down his perfect arms.

"Wilkommen" He sings stepping out of the pile. "Bievenue" The his pace speeds up. "Welcome" magically a band starts playing a rowdy tune from behind a curtain.

"To Cabaret!" His hands rise above his vest clad back. "Au Cabaret!" He turns his head around the honey blonde strands lightly touching his ears in the back it tickles his neck making his lips curl up into a smile, one that implores you to trust this boy. As he turns you notice the back of his vest is caught in the adjustment strap. "To Cabaret!"

His face beams as he looks out at the audience. The front of his vest is made of lesser quality the you expected, one of the un done buttons is barley attached to the black fabric. He turns his face to you, his painted lips press together before he opens them. They are unmarred by his movement and singing. His eyes are deeply outlined in coal, making it look like a battle for him to open his eyes. His long eyelashes brush against the top of his cheek as he opens and closes them. The shadows of the blonde lashes making them look even more dramatic.

He leans in talking to the audience "Mien Herr and Mien Herrin, Madame's and Monsieur's," He rushes through these foreign words as he reaches the English part of his phrase he slows down grinning "Ladies" he nods at a woman who blushes. Part of her is pleased and part of her is ashamed to be recognized. "And Gentlemen" he smirks at a portly man wearing a silk top hat who flusters, trying to prove his sexuality.

He smiles as if this is his life, which you realize this is. He grins taking a small breath mentally stealing himself "Wie ghet's... Comment ca va?" He rushes through these words again gulping slightly, a smirk resting on his face. "Do you feel good?" He asks winking. "I bet you do!" He laughs pointing to a man with what looked like a prostitute sitting next to him. The man ducks down not wanting to be recognized. "I am your host!" He says his Brooklyn accent filtering through the joking tone.

"Ud Sagan" he says putting a finger up against his lips, kissing it lightly. You watch the ruby red lips press against his finger. He grinned drawing his finger into his mouth. You gulp not wanting to think farther then you need to, your thoughts leading you in a direction you were not raised to think proper. Your eyes glaze over with lust, allowing your mind to do what it will. He pulls it out suddenly grinning as he quickly strides across the stage. His hips sway to the lively music, your eyes are suddenly drawn to his ill repaired pants that should do nothing to flatter his slim hips and waist. But the way that they dip slightly, showing his handed skin and his bruises which are at the same time exotic and worrying. He turns, his hands resting on his hips. He gently moves his thumbs hooking under his pants raising them up. Your eyes are drawn to the fabric's movement. He pulls the waist down and you gape at his thin stomach, his ribs showing through his yellow bruised skin. He doesn't seem to notice, his grin never falters and you think that it must be a trick of the light, no one that perfect could be bruised and that thin. He moves his thumbs in small circles on his hip bones, which jut out slightly. You watch amazed. A groan escaping your lips.

He withdraws his hands as he Moves to the center of the stage. He laughs "Wilkommen, Bievenue, Welcome! Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret!" He smiles looking to the side. Your gaze, as well as everyone else's follows his.

He snaps his gaze back "Leave your troubles outside!" He motions to the doors which you entered through making little shooing motions with his hands. "So Life is Disappointing? Forget it!" You laugh slightly along with the rest of your audience. Yes the boy is beautiful. But he is not enough to make you forget your troubles. This is only a cabaret. "In here Life is Beautiful!" He says bringing his hands down as if displaying himself, he smirks nodding and winking. "The girls are Beautiful, even the orchestra is beautiful!" As he says this he turns to the curtain, it raises its self showing an orchestra. The oldest person must only be twenty. This group of performers, while talented has obviously been chosen with their appearance in mind.

A young dark haired girl is lounging back in her rickety wood chair as she plays her Clarinet. Next to her sits a tall boy with curly brown hair, his eyes watch not the music but off stage. Following the movements no one can see, he plays the song by memory only. A boy sat, playing his trombone, nearly hitting a saxophone player in the head, the girl turns her whole body with the saxophone glaring at him. He ignores her.

"See I told you the orchestra was beautiful." The Emcee laughs. His head tilts back drawing your attention back to him, his beauty as his throat contracts with a laugh. He draws his head forward to look to the audience again. He winks at you, you gulp brought into the web that he his weaving by a simple movement of his eye lid, covering entrancing sea blue eyes.

"And now presenting the Cabaret girls!" He yells moving his hands to the side, a symbol crashes as the first girl comes out. "Misprint!" The boy introduces as a Short and scrawny girl walks on. She is in a tightly laced corset, what once had been decorative lace was now torn off, you can see the tiny fringed edges of where it used to lay. Her long black hair is slightly greasy and she looks thin, her cheek bones jutting out, deep hollows under her enormous blue eyes. The light plays tricks again you think. Because over all she is beautiful. "You'll like her, she keeps doing it over until she gets it right!" You laugh as the girl moves her hips with the beat that the drummer pounds out.

The heavy drum beat moves on as the Emcee continues, Misprint stands with her hands on her hips thrusting them with the beat. "Valentine!" The Emcee yells as a blonde girl walks on the stage, her brilliant blue eyes are lifeless and dull. She watches the audience with a certain expectancy, as if she knows this is only one part of a sad production. Her corset is tightly done up as well, she moves as if the restriction doesn't bother her. He legs are the most noticeable part of her, they are perfectly shaped, though covered in bruises. Over her corset you can see a small heart tattooed over her right breast. Her blonde hair falls freely down her back, shimmering with a false light under the spot. "Ahh, you like Valentine, well too bad, so does Missie" He gestures to the other girl, whose big blue eyes roll slightly.

The Emcee directs Valentine over to Misprint, they both stand rocking their hips to the drum beat. You watch them, the corsets ending just above their thin hips, their shortened under shorts showing their thighs. You feel amazed to me in their presence. As if these creatures of the night so different from how you have been raised give you a pass, an entrance to their world of sex, drugs, and freedom.

"Ruin!" He yells as the girl you recognize from earlier comes on, her heeled boots clunking as she walks on, dangerous brown eyes daring some one to do something, a mysterious something that you are not quite sure if it is dangerous, or even if it is possible. But you feel you would do it. Her build is different from the two slight girls, She has more muscle, but still she is enchanting."You know some like to be ordered around. Ruin does the ordering" He sneers out at the crowd and you think that she is the only one on stage with out a bruise.

A Blonde girl comes on stage, she wears a bustier, and short pants again, She has several tattoos on her, One is a rose, one is a spider on her stomach identical to the one on the attractive boy. She has bruised, and impressive one spanning across the tattoo of the spider. "Cards!" The boy yells smiling at her, she moves in front of him. He wraps an arm around her. "Cards is off the boat. But it doesn't matter." He grins "She's a very cunning linguist" The girl smiles and sticks her tongue out wriggling it obscenely. "And a very good green/horn/" He smiles as she drops into a split in front of him. The Emcee casually steps over her. She stands with the other girls all of them thrusting their hips in time with the drum.

"Shade!" The Emcee yells as a medium height girl walked on stage, her dark curly hair flying away. She stands her legs apart thrusting her hips her hands in front of her crotch, eyes staring out at the crowd. The Emcee looks exasperated, making a show of rolling his eyes. "Please already this week we've lost a table, three waiters, and four bottles of Champagne up there!" She glares over at him shaking her hair over her shoulder.

"And Tiger!" The Emcee grins as a short red head walks on stage. Her bright hair is sloppily cut, and green eyes look out twinkling to the audience. "Tiger is the baby!" He says as the girl sucks her thumb pouting. "I'm like a father to her" He nods sincerely "So when she's bad I spank her!" Tiger walked over as the Emcee smacked her bottom "And she's very very very bad!"

He laughs as all of the girls stand thrusting their hips as moving their heads back. "Misprint, Valentine, Ruin, Cards, Shade, and Tiger!" He yells as they walk over to him their hips moving violently to the beat. "Each and everyone of them" He paused waiting for the audience to be caught up in him again, it doesn't take long as you watch him waiting with baited breath. "A Virgin!" He nods as all of the girls violently slam their hands against their crotches. "You don't believe me?" He asks "Go ahead! Try Tiger!" You laugh as does everyone else. The girls walk behind him their hips moving.

"Outside it is winter. But in here it is so hot! Every night we have to battle with the girls to keep them from taking off all of their clothing!" He winks out at the audience "So don't go away, Whose know? Tonight we may lose the battle!"

The girls quickly turn grabbing onto the girl in front of them pulling them selves close as they sing along with the Emcee, who is dancing across the stage everyone's eyes on him. "Wir sagen- Willkommen, Bievenue, Welcome! Im Cabaret Au Cabaret! To Cabaret!" His eyes dance as he crosses the stage, his arms moving around gesturing to the girls, the audience, and the orchestra. He stands in the center of the auditorium.

"We are here to serve you!" The girls, in unison drop to their knees. "And now presenting the Cabaret Boys!" The spot turns to a platform above the stage. "Here they are!" The light shines on a brown haired boy with glasses in an outfit similar to the Emcee's only not quite as sensual. "Specs!" He yells gesturing, then turning to an identical platform with a blonde boy also wearing glasses and a similar outfit. "Dutchy!" He looked puzzled "Or is it Dutchy!" He points to the brown haired boy "And Specs!" He gestures then to the blonde. "Those glasses" He shakes his head "There's only one way to tell the difference" He winks. "I'll show you later!"

Suddenly the boy turns so his back is to you and you look up above the stage. "Ah! Blink" The boy in question wears a patch over one of his eyes. His blonde hair falls over the other one. He turns his head back to you "He's got two one eyed monsters!" The Emcee laughs. Then he turns shaking his head "You know, the one he keeps hidden, and the one he" The Emcee laughs thrusting his hips. "Ah, now you get it!"

The one eyed boy slinks back off the platform to the stage where he grabs Tiger. Wrapping his arm around her pulling her close as she dances, ignoring him. "And Skittery" The Emcee points to a boy against a wall. The Trumpet player from earlier is watching him. You realize that is what he has been watching all along. "You know what's funny about Skittery? There's nothing funny about Skittery!" He laughs as the boy rolls his own heavily kholed eyes.

"And now presenting!" THe Emcee yells motioning to a door in the back "The toast of Espana! Magic Garcia!"

A Hispanic girl with thick dark brown hair walks out the lights on her, she holds her head high as she walks, her hips moving smoothly to the beat, unlike the other girls who move in oddly erotic jerky moves. Her Hazel eyes watch the audience, hands on her own corset. Over her corset she wears a short leather overcoat, which catches the shine of the lights in its dull reflective surface. On top of her hair she has a Newsies hat jauntily cocked. "Hola! Darlings!" She yells out to the audience in a slightly accented voice.

Victor and Bobby have suddenly appeared on the stage, you did not see them leave their platforms, yet you know they have, because they are standing onstage. Bobby has his arms around the girl you remember as Misprint. Victor is laughing as he grabs Shade, pulling her close. They all sing. You can hear the Emcee's slightly smoky voice above them all. The girls have gravely voices, obviously not hired from a pool of professional singers. The Emcee grabs Cards, his hands over the spider and bruise as they all sing "Willkommen, bevinue, Welcome, In Cabaret, au cabaret, to Cabaret." They all lean in, the Emcee moving his hand to Cards' back. The other boys do the same to the girls they hold. "Willkommen, bevinue, Welcome, frede, etrange, stranger"

The Emcee pops his head up smirking "Hello stranger!" He waves to a person in the front row.

The Group leans in further watching the audience like they are the show and not the performers. "Glucklich zu sehen, Ju Suies enchante"

The Emcee pops up again grinning "Enchente Madam" he tips an imaginary hat to a woman.

They all stand up making the last line of the phrase the loudest. "Happy to see you!" They yell. "Bliebe Reste, Stay!" They all look out to the audience making it known that you will do nothing but what they say.

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