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First Stage

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They both knew it could never be, but it was too late to go back. An Ai Tenshi Hime and an Akuma from the Rafuaru-zoku in love? It would never be accepted by either side...How could such a love pul...

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Too Late to Turn Back Now

By: Aisuru na Usagi

Rated PG-13


A Wedding Peach Fanfiction


First Stage: Tenshi Kai


"Momoko! Pay attention please!" Celeste reprimanded her daughter for the third time. Momoko sheepishly turned away from the window and towards her mother.

"Gomen ne, Okaa-san..." her ocean blue eyes met with her mother's identical set of ocean blue eyes, asking for forgiveness. Celeste smiled warmly, letting whatever annoyance with her daughter slip away, forgotten. After all, how could a mother stay angry at her own kawaii little ai tenshi hime?

She let out a sigh of relent and placed a kiss on Momoko's pink hair. "Daijobu, Momoko-chan. Perhaps we can continue this lesson another time. Why don't you go out and play with your friends now, ne?"

"Honto ni, Okaa-san? Arigato!" Momoko gave her mother a quick embrace before dashing out the door. An amused smile crossed her lips and Celeste shook her head at her daughter's antics.

"You know onee-chan, I think you spoil Momoko-chan too much sometimes..." A feminine voice came from behind Celeste.

"Well, Aphrodite-sama, this is a nice surprise! Come to visit your favorite onee-chan?" she asked playfully.

"My only onee-chan, dearheart." Aphrodite corrected.

"Honto, Aphrodite-sama, how much longer will I have to spoil my only daughter? She just turned seventeen, and she is on the brink of completing her training as an ai tenshi..." Celeste sighed wistfully.

"That is true. She already is the spitting image of you...but that is not why I came here. I came because I need to speak with you about Reine Devila." Aphrodite spoke in a grave tone, and Celeste's cheerful demeanor quickly faded away.

"What about Devila?" Celeste asked.

Momoko giggled as she raced through the grassy fields, a giddy sensation settling down on her as her friend continued to pursue her.

"Nyeah! You'll never catch me, Yuri-chan!" she teased playfully over her shoulder, as her brunette friend continued to chase her.

"Grrr! Momoko give me back that letter!" Yuri shrieked

"Limone n' Yuri sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-" Momoko sang.

"Augh! Stop that! I'm going to kill you!" Yuri growled, lunging for her mischievous friend. Both shrieking, the girls fell to the ground, Yuri still groping for the letter. Unfortunately, Momoko no longer held the letter in her possession, since their other friend, Hinagiku, had plucked it from her hand, and was currently reading said letter. Within a few seconds, the green-haired tenshi also had fallen on the ground, as she clutched her sides, laughing uncontrollably.

"Ahahaha! I can't believe you wrote this to Limone-sama!" Hina snickered

"Mou...Hina-chan, not you too? Can't either of you act your age?" Yuri pouted, smoothing her disheveled hair and gown.

"Oh, like you can talk about being mature now..." Hina snorted, rolling her eyes. Yuri became silent. Momoko looked from each of friends to the other, and they to her, and they all burst out laughing.

"You know, Hina-chan, I don't know if you can talk either, what with that letter you wrote to Limone-sama 3 months ago, but never sent out..." Momoko teased. Yuri and Hingiku exchanged glances.

"Ehehehe...Guys? I was just kid-" Momoko laughed nervously.

"GET HER!" they cried in unison, and they began to pursue Momoko again.

"Kyaaa! I didn't mean it guys! Don't kill me!" Momoko ran deep into the forest and hid behind a tree. She looked back and breathed a sigh of relief. Hinagiku and Yuri were nowhere in site. Momoko closed her eyes and sat down against the tree. Suddenly, she felt the ground rumble, and her eyes shot open. Standing up, Momoko held on to the tree to gain purchase on the forest floor

"W-What's going on!" Momoko trembled and held tighter to the tree. Looking up, she saw an explosion go off 300 hundred meters away from her. Others followed, and they were getting closer to her. Momoko ran as fast as she could away from the explosions, deeper and deeper into the forest until she reached a dead end. She had reached the edge of the Tenshi Kai boundaries and there was nowhere to go. The explosions had caught up to her, and she was blasted with powerful akuma waves. The ring on her necklace began to glow, and she was enveloped in light.

"KYAAAAAA!" Momoko's scream rang out through the forest, fields, and reached her home. Aphrodite and Celeste ran out of the house and into the field, where Hinagiku and Yuri stood. The letter lay longer forgotten as they watched the forest in horror.

"Momoko-chan! Where is Momoko-chan, Yuri-chan, Hina-chan!" Celeste cried.

"S-She was in the forest when the attack began and we tried going in after her...but...but Limone-sama stopped us, saying it was too dangerous-" Yuri began tearfully.

"But that doesn't matter if it's dangerous! We should be able to save our friend! We should have protected Momoko better-" Hinagiku choked, tears forming in her eyes. "Chikusho! We shouldn't have run out of the forest when the explosions began! We should have gone after her...Momoko no baka you better be okay..." Hina sobbed, punching the ground. Yuri hugged her friend, tears running down her face. A few meters away, Celeste fell to her knees, clutching something. In her hands, she held a singed yellow hair tie. She buried her face in her hands, weeping bitterly. Aphrodite approached sister and gently placed a hand on her shoulder, beckoning her to stand. Celeste stood up and sought comfort from her older sister.

"Oh, Aphrodite, what am I to do? My dearest tenshi Momoko-chan is-" Celeste wept.

"Probably alright. She was wearing the ring, ne, onee-chan. We both know it would protect her if she were in danger...Probably, if a blast got close enough, she would be transported to Earth-"

"Earth!" Yuri and Hinagiku cried in surprise.

"But then the akuma could find her and-" Yuri protested.

"Iie, the ring would shield her tenshi aura and she would appear to be a normal human. Unfortunately, her aura would also appear human to us as well, and if we tried to unshield her, then the Akuma Kai could get to her before us."

"Well, then what should we do?" Celeste asked her sister.

"We must search for the princess manually. Am I right Aphrodite-sama?" a masculine voice came.

"Limone-sama! Did you find any trace of her?" Yuri shyly asked the handsome blonde-haired angel.

"Iya. There's not telling what part of Earth she was sent to..." Limone stated gravely.


Momoko opened her eyes and sat up. She certainly didn't feel dead. What was this place? It was a forest, yes, but certainly not one in the Tenshi Kai. She looked down at her necklace.

"Okaa-san's ring...protected me?" Momoko wondered aloud. She stood up slowly and began walking. "I'd better find out where I am...perhaps there's a village nearby I can seek refuge in..." Momoko told herself.

-End Stage One-

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