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To Be Or Not To Be

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Katie Willows is normal teenager. But what she doens't expect is when she discovers that her parents are divorcing. She now has to decide between living with her mother and becoming a death eater o...

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Chapter 1

Meeting Mr. Draco Malfoy

:Willows Manor:

I hopped out of the shower and wrapped myself tightly in the warm towel. I looked at myself in the mirror. My black and red hair looked glossy with the water soaking it.

Taking another towel out of the cupboard behind me, I wrapped my hair in it and picked the fallen towel up off the floor.

I grabbed my hair brush off the counter and ran to my room. I threw my hair brush onto my bed and let the towel around me drop. I walked into my closet where an assortment of red, black, blue, and green clothes surrounded the room.

I walked over to where the blues hung and took one off the rack. It had Vegeta from Dragonball Z in SSJ2 (Super Siaya-jin 2) on it and said "Prideful Till Death". I rubbed the 'M' on the back of my neck that was a complete replica of the one on Vegeta's forehead. Majin Vegeta. The Best of them all.

I had gotten that tattoo just last month. I had gotten mad about having to move to England from our beautiful house in Paris. So my mother bribed me and told me that I could get a new tattoo if it would shut me up. Oh the beauty of weaseling.

I set the shirt down on an island in the middle of the small room and walked over grabbing a pair of jeans. I slipped on some underwear and a sports bra before putting on the jeans and shirt.

I walked out and looked at the door and Niles, our butler, knocked on the door frame. "Miss Willows, your mother wishes your presence in the living room."

I nodded. "Alright, Niles. Do you know why?"

"She wishes for you to meet Mr. Malfoy's son."

I rolled my eyes. "Great, another boy to make fun of my muggle obsession." I thought to myself running past Niles and down the stairs.

I was obsessed with a number of muggle things. Mostly things like anime and music, but I liked it and other pure-bloods did not really agree with this.

I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before joining my mother in the living room. I sat next to my mother and examined the young boy that sat across from me.

He had blonde hair and sharp grayish-blue eyes just like his father. His bangs hung down in front of his face making a shadow over his face.

"Katie, dear, this is Draco. I wanted you to meet him because he goes to Hogwarts and is on Slytherin."

He looked up at me straight in the eyes. "Do you know what house you are going to be in?" His voice was silky and calm.

"I was up at Hogwarts three days ago and Dumbledore let me be sorted. So yeah I do, Slytherin." His whole mood changed seem to change toward me.

He smiled yet smirked at the same time. "That's good."

"How about you two go run along so Lucius and I can talk in private" My mother said smiling that we had gotten onto the right foot.

I nodded leading Draco to the den. He looked around the room. It was decorated in royal blue, gold, and silver. (You'll find those colors a lot) I flopped down onto the couch and motioned for Draco to do the same.

"Where did you go before this?" He asked.

"Durmstrang, much rather be there then here. No offense."

"None taken, I'd rather go there. What's it like? At Durmstrang I mean."

My face lit up. Durmstrang was my favorite place besides our mansion in Paris. "It's awesome. I know loads about the dark arts." I smirked. "Wouldn't surprise me if they taught us Avada Kedavra before the end of next year." Draco looked at me with great interest as I said these words. "What's Hogwarts like?"

"Well the closet we get to learn the dark arts is Defense Against the Dark Arts."

I scoffed. "Like I am going to need that."

"So, you are a strong supporter in Lord Voldemort then?"

"Actually no." He looked at me confused. "I'm not scared of him though. He's a mud-blood in my eyes. Even though he had a witch for a mother he's still not pure blood meaning he has dirty blood."

He looked at my half shocked half impressed. "Well this is the first time I've seen someone not on his side that is not scared of him. Well besides Dumbledore or Harry Potter."

I was about to say something in reply but my mother and Lucius walked in. "Draco it's time to go."

He bowed his head slightly to me. "Miss Willows, it is nice to see you again."

I smiled cutely. "As the same to you." I stood and bowed cutely to Draco. "Nice chatting with you."

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