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Under the Red Moon

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Stranded in Nasrad without Vyse, the girls have to turn to each other for comfort.

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Under the Red Moon

It got so cold in the desert at night, Aika thought. She never would have expected it, but when it got dark, the air cooled viciously quickly. She hugged the blankets tighter around her shoulders, shivering. In the other bed, Fina seemed to be fast asleep, not troubled by the cold at all. Not for the first time, Aika wondered just what Fina's home must be like.

A jackal howled outside somewhere, and another shiver ran down Aika's spine. She'd been brave all day for both of them, acting like nothing was wrong, pretending to feel confident that they'd see Vyse again -- and thank the moons the innkeeper had taken pity on them and given them the room without asking for payment up front. The act seemed to have paid off; Fina was sleeping soundly, the look on her face sweet and untroubled.

She'd looked that way first thing in the morning, too, when Aika opened her eyes and discovered that they were safe and warm -- and in a bed together, Fina's legs tangled with her own. It felt good. Comforting, and she could really use some comfort about now.

What kind of pirate would she be if she didn't go after what she wanted?

"Scoot over," she whispered, tugging at Fina's blankets.

Fina made a sleepy little "Mmm?" sound, and then a surprised "Oh!" when Aika crawled in beside her and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"It's cold," Aika explained, and then before she could help herself she added, "and you smell nice." She blushed as soon as she'd said it, ready for Fina to politely ask her to please leave, but Fina only giggled and rolled over so she could wrap an arm around Aika in return.

"I smell nice?" she repeated with a little smile.

And that, Aika figured, was practically an invitation. She buried her face in Fina's hair and breathed in deep. "Yeah," she murmured in Fina's ear, "you do. Sweet and warm, like vanilla and cinnamon."

"Thank you." Fina moved again, pressing their bodies closer together, getting both arms around her. "This -- this feels really good."

Aika nodded. Her heart was hammering in her chest as she realized just how good it felt. "Fina," she said hesitantly, "where you come from.... Would it be weird if I kissed you?"

Fina turned her head to look at Aika, her eyes wide. "I -- I don't think so. Do you want to?"

Swallowing hard, Aika nodded again. Fina's expression was completely open, trusting. Aika leaned in slowly, giving her plenty of time to back away, feeling Fina's breath sweet on her lips before she finally pressed them to Fina's own.

Fina's mouth was soft and yielding, and she made a little sound in her throat that made something warm blossom in the pit of Aika's belly. Encouraged, she opened her mouth slightly -- and Fina's lips parted in welcome, and when their tongues met for the first time Aika surprised herself by moaning faintly. This was more than just comfort, maybe a lot more, and that was a little scary if she thought about it too hard. But it felt so good, the softness of Fina's breasts against her own, the gentle curves of Fina's hips, the warm sweetness of her mouth.

Then Fina moved, sliding one leg up between Aika's, and the pressure of Fina's thigh between her legs felt even better. She rocked her hips, pushing harder, trying to get more pressure just /there/, and when it felt right she moaned again -- and Fina moaned back, holding her tighter.

And if it felt that good for her.... Aika reached down, pulling Fina's skirt up out of the way so she could mirror the gesture, tangling their legs further and pressing her thigh up into the warmth between Fina's legs.

Fina gasped, and her eyes flew open -- and why had Aika never noticed what a brilliant shade of green they were? "Oh," she murmured. "Oh, Aika."

"Is this okay?" Aika asked, suddenly nervous. What if the answer was no?

"Yes," Fina whispered. "It's good. Really good." She held tight to Aika's waist with both hands and tried to mimic Aika's rhythm.

Aika's breathing hitched in her throat, and she rocked hungrily against Fina, feeling the liquid heat between her legs. This, oh moons, this would keep the cold night at bay -- it was like the smoldering first hints of a fire, like the Red Moon's blessing, like the feeling she got in the pit of her stomach when she first started to ready an Alpha Storm. Except this was building more slowly, tension gathering until she could hardly bear it --

"Oh...Please, Aika -- please, I --" Fina clutched at her shoulders, trembling, whimpering, more strength in her thighs than Aika would ever have believed -- and then it was like magic, hot and shimmering and perfect and /there right there/, and Fina moaning like she felt it too, so good Aika didn't want it to ever stop....

And then it did, at last, and they were lying tangled together, Fina's pulse rapid under her fingers, Fina's breathing soft and fast in her ear. The air smelled of salt and skin and heat, and Aika's heart was pounding.

This was going to change everything, she realized. Even if it didn't count as sex, and she wasn't sure about that, it was at the very least the closest she'd ever gotten. What if Fina wanted to do it again -- and what if she didn't? What was Vyse going to say, when he found out?

"Aika," Fina said softly, stroking her hair, "what's wrong?"

She didn't even know how to explain. "I...." No, she knew what worried her the most. "It's -- Vyse...."

Fina smiled. "Don't worry. You've been saying it all day, haven't you? We'll find him. You'll see."

"It's not that! It's just...." Aika could feel her cheeks prickling with a blush. "Vyse really likes you, I think. And I wouldn't want him to be mad at me for...well." For having maybe-sex with you.

"For this? But...why would Vyse be mad that you did something nice for me?" Fina asked, looking confused. "Besides, doesn't he like you, too? Wouldn't it be silly for him to be mad at both of us, when we didn't hurt anybody?"

Aika hesitated. "It's different, though, the way he likes you. It's like --" Oh, no. Was she going to have to explain boyfriends and girlfriends to Fina, too? Didn't they have anything normal in the Silver Civilization? She sighed. "Never mind. Maybe you're right. Maybe it will be fine."

"It should be." Fina rested her head on Aika's shoulder, relaxing against her. "Something this nice shouldn't cause problems."

"No, I guess it shouldn't." Aika closed her eyes, trying not to worry about it, trying to just enjoy the feeling of being warm and safe and not alone. Maybe Fina was right; maybe it would turn out okay. Everything else in her life had turned upside down since Fina came along. Maybe this would too.

She could hope so, anyway.
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