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Chapter One

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Once again, I will state my hate for summaries: THEY SPOIL THE STORY! Don't yell at me for my lack of ability to not summarize things without giving too much away.

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I wrote this story a while back (a.k.a. during the summer), but I just got the guts up to post it today. The whole thing is finished and I'm aiming to post a chapter or two per day. You all have the right to throw random objects at me if I don't. And if anyone can tell me what song and band the title of this chapter is named after, you will be my friend. AND GET A COOKIE!!! AND NOW ONTO THE STORY!!!

"That show was awesome!" my best friend Miranda was practically hopping up and down, her chocolate brown hair halfway out of its ponytail.
I laughed grabbing her arm, "Jeez, who let you have caffeine?"
"The green-eyed one with auburn hair and wearing the Fall Out Boy shirt," Miranda joked back, describing me as the culprit.
"I'm not the only one wearing a Fall Out Boy shirt," I tugged on her sleeve and looked around at the other fans wearing Fall Out Boy shirts. "Besides, you're the one making us wait in this ridiculously long line to get an autograph."
"Oh shut up Rory, you know you're standing here with me on your own free will," Miranda got me there. "Hey, we're almost to the table."
I turned and looked over the heads of the many punk and emo kids waiting in the line. The four band members sat behind a table looking completely at ease with the crowd. Andy sipped Mountain Dew and Joe signed some fangirl's shirt, while Patrick talked shyly with a fan and Pete put on his infamous growling face for a picture. The line moved up some more as the security guard ushered people on their way. We were about ten feet from the table now.
And, as usual, my anti-social skills kicked in.
"Um, I'm just gonna go..." I turned to leave, but Miranda grabbed my arm.
"Rory, get over the people problem and just stand up there with me," Miranda told me sternly.
People problem's putting it lightly, I thought wryly. "Look, I'm just going to go stand over by the merch tent."
Miranda sighed and shook her head, "I don't see what your problem is, you'll probably never talk to these guys again. You have to get over your shyness sometime this lifetime."
I bit my lip and made my way through the crowd towards the merch booth, leaving a disappointed Miranda behind. It's not my fault I'm so shy...and it's not my fault I can't even talk to guys anymore. I winced as the memories of my last boyfriend came flooding back. Stop thinking about him idiot, it only makes things worse.
"Did your friend just ditch?" Andy asked Miranda when she finally got up to the table.
Miranda rolled her eyes, "Yeah, she's pretty much terminally shy."
"That sucks," Joe said absentmindedly.
"Yeah, I don't know how she can be a journalist," Miranda said.
Patrick perked up and joined the conversation, "Does she work for a magazine?"
Miranda nodded her head, "Yeah, it's called /Graphic Noise/."
"Never heard of it," Andy took another sip of his Mountain Dew.
"That's no surprise, it's really little and based in Cleveland," Miranda was always happy to promote the magazine.
"Cleveland? What are you two doing in Pennsylvania then?" Pete finally took notice when Miranda had mentioned the magazine.
"I have some relatives here, and plus we're both totally Fall Out Boy obsessed," Miranda said.
The four boys smiled. It was always great to meet a big fan.
I stood up from sitting on the ground by the merch tent and dusted off my jeans. Jeez, Miranda can talk anyone's ear off.
"You should have stayed up there with me," Miranda gave me an exasperated look. "I promoted Graphic Noise a little too."
"No way!" I was a little freaked out. I looked back over at the table. "They probably don't care about some nobody magazine." Is it just me, or was Pete looking straight at me? I blushed a little and turned my back to the table, my stomach churning.
"Oh, give yourself a break, Graphic Noise is getting a lot more popular," Miranda gave me that Here-She-Goes-Again look. "Who are you freaking over now?"
I shook my head, "Nothing, it's no one..." Can we just leave now? I want to get away from all of these people...
Miranda looked back towards the table, then back at me. "Celebrity crush?" She smiled slyly.
I turned and started walking, "Not at all, actually," I muttered to her. I looked back at the table one last time. Pete turned his head as if he had been looking our way. Am I just seeing things, or is Pete blushing?
Miranda rolled her eyes and sighed. It's too bad Rory is so shy, she's got a great personality...
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