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...But You Only Wanted Undressed and Defenseless

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this was inspired by a drunken voicemail i recieved from taradise. for some reason it made me want to write dirty... let this be your warning: there is sexies beyond this point.

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Chapter Eleven - ...But You Only Wanted Undressed and Defenseless

It seems like I'm always just waking up. Sleep is the only way I deal with my emotions.

Of course it's only temporary.

I received a wake-up call from David, informing me of an interview tomorrow. He explained that I didn't have to go, but it would be a prime opportunity and it couldn't hurt my career.

Oh, and did I mention it's with Premier Magazine?

Yes. It is.

I decided to think it over as I took a shower. When I climbed out I ran a brush threw my hair before finally deciding to change into new jeans, along with a plain green cotton halter top.

I walked downstairs to see Pete sitting on the couch with a cell phone in his hands. I took a next to him and turned the TV on, flipping through the channels.

"She's right here if you want to talk to her," Pete said in a whisper. Hmm, he was talking to Patrick. I looked at him and shook my head no.

"You can't avoid him forever," He said, not bothering to cover up the receiver. I narrowed my eyes and he sighed before returning to the phone.

"Yea...Alright. Sounds good. And I'm having people over tomorrow, ya know, Warped is coming to town. You'll be there?...Okay, bye,"

He closed his phone and put it up on the table next to him.

"Are you feeling any better?"

"I just got a call from David, and I'm doing an interview with Premier Magazine tomorrow," I said resting my head on his shoulder.

"This is a big deal, huh?" He asked, tilting his head to look at me.

"Yea, I guess it is," I said nonchalantly. "So, ugh, did Patrick, ugh..." Complete sentences would be nice.

"He's staying at the Crown Plaza downtown. He's pretty shaken up,"

"I slapped Patrick, and he hit me back," I said, obviously stating the, well... obvious. "He's only been that mad once. When we were fifteen I think, and I interrupted his "macking" skills at a Dairy Queen. Hmm, I wonder if that's a coincidence, ya know, being that it was over a chick," I paused again to look over at Pete. He raised his eyebrows. "Actually, there was this one time when Patrick tried giving me a swirly with our neighbor, and I think I punched him. I don't really remember-"

"Did he forgive you?" Pete interrupted.

"Well, I think he spit gum in my hair first, but yes,"

I looked at Pete peculiarly as he grabbed my chin and his eyes studied my face. "No permanent damage," He noted, dropping his hands from my face.

"Yea, he hits like a girl," I laughed, picking up the remote control and changing channels. Hmm, the History Channel.

"The only flaw in the relationship you share with Patrick is the protectiveness, on both sides. I mean, he gets mad when you're not with him, and vice versa. If you could both let go a little bit, you'd probably be the perfect siblings,"

"This isn't 'Full House', Pete,"

"It might as well be. Seriously, I've never seen any brother sister duo like you two. It's kind of disgusting, actually," He paused when I didn't laugh. "You should be thanking Greta, I mean, at least he's finally getting over Anna,"

"You know, I thought Anna was good for him, I actually liked her, and she treated him like shit. I don't like Greta, so what are the odds that she breaks his heart?" I croaked picking at my cuticles.

"What if she makes him happy?" Truth be told, I hadn't thought about that. I placed my head in my hand thoughtfully. I grabbed the remote and flipped threw the channels.

"So you really don't like Greta, but Patrick really likes her-"

"Patrick really likes to have sex with her," I corrected, dropping the remote and continuing to pick at my nails.

"Patrick's not that naive, Belle. He knows what he's doing-"

"I've known him for a hell of a lot longer than you have, Pete. I think I know what's he's doing, or better yet, who he's doing, and I don't like her,"

"Why, because she's the sole focus of Patrick's affection right now?" I glared at him before replying.

"Don't try to psychoanalyze my reasoning," I warned, becoming defensive.

"Stop being fucking stubborn and get over it. He's going to be with her whether you like it or not," I glanced over at him through the corner of my eye. I could feel my body heat rise. I really wasn't in the mood for another fight today...well, that's a lie.

"You know what your problem is, Wentz? You're too fucking nosy for your own good. Just stay out of it,"

"With you running around here like a fucking madwoman, and freaking out because someone around here is getting some? Because that's what started this if I recall correctly,"

"You're really starting to piss me off, so I suggest you-" He interrupted me and I clenched my hands into fists. I'm really not in the mood for his shit, not tonight.

"Shut my mouth? Why? Am I making you upset, Belle?" His tone was condescending and I didn't appreciate it. I looked over at him and rolled my eyes. "Did I, Peter Lewis Kingston Wen-" His mouth was interrupted with mine, with the pure intention of getting him to shut up. I was met with resistance at first, but the deeper the kiss became the less resistance I received.

I moved one hand to his neck and let my lips follow. I kissed a trail down his neck and over his adams apple, and back up to his lips again. For being (generally) sexually inexperienced, I think I was doing a pretty good job.

I pulled his head closer to mine and slid on his lap to straddle his legs. There was something about the way his hands angrily gripped my hips that made me fiend for more.

Or it could be the fact that I have been suppressing this for a while now, and I have no intension of suppressing any other urges I feel towards him.

My hand was resting at his jaw, controlling the movements of it. He opened his mouth as if to deepen the kiss, but I took that as an opportunity to fully kiss his top lip, and then his bottom, running the tip of my tongue along the seam of it before placing another lingering kiss on his lips.

He grabbed the back of my head to press his lips against mine roughly, again begging for an entrance. I let my tongue peak out of my lips briefly, and smiled when I heard him groan.

When I pulled back he opened his eyes to look at me, and then grabbed my hips and placed me skillfully on the couch next to him.

My chest was heaving rapidly and I looked over to see him smiling confidently. Did he get off on pushing me away? Being shot down twice in one the same guy? Who, if I'm not mistaken, was just groaning in pleasure? Oh, I think not.

"You're a fucking trip, you know that?" I said, feeling my temperature rise as I stood up and hovered over him. His eyes lazily met mine and his face contorted into that cocky smile again. "Earlier today, what was that? You decide you have high moral standards at the worst fucking time Pete. Because you could have had me if you-"

"I could still have you," He interrupted.

"Fuck you," I hissed, turning to walk away. He quickly grabbed my hand, forcing me to stay in place.

"You want this just as much as I do," He said, his chest heaving slightly and his breathing still shallow. I narrowed my eyes at him and opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

"That little inch of skin," he said, reaching out to caress the area of flesh that had been exposed right below my belly button "...might cause a little delay in whatever you had planned for tonight," His middle finger grasped the belt loop on the jeans I was wearing and he pulled me closer to him. He lifted the shirt up and inch or so higher to examine the skin residing under it. His finger trailed along the top of my pants, sending shivers over my whole body. I subconsciously grabbed my halter top to tug it down and back into place.

He got off of the couch to stand up and hover over me.

I looked up at him with every intention of giving him a verbal lashing, but instead got caught up in stealing a heated kiss. His hand was immediately at my back, pulling me closer to him. I wrapped my arms hungrily around his neck and started pulling him closer to the couch.

"We shouldn't do this here," He whispered in my ear.

Cue reality check.

What is "this"?

My lips involuntarily reached up to catch another hungry kiss and I nodded my head in agreement.

And why can't I stop kissing him? If my lips would stop moving.

He grabbed my hand, putting one on my waist to guide me.

Wait, if my legs would stop moving. Up stairs. Not up stairs.

He stopped at his bedroom door and opened it, a seductive smile on his face.

Oh, his smile, with his lips slightly swollen. I did that to them. Wow.

As soon as the door was shut behind us I grabbed the back of his neck and he guided me towards the bed. When it hit the back of my knees I collapsed, bringing him with me.

Okay, the bed... c'mon lips, you should be protesting...

He slid his body in between my legs, grabbing my hips to shift me further up onto the bed. His lips crashed into mine again, this time with his tongue parting them. His lips left mine to travel down my neck and place soft kisses on my collar bone. I felt a moan emerge from the back of my throat, and my hands were immediately in his hair.

He slid back up my body and the friction against my pelvic bone caused my hips to involuntarily buck against his.

Anabelle, it shouldn't happen like this. Not like this...

He grinded against me, sending a new feeling threw every neuron in my body. I shuddered and closed my eyes, lingering on the tingling sensation starting at my toes and quickly sweeping through my body.

Who cares how it happens? As long as it does...

I pulled back slowly and opened my eyes to meet his gaze.

His prefect lips curled into a smile before meeting with mine again. My mind was racing as his lips were moving slowly over mine. I decided to turn my mind on "mute" and enjoy the experience.

My lips were grazing over his with a new found confidence. Everything felt right for the first time, and I didn't have any intension of stopping.

He moved his lips from mine, and kissed a trail down to my neck. His lips grazed gently over the sensitive skin under my ear. My hands were in his hair, twirling the short strands with my fingers.

I felt an unfamiliar tingling taking over my body as his fingers explored the skin on my thighs. His lips met mine again, this time with more passion.

My right hand was resting against his neck, and my left was on his chest, running down the length of his torso.

His hand was exploring my body, making it's way up my top. My breathing pattern was becoming faster and his fingers trailed over the bottom of my breast. His lips pulled away from mine, and his eyes asked for permission. I smiled and sat up. I reached behind my neck to untie the knot and pealed the top away from my body and over my head. I let the halter collapse on the floor before reaching up to kiss him again.

He was quickly becoming a drug that I couldn't get enough of. The shirt he was wearing was quickly pulled from his body and tossed aside carelessly, and in minutes I was working on his jeans.

His hands traveled down my body, sending chills from my head to my toes.

His lips parted from mine with a low moan. "If I don't stop now I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to," He said breathlessly.

Before thinking I replied, "Than just don't stop," and quickly unbuttoned my jeans to slid them down my hips.

He widened his eyes and smiled down at me. "Do you usually go commando?" He asked, unzipping his jeans.

"I didn't feel like wearing any today. Wait, don't you usually go commando?" I asked, looking up at him.

He grinned again before he shimmied out of his pants and I got my answer.

I opened my knees to let his body glide in between them, and my hands were on his shoulders. I could feel his body shaking, maybe from nervousness, maybe from tension. Whichever one it was didn't bother me.

I brought my mouth to his neck, placing sensuous kisses on the side of it, before reaching between us to grab his shaft. He moaned, half because of surprise, I'm sure. I smiled into his kiss before tracing my fingers lightly down the length of it.

He started kissing a trail, starting at my neck and then stopping...

Wait, stopping?

"What's wrong?" My breathing was so heavy that I wasn't sure if the words came out.

"Do you have a condom?"

"Are you serious?" I propped myself up on my arms and looked down at him.

"Maybe...hold on. Stay right there," He instructed, getting off of me and pulling on his boxers. He looked terribly uncomfortable as he walked, tugging at the front of his boxers and leaving the room.

I looked down at myself and grabbed the blanket, covering myself up. I stared up at the ceiling. Was I really about to do this?

I put my hand to heart to calm my breathing, with my brain focusing solely on the feeling of dreadful thirst. I laid there for several minutes, trying to get my breathing back to normal, dreading the walk to the refrigerator, because I knew it was inevitable.

With a sigh I gently threw my feet over the side of the bed and grabbed for clothes, finding Pete's t-shirt and my jeans.

I opened the door walked into the hallway, seeing Pete opening the door to the room Greta and Patrick had shared. I followed him in and stood at the doorway as he looked through the nightstand drawers.

He finally shut it and ran a hand through his hair.

"No luck?"

"No," He paused and looked over to me. "but there is that convenience store down the road..."

Author's Note: Hold on to your hats, kiddies, 'cause the best is yet to come. Chapter 14 is going to blow your mind. It's almost reaching the climax (no pun intended...

...but if you want to use it, i can't stop ya)
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